20 January, 2019

Re-Activation of the Isiga Cagri Blog

I had to take a break from writing for a while. I was not planing to reactivate the blog this soon but I have received so many e-mails and messages that made me reconsider. I have decided to make some changes about the content in this blog:

-I will NOT be giving any Pleiadian Messages
-I will be writing about how the information I receive in the higher planes translate into human history
-I will be sharing information about some holistic healers
-I will be sharing stories about my travels

Please note that everything you read in this blog is written for the purpose of sharing and bringing a new perspective to our understandings of life. By no means I am here to replace anybody. I am here to complement what is already there.

From My Heart to Yours...

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  1. Absolutely fantastic job you have done here. And Thank you for sharing with us