02 October, 2019

Gaia's Choice

Today, I would like to write about the goddess in order to refresh the collective memory of her. For all those that are drawn to the story of the goddess, this will be like remembering something they have always known. For many of us, the goddess was in our past, she was in human body sharing the same reality with us. Even though we knew who she was in our hearts then, something in our minds made us “not see her”. And now, time has come to recognize what we rejected to see and face with this. I hope that this article you will read here today will take you to the places that you need to go, in your own spiritual journey.

Gaia Sophia has come to Earth with Lucifer, the very being all of you are programmed to run away from. Gaia, being all about love and life giving and thriving, came here to prove, humanity was capable of finding love and harmony collectively with their free will, even though they didn’t remember their past. And Lucifer, being the Light Bringer and also the destroyer, was here to prove that humanity was programmed to destroy everything. Lucifer believed that “given free will”, humanity would always try to play “the god” and destroy the others. So they came here, what caused them to come here is not relevant at this time, whatever happened in Gaia and Lucifer’s past, either they fell from the Heavens or came here with their own free will, they were here as the opposite forces of this duality, as the eternal lovers, until one day, they would unite in one consciousness, as the two headed eagle, to end this cycle and end this reality.

Since their arrival on Earth, the reality has been destroyed and reestablished for seven times. Like the wheel of life in Buddhism, the Samsara, or the eight pointed star indicates, there were eight realities in this cycle, and we are now in the last reality established, in the eighth. In the earliest realities, Gaia and Lucifer were together. They were leading humanity so that they would understand the value of the balance and harmony in free will reality. Lucifer, even though he didn’t believe in the human project, he was bound with cosmic rules, and he supported Gaia, in her quest to teach humanity beauty of love and compassion. And Gaia was his eternal love, she was the one he almost killed and then brought back to life. They were sharing the same heart. She was his love and his curse at the same time.

But things were going to get very complicated. Because Gaia was going to teach her priests and priestesses how to use crystals for healing and energy generation. And some of these priests/priestesses, with their free will choices, would want to replace her, thinking they had the knowledge to be the gods/goddess and that they were strong enough. They did get outside help, too. Because there were more advanced races out there. So, they decided to build towers of crystals to communicate with “the god”, have control of more energy and be the messenger to lead humanity, as kings and queens, as the leaders of many. And each time they took steps to implement their plans, humanity destroyed the reality, and another one started. And this is how we arrived to this reality, the eighth one.

As new realities were created, eventually, Gaia and Lucifer had to leave their divine tools and their immortal bodies. This was sometimes Gaia's choice, sometimes it was father's. At some point, both Gaia and Lucifer were completely in human bodies, forgotten their past and who they were. They did have things special in their physical bodies that indicated they were not human, but this is an ancient knowledge for those who remember it. So they were in human bodies, their consciousness was divided in multiple human bodies. None of them remembered who they truly were. But they were drawn to each other when they were living in the same reality not knowing they were the parts of the same being.

At some point, Lucifer was not on the surface for a thousand years. -Keep in mind, this is not the 1000 years Revelation talks about. You have been misled about that- As a result, about 2300 years ago, the respect for the feminine, for the life giving goddess started replacing itself with the patriarchy. This started the time of suffering and deep pain for Gaia. Her pieces knew they had life missions, but didn’t remember what. And because they still carried the large aura, and the energy of the Goddess, her pieces were captured, tortured and killed by the ones that wanted to replace her. Because they had an advantage. They had the knowledge to control the energy of the grid and the crystals for their own advantage. They could control human minds with their suggestive triggers. This way, keeping the women who carried the energy of Gaia in a loop of suffering, they thought they could prevent the end of this last reality. They thought they could continue being the kings and queens, with their manipulative games and showing people who their enemy were.

Eventually, causing Gaia suffering has become the main program of all humanity, and because her pieces couldn’t remember who they were, they couldn’t understand why they were attacked, burned, tortured and killed. And therefore, slowly but surely, Gaia started losing her hope and this started the process of the planet to respond to her feelings and die.

It is not hard to see in the written history who these women were. Anyone, as a woman, who was killed by many, executed brutally are them. These women had the ability to make a change in this reality, and they were stopped. Isis, Hathor, Eos, Aphrodite, Bastet, Sekhmet, Artemis, Inanna, Ishtar and many more were all Gaia's consciousness and they knew their power. But we came to this last reality, once the one in human body couldn't remember, can you imagine how it was like to carry an aura so large, a heart so pure, and end up being hurt by people around all the time? End up being abandoned by the people you trust the most? Or you loved dearly?

These women in this reality that carry Gaia's consciousness, they couldn't see the patterns, but when they were happy, the birds would sing above their heads. The soil would give more food. Flowers would bloom more. When they were sad, the wind would pickup and blow the leaves away. Many fairy tales were inspired by these women. And a few times, they did incarnate in men's body, too.

As a result, Gaia in the bodies of these women, was killed by the humanity in many ways. She was burned with her child as a young woman(who was making ointments out of flower petals in Spain). She was poisoned. She was guillotined. She died in wars. She was killed by angry mobs in the streets. And in many of these occasions, many beings watched her executed and chose –with their free will- to not to intervene. The so-called people who called “her friends”, turned their backs to her. At every occasion, she was abandoned by humanity. But since her contract was to explore that even slightest possibility that someone could show compassion and value forgiveness, her pieces kept incarnating and finding themselves in situations where they were hurt again, and again, and again.

So what has changed now?

Now, Gaia and what she calls “father” decided that, humanity will always destruct. They will keep self-destructing. With Gaia here, humanity will continue looking for ways to kill her. And for this reason, Gaia decided to give humanity just that now. A reality without the consciousness of Gaia.

Finally, this has activated the prophecy and Gaia has united with her eternal love as I wrote in my last post. This started the process of bringing balance back, well not here but somewhere else... This involves Gaia carrying only the ones that are capable of understanding balance, harmony, and love to the new reality where “there is no free will”. In this new reality, everyone knows that they are supposed to live with harmony with nature and they will take roles that are aligned with their spiritual connection with life/Gaia. They will always feel the beauty of creation and find love in all things. They will understand and feel happiness at any moment. And this will prepare them for the next step in their evolution.

So what will happen to the rest? The answer to this is very simple…

They will learn how to exist without the life giver.

18 September, 2019


An astral experience:

Under the big cherry tree –the tree of the souls-, Gaia, “the life giver” and Lucifer, “the Light Bringer” united and declared their “love” for each other. This completed what is required for the new reality, “life-light-love”. Lucifer gave Gaia a rose ring. As soon as he gave the ring to her, the ring became a rose ivy, grew upwards on Gaia’s arm, sealing their union, blossoming roses, the ever-blooming roses. And Gaia gave Lucifer, a black ring, with a black diamond, which radiated bluish white light. The Light of AN. That is capable of destroying and creating the new. And at that moment, the petals of the flowers from the cherry tree above poured on them like snow. All the animals celebrated this moment, joining them, witnessing the “eternal lovers” come back together. To end the old and create the new where “free will anomaly will not exist”. In this new reality, everyone knows their own role, there is no “using technology or magic” to play the “god”. In this new reality, everyone understands that balance and harmony is what everyone needs to be happy.

Which reality will you choose? To stay with the old to be harvested by the ones who use technology and still choose to be in the free will zone so that they can play “god” to the others? Or are you choosing to leave with Gaia, who will carry the ones who faced with their weaknesses, to go to the “balance zone”?

Are you ready to follow the sign in the skies?

19 June, 2019

About Astral Traveling

In the spiritual context, astral traveling is considered very important. You will see almost all spiritual gurus telling you about ways to activate the chakras and opening the third eye. But unfortunately, not much information is given about what happens once someone starts doing astral travels.

So what happens once your third eye activates and you start doing astral travels?

-You start seeing visions, having lucid dreams, having flashback like moments…

-This makes you emotionally sensitive for a long time. You try to find someone who can help you understand what is wrong with you. You try to make sense of things you are seeing.

-Other people who don’t have any awareness about these things will become distant each day. You will most likely end your marriage (if you are married to such person). Your work situation will change. If you are lucky, you will have new friends who have some knowledge about these.

-You will be alone; you will feel like you are about to lose your mind. At times, you will push down the things you see, try to act like the others. This will continue for a while. When you realize this is your reality now and you can’t ignore this, the acceptance will start. You will start sharing some information about these things.

-If you can achieve the acceptance, you will detach yourself from the emotions and will start figuring out what the true meaning of the travels etc. These things happen as metaphors, the stories that play out there all have a lot of allegories. You will start researching about the things you see and start connecting the dots.

-In the next stage, as you start becoming more vocal about your travels, the spiritual gurus and your soul family friends will start judging you. You will be told that “Astral plane is the plane of illusions”. As you talk about the temples you see in your travels, the gods and goddesses, you will hear your friends discussing with others that “you thought you were a god(dess).”, even though you never say or claim such thing. Some will claim that you are lying, you are making things up. Some will tell you what you were living was not that but what they said it was.

-With all these, you go through much pain. At some point you give up on your people and start seeing the real reason behind everyone’s behavior. Because now, your perceptions have improved such that you can read the true motivation in everyone’s behavior. You see that just like belief systems, people have programmed behavior patterns and all they do is to continue acting from there. They can’t understand that the person astral traveling is actually living so many things in so little time, reliving them and gaining ability to bring their perceptions to the higher degrees than others. This is like living a 1000 lives in one lifetime and gaining the wisdom of it. This is why you can also read other people.

-As astral traveling becomes a normal part of your day, you gain the ability to not to believe everything happens in front of your eyes. You also learn not to judge people. The need to share these with people goes away. You start flowing what comes into your way.

-Eventually, you recognize how you start interacting with your own reality. You now understand that you are responsible for everything you create. You realize what you think becomes what you create.So you take responsibility.

-You start traveling into the metaphor of sacred marriage. Suddenly, all these things talk to you. You read between the lines and your awareness increases. You feel connected to anything and everything.

There is no end to this adventure. The boring life becomes an adventure where you play the reality game watching your astral travels interact with your reality. This makes all pain along the way worth it. And you feel humbled for what you have.

Happy Travels!

11 June, 2019

The Forgotten Temple

Somewhere in very deep, in hearts of humanity, lies the memories of a temple. It sits there as the one most precious memory of love, a memory of healing. It is from a very long time ago if you consider time was linear. It is a memory that the veil has tried so hard to delete, put darkness upon. This is why it sits in hearts, because it is about the truth of love; and truth and love sit in the hearts. It is about compassion of the most beloved one. It is about Gaia. It is about the goddess who fell from the heavens…

She was given the ever-blooming rose in the heavens…And after this, she left the heavens.

On this planet, her home was the temple. Many know this temple as the “Temple of Love”. Some call it “The Goddess Temple”. Some call it “Gaia Temple”. Before Gaia divided her consciousness into multiple beings, she lived in this temple.

The symbol of this temple was the structure that stood above “The Fountain of Love”. Later, a few people would remember this structure and have it built in similar ways. Most famous of all is called “Temple of Love” in Versailles. With its 12 columns, Temple of Love stands in Petit Trianon, symbolizing the 12 priestesses of the goddess who promised the Goddess the blood oath to protect her and the wisdom of the ages.

While everyone agrees that the name, “Temple of Love” fits very well for this folly, while subconsciously all accept “Temple of Love” as its name, the truth about this name was not spoken out, like it was forbidden to talk about this. Like there was a curse sealed the hands and mouths to retell the reason behind this name, “Temple of Love”.

This structure housed the “Fountain of Love”, standing right above “the Temple of the Goddess”. This fountain was for all humanity to drink from. The water was Gaia’s gift to all. It would heal the sick when they drank from this fountain. The water coming out of this fountain was directly coming from the temple. It was in this water the goddess used to bath. It was in this water goddess used to meet with her beloved. Because life was coming from the sacred waters. And this fountain under that dome was the sacred waters. Anyone who drank this water, even now, carries the memories of that water. Perhaps this is why everyone is longing for their eternal love, because the water carried the memory of Gaia.

Below the folly, there was the entrance to the temple. You could step down from the marble steps and get to the door. In front of the door stood the goddess grail with its three winged angels carrying the chalice.

As you entered the temple, you would be surrounded by a white mist that smelled like roses. This mist was the steam that came out of the main floor of the temple where there were two streams of water flowing. One stream had cold water, and the other one was hot. Once the divider between hot and cold water was taken out, the mix of the hot and cold would produce the steam. Priestesses used to throw the rose petals on this water which carried the rose smell above to the entrance of the temple. This was done to ground anyone, to clear the energy of anyone entering the temple. The steam and rose smell…

As you entered and used the steps to get down to the temple, you would see the temple as a half cave-half built structure. The original walls and ceiling of the cave contained crystals. On the right was the aquamarine colored water, the natural pool which Gaia used to bath in. On the left stood three large statues of Gaia, each leaning on the wall. First one holding a jug which contained the water from the pool. In the hands of the middle statue was the roses, which symbolized the ever-blooming rose given to her in the Garden of Eden. These roses then symbolized “the Pandora’s Box”, not like in the Greek mythology, but to remind the greater plan, the return of the goddess. And the third statue was holding a basket, which contained the rose petals thrown onto the water.

The temple was lighted using a mirroring technology. Bronze sheets used to carry the Light of the Sun during the day and the Light of the Moon at night into the Temple. The crystals would shine with the Light, and the bronze technology would light up the waters, making water look like it had the color of the skies.

After Gaia took her bath in this water, the water would develop healing abilities, and then water would be given to the sick.

In this temple, Gaia was with the twelve priestesses who were sworn with their blood to protect her and anchor her on this planet, while her consciousness was divided into pieces. These women were each given a leaf of the rose and they were ready to help Gaia, when the time was right, to help her complete herself and bring her pieces together. At times in human history, these twelve took similar roles for the goddess, like in the 12 Apostles, 12 Knights of Arthur, 12 Imams, and the 12 Followers of Osiris.

It is now time to tell the stories behind the true priestesses of the goddess. And I will tell them here as these stories are given to me. This is a journey; you can join me…Everything started when Gaia was given the ever-blooming rose. Who do you think gave her this rose?

Let’s meet again with love…

06 May, 2019

The Three and The Archons

There are three things that manifest this reality. First one is Light. Second one is Life. And the third is Love. Light is brought here by the Light-bringer; by the one that most of you are not able to accept, by Lucifer. Life is brought by Gaia.

Why do you think some refer to Magdalene as the “Holy Grail”? Grail is the container; it keeps the life in it. From that all that was given life was created. Magdalene, Mary, and many more high priestesses/goddesses performed this mission. Because Gaia placed her pieces into many of these beings.

And the Archons that you keep running away from, pointing your fingers to, were also given birth by Gaia herself. It seems they didn’t come out right, but it is what it is. If you don’t believe me, check Gnostic Teachings.

The snake eats its tail. All returns to its origin. And for that, we are waiting for everyone to face with their mistakes. We are waiting for all to accept what they did instead of looking for others to blame. Only then, the concept “Archon” will disappear.

30 April, 2019

Leda and the Swan

Jean THIERRY (Lyon, 1669 - Lyon, 1739)
Leda and the Swan

Do you know the story of Leda and the Swan? This story keeps coming up to our reality in movies, art, and from historical remains. Like the bedroom art found in Pompeii recently…


The story is, Leda was very beautiful and got Zeus’s attention. She was married, and this was no issue for Zeus. One day, Zeus seduced Leda in the guise of a swan while she was taking a bath in a river. As a result, she bore two eggs, from each came out twins. From the eggs came out Helen, Clytemnestra, Castor, and Pollux, the children of both Zeus and King Tyndareus. Helen later became the most beautiful woman on Earth and was the reason for the Trojan War since Paris of Troy abducted her. And Clytemnestra murdered her husband, Agamemnon.

You probably heard about Yeats’s famous poem about this…

Leda and the Swan- W. B. Yeats, 1865 - 1939

A sudden blow: the great wings beating still
Above the staggering girl, her thighs caressed
By the dark webs, her nape caught in his bill,
He holds her helpless breast upon his breast.

How can those terrified vague fingers push
The feathered glory from her loosening thighs?
And how can body, laid in that white rush,
But feel the strange heart beating where it lies?

A shudder in the loins engenders there
The broken wall, the burning roof and tower
And Agamemnon dead.
Being so caught up,
So mastered by the brute blood of the air,
Did she put on his knowledge with his power
Before the indifferent beak could let her drop?

The fact that Zeus seduced Leda and caused her to get pregnant with Helen caused so many anomalies that we are still suffering from if this myth is true…Helen was the reason for the Trojan War. Think about all these beings that lived then… They had to fight or migrate… How things would have been different today for us if Trojan War hadn’t happened? What about Clytemnestra? If she was not born this way, would she have killed her husband? What about everything the other siblings affected in one way or the other?

The truth is that, whenever gods came to rule humanity, they introduced new paradoxes. The gaps, energetic blocks, unresolved emotions, hatred grew and grew and brought us here. Whenever gods came to rule, like Zeus did, the injustice took over and we are here today. And gods descended here from time to time and left, leaving us fighting with each other…

But the irony is not this here. Because gods did what they came for. What humanity did was the real issue. Because humanity thought they could play the gods. It was why whenever something good was invented, it was turned into a weapon by the ones that wanted to be the new Zeus. Like fire used for killing others, like technology used to take advantage of others. To scare and make others obey. In all that history of humanity, this has never changed. The right hand wanting to be the kings and queens of the left hand…

On the other hand, from time to time, certain genre of folklore, legends, fairy tales were introduced to this reality. The main purpose of these projects was to show humanity that there was always hope with miracles and certain acts of the hero. Like the Legend of Robin Hood, Lady Godiva, and many more.

Lady Godiva by John Collier, c. 1897, Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry.

Other legends have played their part in religious context with the stories about Solomon, 12 imams, Jesus, al-Khidr, Moses, Queen of Sheba and many more. If one looks more deeply into these stories, similarities will be found.

Pandora’s box opened long ago and out came all that suffering for humanity. And humanity have always chosen to blame Pandora for the consequences of “their own free will choices”. And today still, humanity blames “Archons” for their misfortunes. Humanity still waits for the savior. Humanity waits for Pleiadians to save them.

Pandora’s box will be opened again for sure. But what will come out this time? As we approach the nexus point, will it be hope in the box? Perhaps it will be the goddess. Or will it be the end of humanity?

And for some, it will be Nemesis in thousand years, and for others it will be the harvest, and who knows what else… But in all that, there was beauty in this reality. Humanity’s beauty came from the creative art. Because the longing for home and the forgetting yielded the most beautiful art. So let’s keep enjoying art while we still can…

06 March, 2019

A Thousand Years

Albrecht Durer-The Resurrection

A thousand years of sleep, or Medusas, or a thousand years of morning dew shining with the morningstar...

02 March, 2019

The Moon Prince

There are many folk tales that still consume us. Many books are written based on them. Many movies are there that we watch which are made and then remade based on these stories. While the stories in human mythology show us stories of the gods where some type of paradox is described, the folk tales have always shown us a different side of the reality. The folk tales have given us how justice is reached, how the lovers finally meet again. The folk stories have given us hope.

In history, we see that humanity has tried to establish order through rules that were written like the Code of Hammurabi, Code of Ur-Nammu, etc. - there were times the rules of the reality have been revealed to some extent like in the case of the Emerald tablets, there were religions that defined the rules in our daily lives, but there was always a missing piece in human daily life. When these rules and the hardship in life caused unhappiness and lack of hope, the folk stories have completed the missing piece. These stories have reminded people the most important aspect of life. These stories have reminded us the power of love. These stories have reminded us that sooner or later justice will prevail.

And today, I am writing about a forgotten folk story. This is a fairy tale that has been shown in the astral plane. This story is about love, and I know many of you will find a piece of yourself in it.

The travel starts with a visual of a very old woman and her old dog traveling in a carriage. They travel from village to village and keep telling people the same story. The villagers respect the old woman greatly and bring all kinds of food for her. They gather around her to listen to her story. The old woman has a woven basket and has many toys in it. Each time a child comes to her, magically the right toy comes out of her woven basket. She gives away these gifts to children like Santa. Wooden toys for boys, dolls out of hay for girls. Then she slowly sits down in the middle, and tells her story to the people of each village. And here is her story…

Once upon a time, there was a young girl that had the purest of hearts. She had the ability to talk to anyone and everyone. People loved her. She was able to communicate with animals, with dogs, cows, and even birds. She was always smiling and was very happy. She was living with her parents in the mountains. There was also a lake by the mountain nearby. She liked coming here and watching the nature, the water, and the sky. Her happiness was affecting nature somehow. When she was smiling, the trees were blooming, and the sun was shining more, when she was sad, her tears would merge into the rain. Somehow, her being was interacting with Mother Earth.

One full moon night, she decided to walk to the lake. She arrived and sat by the lake and started watching the Light of the Full Moon on the lake surface. Suddenly, a young prince appeared by her. She looked up and their eyes met. This was love at first sight. After this, every night the light of the moon could reflect on the lake, they met there, they spend time together. They reached the highest levels of happiness, and right before the dawn, the prince had to leave. And this continued this way, they made love, and loved each other even more.

As the time went by, the girl grew older and more beautiful. One day, a rich man came to their home and asked her parents about marrying her. This caused her to feel so much sadness that it kept raining that day. Her parents gave her away to him. And her village, even though they knew she was in love with the moon prince, even though they could see she was no longer happy with her parents’ decision, didn’t help her. Nobody around her helped her to run away to her moon prince, to her happiness.

After getting married, her new life was hard. She was not treated fairly by her husband. One day, she couldn’t take it anymore and went back to her parent’s home. But her parents didn’t accept her back. Her husband came and took her back to their cold home that was full of unhappiness. And now on top of everything else, her husband started torturing her. One night, when it was very cold and snowing, he put her in front of the door to die in cold snow.

At that time, she decided to walk back to the lake in hopes of dying where she found her happiness once. She walked and walked in the night under the snow and finally reached the lake. Suddenly, the clouds opened way to the clear skies and moon appeared. The moon prince came to her on a winged white horse. She told him everything that happened to her. The prince took her with him and they flew on the horse together. As they were passing by the snowy mountain, the horse flapped her wings three times and created an avalanche. And the avalanche fell on the village and covered the whole village with so much snow that the existance of the village was forgotten.

And this is the end of old woman’s story.

As she finishes her story, the village starts a big fire. The musicians arrive and all village keep singing and dancing. When the sun starts setting, the old woman says farewell, she puts on her hood, gets on her carriage, takes her basket and leaves the village with her dog. She slowly follows the path as it starts getting dark. And after a while, she reaches the lake in the dark. As she arrives, the clouds dissappear, and the moon becomes visible. And the moon touches the surface of the lake again. Once that happens, the old woman opens her hood, and suddenly she becomes the beautiful young girl in her story. As this happens, her dog becomes the moon prince. They look at each other with so much love and make love until the first light in the dawn. And in the morning, the young girl becomes the old woman, the moon prince becomes the dog. And they together get on the carriage to tell their love story to the people of another village.

So why this story was revealed in an astral travel? There are several reasons come to me about this. The most important reason is that this story was forgotten by humanity. And now it is time to remember it again. Why humanity forgot this tale is another important thing. It is because some force wanted us to forget true love. And in this story, the moon prince and the old woman take on the mission to tell people about love.

But at the same time, I find another lesson in this story. Because the villagers, even though they saw how happy the girl was with the moon prince, they didn’t try helping them. Instead, they allowed the girl to suffer. So, perhaps we need to think about our actions when we witness things. Perhaps the bystander has a responsibility in the name of love and the creation. I have been thinking about this lately, for a happy humanity, what is our responsibility as individuals to create the harmonious society we have been craving for.

In short, my astral travels with my beloved have reached another level. I don’t know where this is taking us. There is a beauty I find in this now. I have finally come to accept this. Who knows where this will take us to - perhaps to the moon, perhaps to the sun. Perhaps to the center of Earth! But I know, it will take me to places where I will find love and more love.

25 January, 2019


There is a collective memory for humanity. Once in a while, when we see something randomly, when we watch a scene in a movie, when we listen to a certain song, or when we are in nature, in most unexpected moments, we remember it. We don't necessarily remember this like a memory from our childhood. We remember this as a feeling, as a sad tingling in our hearts, as a feeling of loss that we almost lost our hope of finding it again. It makes us feel homesick. It makes us half-remember something that went really bad a long, long time ago. We deeply feel that we want to make it right, but we feel helpless like nothing has worked.

This half-remembrance awakens when we see a couple hugging each other by a lake.

It awakens when we watch someone from the back as she walks in the field touching through the tips of the flowers.

And it awakens when we watch someone’s feet while she is walking on the beach, alone, when everyone else is at home sleeping.

Deep down, we know what we forgot is the most important aspect of living this life. Sometimes we find that longing in art. Sometimes we catch it on the edge of the lips of a smiling child. Sometimes, it is a tear in painting that makes us think again. But like a dream we forgot, we continue our days and get used to living in this homesick state.

And I am writing in tears tonight because now I remember. Because I remembered what this forgotten past is. As I was learning to translate my feelings into words, suddenly, it came to me. It came with so much power that I wanted to cry with all my being.

What we can’t remember is how it all started. What we can’t remember is how we separated our oneness into two beings to experience our own creation.

In this region of the galaxy, we were testing our new creation. We created our first construct. At first, we only had a lake, a mountain, and trees. This is the reason we all want to live in that mountain cabin by the lake. We polarized our being into male and female bodies. We designed our bodies large at first – more than 10 ft (3 m) tall. At first there was only one couple. Helios and Vesta they were. They were the Alpha and Omega of this creation. And humanity as we know it, are the children of them.

There were no animals in the beginning. The first trees they created were Tamarisk Trees. Then they created flowers. They placed flowers into trees. They looked like peach and cherry blossoms. They placed little sparkles like stars inside the blossoms. Later they designed flowers. They gave smells to flowers. Slowly, one by one, living and enjoying and experiencing each creation, they added more flowers into our creation.

They played games with each other as one being in two bodies. They felt the longing for each other and enjoyed touching each other, finding each other by their side. They got into the lake and swam, they walked in their creation naked. Then they created birds that came to them. They created wolves.

While the whole purpose of life was to experience the creation, what happened next changed everything. As a result, experiencing life on Earth became painful. War consciousness took over the creation. The powerful ones ruled those weaker – most often via the use of brutal force. And the balance was severely destroyed.

Much like the feelings evoked in this composition by Bach, we found ourselves in this infinite loop of sadness. While our life force, like the beating rhythm, kept going lifetime after lifetime, we played this sad game described in the melody. Sometimes life got better, but always it was like being in a relationship with a narcissist; we only received the minimum amount of love, always with empty promises that things would improve. This pattern has affected all human relationships, which is why each time we fell in love, it didn’t take long to suffer from a broken heart.

But now, like the dove descending into the holy grail, the innocence of pure creation is returning. The Christ Consciousness is coming back to us in our lowest moment. Embrace the white horse. Because the lack we feel constantly, the missing piece is coming back to us as we take the ride with him into the innocence.

As I remember where it started, I want to leave this war zone. I want to go to the center of the quasicrystal where all wrongs are made right. It is where I left my essence, my innocence. That center is my ABBA, it is my MANNA. It is the place fire meets the water. It is the START and the END.

20 January, 2019

Re-Activation of the Isiga Cagri Blog

I had to take a break from writing for a while. I was not planing to reactivate the blog this soon but I have received so many e-mails and messages that made me reconsider. I have decided to make some changes about the content in this blog:

-I will NOT be giving any Pleiadian Messages
-I will be writing about how the information I receive in the higher planes translate into human history
-I will be sharing information about some holistic healers
-I will be sharing stories about my travels

Please note that everything you read in this blog is written for the purpose of sharing and bringing a new perspective to our understandings of life. By no means I am here to replace anybody. I am here to complement what is already there.

From My Heart to Yours...