27 September, 2018

Divine Decree

The information you will read here is based on my own rememberences. As I find historical proof of these memories, I add them. Please use your own discernment.

Ashtar, the Galactic Fleet Commander, is of similar consciousness with whom you call Jesus or Sananda. As the divine decree has been made, more and more Pleiadian Fleet Ships have started entering into our Solar System in large numbers. These beings are now connecting with their personnel on the surface through their visions and dreams.

Twin flame of Ashtar, who you call Ashtar-tara or Astara is also a fleet commander. She has come to Earth to bring the New Heaven at the end of the dark age. She was initiated into Gaia conciousness to carry the wisdom of the divine feminine. This concioussness has taken many names including: Asherah, Hathor, Sekhmet, Bastet, Isis, Inanna, Artemis, Athena, Eos, Aphrodite,  Astarte, Queen Zenobia, Joan of Arc, Madam Pompadour, Lamballe, and Morgan le Fay. Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene are also part of this same consciousness. Her consciousness sometimes was in multiple bodies simultaneously. Sometimes the woman who carried her consciousness had multiple beings inside her as well. But eventually, the goal was for this concioussness to merge in one body and bring three archetypes together to complete the Holy Grail.

At the end of the times, united Gaia will perform hieros gamos and end duality on this planet. This will be done through a ritual performed in a sacred place. This place was prepared long ago. In this ritual certain ancient objects need to be present for the ritual to start the blue fire on the surface.

The women that carry this consciousness have a physical anomaly in their genital organs. Since these women share the same consciousness, when they come to the required level of awareness, they are able to access each other’s consciousness. During their simultaneous lifetimes, especially when one of them go through a trauma, the other one would be experiencing the memories of the other as flashbacks or in repeating dreams. As we are now coming to the end of duality, each time one of these women die, they merge their Gaia Consciousness with one of the available ones.

Since early 1980s, in an underground base under California, these women have been subjected to heavy mind and emotional programmings. The goal of these programmings was to break their soul, make them forget who they were, and/or to program these women to be Cabal members. But this didn’t happen as Light Forces helped them and these women were able to jump into their astral body during these sessions helping them skip the programmings.

During 2014, certain portal activations started the remembering process for this consciousnesses which has been helping certain ones remember who they are and what their purpose is. As the Pleiadian Fleet Crew connecting with them under the guidance of St Germain, they are starting to establish a connection with the Pleiadian Fleet and Pleiadians are able to see what these women see and also feel what they feel. This connection is creating a network of love between all and is preparing the surface for what is to come.

Also, some of the fallen angels who eventually chose to come to the Light and as well as many incarnated light beings are realizing who these women are - they are connecting with them, expressing their appreciation and loyalty. The ancient souls from Agartha and Agarthan King have also started their meetings with this being and certain agreements have been reached about ascension and future of humanity and this planet.

When Gaia is ready, she will announce that she is back. This will happen shortly after the blue fire comes to the surface. Indigenous people will be the first to recognize her and awaken to her message.

Divine decree ensures that this reality is about to crash. This means the tree of life is given back. So, it is advised that people work on connecting their higher selves and practice unselfishness and compassion in preparation for the transition.

22 September, 2018

Isis-Nephthys, the Drama, and the Return of the Goddess

“I am the Bennu bird, the Heart-Soul of Ra, the Guide of the Gods to the Tuat.”. - Book of the Dead

Hathor was the perfect embodiment of the goddess. She not only had the love, music, dance, fertility and many positive aspects of the goddess, but also had her warrior aspects. She lived in the linear time of this planet before Isis did. But, when Isis came, something changed.
During the time of Isis, we start seeing the idea of duality taking it’s affect in the gods’ reality and turning the story of the goddess into a drama. This story, so hard to decrypt with all the data points, is there for us to understand it. And interestingly, there is something deep in this story that is answer to our many problems.

Isis was often depicted with her twin sister Nephthys in ancient remains. Considering she was with Isis,  there is not much information about Nephthys. Nephthys seems a very, very loyal sister to Isis, to the point never seen before in history or even after perhaps. She was married to Seth, but apparently, they didn’t have a happy union. So, being the twin sister, Nephthys tricked Osiris one day and ended up giving birth to Anubis the jackal head. So, according to this story, Osiris’s first born son was Anubis. But unfortunately Nephthys got scared and hid Anubis somewhere in a swamp or woods. But Isis found Anubis and raised him as her own.

After this, because Seth was furious about the events and I guess he thought he was the rightful person to be the king, Seth killed Osiris and cut him into pieces and hid them all over Egypt. Then Nephthys helped Isis find the pieces and Anubis helped Isis bring Osiris together with mummification and then Isis could give birth to Horus. This was the beginning of mummification rituals in Egypt through Anubis.

The ancient texts show us that Nephthys was a dark goddess, the opposite of Isis. She followed Isis everywhere like she was her shadow. In places she was described as the one who uttered divine decrees that she was great at magic, and that she was the one who ruled in the Mansion of Archivists.  


For instance, the Pyramid Texts instruct the deceased king to:

“Ascend and descend; descend with Nephthys, sink into darkness with the Night-barque. Ascend and descend; ascend with Isis, rise with the Day-barque. “ (Pyramid Text 222)

As much as Isis liked transparency, Nephthys liked to hide the truth. Nephthys represented the unmanifested things, she was the concealer of things by confusion and invisibility. Nephthys  was the goddess of darkness and all belonged to it.She protected/hid the Bennu as the new state of consciousness was reached and assisted the spiritual rebirth -in my opinion in a weird way-.(The HERMETIC TABLET 2017 -Nick Farrell-Pg 91)

“Hidden are the ways for those who pass by; light is perished and darkness comes into being – so says Nephthys.” (G.R.S. Mead, Plutarch:Concerning the Mysteries of Isis and Osiris)

“Nephthys is that which is below the earth and non-manifest, while Isis [is] that which is above the earth and manifest.” (Prolegomena -Hermes (Trismegistus.)-Pg 322)

Plutarch states that Nephthys represents the end, the boundary between fertile land of Osiris and desert of Set. He states that Nephthys is a goddess of boundaries and transitions, dawn and dusk, birth and dying and all borderlands. (The HERMETIC TABLET 2017 -Nick Farrell-Pg 90)

So, I am asking myself that why Isis allowed Nephthys to follow her? Especially after what she did with Osiris, and abandoned Anubis? It is clear that it was Nephthys who created all that drama. It is clear that she was the anomaly who created all this confusion. Then the answer comes that Nephthys was carrying Isis’s negative aspects. She had to be with her as she was part of her. The very idea of rejecting Nephthys for what she did was the reason for duality to grow stronger. This is like a double-edged sword. But, Isis did what she could. She showed compassion for all. Which is the highest frequency feeling that heals duality. Isis played the the card of love, which gave her the love of Anubis. Isis’s actions allowed the reality to heal to some degree perhaps preventing a planet-wide disaster.

But there is even a deeper message here that we all need to see. That is the qualities of a true goddess are not constrained with only the positive aspects. Isis is whole with her negative aspects, with Nephthys. What I am saying is, we can’t just be "all-loving, there is only love and I can’t see anything else but love” kind of beings. The Goddess is not simply, fairies, pink light, and rainbows: We need to see the complete truth, and truth in this reality contains not dark but the warrior aspects of the goddess such as the protective "Mama Bear" archetype.

The dark goddess is the being that hides things, gossips, lies, and creates confusion. This darkness has to dissolve in transparency and join the whole. And this is why Hathor is the perfect embodiment of the goddess. Because she contains all aspects in her which gave her the most balanced wisdom of the divine.And this is exactly what the remedy is given by the divine mother to heal this reality. This is why we need the warrior goddess now more than all "love and light" ones. 

The Isis-Osiris Story is too important because it contains our primary issues as humanity. It contains love, deception, war, suffering, and also healing. We are now reliving Isis-Osiris Story. We now have to break the pattern and cut this endless knot. But this time, it is Isis who is being resurrected. And goddess is truly coming back. For this, the archetype of  Mariam of Mingal has been prepared.

Because she has seen all. She was hurt in so many ways and she didn’t give up. She is the warrior. The strong one, the one carries innocence and the one who fights for the truth. She is the one who carries compassion in her heart.  Eons of time, she had to take on the role of the strong feminine.  She was Asherah, Hathor, Sekhmet, and Bastet. She was Ishtar, Inanna, and Artemis. She was  Athena, Eos, Aphrodite,  and Astarte. She was Queen Zenobia. She was Joan of Arc. She was Madam Pompadour and Lamballe. She was Morgan le Fay.


The "Raising of Orion" is what perhaps will conclude the story of Isis-Osiris now. Who knows, perhaps the curse done to Osiris will break, and Osiris will get enough of his divine cake helping him see Mariam for who she is. Perhaps this will end Isis’s sorrow, because when Osiris came back from dead eons ago, he stopped seeing her. Who knows perhaps the lotus flower will bloom, who knows the tree of life will, too. Who knows…Who knows…


12 September, 2018

Falling into Divine Order


Didn't I tell you
Do not leave me for I am your only Friend,
I am the spring of life.
Even if you leave in anger for thousands of years
You will come back to me for I am your goal and your end.
Didn't I tell you
not to be seduced by this colorful world
for I am the Ultimate Painter.
Didn't I tell you
you are a fish do not go to dry land
for I am the deep Sea.
Didn't I tell you
not to fall in the net like birds
for I am your wings and the power of light.
Didn't I tell you
not to let them change your mind and turn you to ice
for I am your fire and warmth.
Didn't I tell you
they will corrupt you and make you forget
that I am the Spring of all virtues.
Didn't I tell you
not to question my actions
for everything falls into order, I am the Creator.
Didn't I tell you
your heart can guide you home
because it knows that I am your Master.

Rumi-- Translation by Azima Melita Kolin

I was getting ready to start reading my book. I started feeling presence of Sananda. I had to close my eyes and flow with what was about to come.

I saw Sananda. He was wearing the blue cloak that the lineage of the Sisters of the Eternal Fires always wear. He came to me in silence. He was standing behind me and extended his arms around me. I was trying to understand what he was doing. I was feeling his warmth on my back. Suddenly an old wooden pole appeared in front of us. The wood was too old. He and I were holding it together. I knew that pole was the one symbolized his crucifixion. If it was his burden, I was helping him carry it.

Then he started spinning the pole by holding it from one side. He spinned it faster and faster, me waiting to see what would happen next. After a while, he let it stop. As it stopped, I noticed a very old yellowish paper wrapped on the other end of the pole. He took the paper and the pole disappeared. Now we were both holding the paper.

When he opened the paper, I noticed the writings on the paper was written with blood. And I knew it was my blood. It was my blood oath to stay here until the end of times. I noticed that this was opening of a seal, a big release for me. I was feeling that I was no longer constrained with that oath anymore. I had completed my part. I had kept my word.

Suddenly a transparent sphere appeared on the paper. It started growing, getting bigger and bigger and now it was pulling me and Sananda into it. I knew then, we were in a portal. We were now being pulled somewhere. He was holding my hand. I noticed for a moment, we pierced through the veil, which was black clouds surrounding Earth. As soon as we did, I felt a lot of lightness consume my body. I noticed both Sananda and I now had white angel wings. We were still being pulled somewhere fast. We were ascending in a column of light. I knew that this column was there because there was an alignment in the skies. And we finally stopped. We were now on a planet, by a tree resting on green. I was looking at him in the eye now. And the only thing he told me then was “Now you just need to be yourself”.

I was awakened from this vision repeating…I just need to be myself. What that meant? I was myself. But I would only realize what that really meant the next day. Because it changed everything.

One thing I learned after this vision was interesting and confirming though. I learned that Jesus was not crucified on a cross, it was a pole. Just like in my vision.

2018 has been an interesting year for me, a roller coaster ride. This past month has changed too much in my understanding of the reality. I have started having many flashbacks about past lives and important things in human history. I have been contacted by Light Beings, have been initiated into several mysteries, and have been getting guidance to share certain things here on my blog. When these flashbacks happen, my brain starts heating up, anxiety kicks in, I feel I can’t breathe. A few times I have had panic attacks and felt really lonely. A few people around me suffered worrying about what was going on with me. But it is all over now. I have stabilized and have got used to these flashbacks. I know now they bring remembrances and it will be ok.

Coming back to my advice from Sananda, what I realized about what was happening with me and about this last activation were all related. This meant that I was ready to be just myself. This meant that, I didn’t need to be in constant juggling in my mind with “what if”s. This meant that I didn’t need to check every single thing that came into my way within my own “check duality” algorithm. This meant that divine will is here and I didn’t need to put any energy into understanding the dark agendas. Sananda was telling me to relax and just accept what was coming without resistance and let the divine will take it’s route.

After this realization, I started remembering all these things that appeared in my mind in the past that I silenced. I silenced them in the past because I was afraid to accept them. I thought it was my ego talking. I thought accepting these ideas would be a mistake and would be bad for me. I was afraid that people would call me liar. I was afraid that I would ruin everything I had built around me. I was afraid that I would lose the people I cared about. I was afraid before, and now I knew that I didn’t have to be afraid anymore.

This meant that I could live my truth openly now. I could now be completely honest with myself. As I was seeing this, I was feeling so much pain, darkness I had been carrying was lifting. I was feeling naked, relieved, and ready for the next stage to take on my soul mission.

I hope you understand what this means for everyone. Because what I am going through at a micro level, is going to manifest itself for the macro over the next 3-4 months. So this is time of great realization. This is the great second coming. This is the time of divine grace playing out itself. This is the time of embracing the darkness in us. This is the time. This is that time.

09 September, 2018

The High Priestess

The information you will read here is based on my own rememberences. As I find historical proof of these memories, I add them. Please use your own discernment.

Oracle Reveals:

When Venus sign appears in the sky
The white dove will carry
The Light of Venus into the Holy Grail
Of the Queen of Heavens

Queen of Heavens will then be ready
As seal will be opened
For the glory of the Second Coming

Eons ago, before the great experiment started on Earth, a group of women gathered together and they signed a blood oath to keep anchoring the wisdom of the divine feminine on this planet. They were then initiated into the consciousness of the goddess, Gaia. This initiation connected these women to each other with the bond of the goddess. These women were called “Sisters of the Eternal Fires”. With the initiation, their bodies became the vessel of the feminine fire which would bring the energy of the oneness onto this planet. This way, humanity would be able to see the Light in them and find their way back into oneness. When the veil in front of their eyes was thinned…If they managed to look…


Each of these sisters walked to different directions after Atlantis sank. In the beginning, they were able to communicate with each other telepathically. Each of them chose a location and created civilizations around them. They provided healing to sick and wounded. Their greatest ability was to be able to rise their kundalini and make the golden light of the source come out of their crown chakra. They were able to use this light to generate the energy to quickly grow food for their civilizations.

The animals would be drawn to these women, too. The birds would fly over their heads, snakes would naturally come to them. The lions would be their protectors. They would communicate with them. This is why the statues of Inanna found in different parts of the world are holding snakes in her hands. This is why Ishtar stands on lions. This is why Ishtar’s Gate has the animals on it. This is why…Because these women were the ultimate lighthouse in the dark. This is why…

People of these civilizations took these women as their goddesses. They made their statues, pictures on their pottery. They celebrated their existence. They recorded their stories on art. But eventually, as these women had to die and incarnate into new bodies, the spell of forgetfulness slowly consumed them and they forgot who they were, what they could do. Before they died though, they used their knowledge to extend their life span to be able to ground this energy as long as possible. For this, they made and drank elixirs. They used monatomic gold on their bodies. They painted their faces with this gold. They taught some of the knowledge about priesthood in their temples and initiated others. This way, when they died and came back alive in a different body, as soon as their abilities started showing itself, they could again learn this knowledge in the temples. Because their ability to anchor oneness could not be lost.

This video below presents Inanna's story based on some assumptions reached from ancient findings. The love displayed here can be thought as the love of the priestess for creation. Because the love rituals performed by these priestesses were done with the longing for oneness. These “sacred marriage” rituals were helping the priestess rise her kundalini and transmute the Light of the Source, the Oneness thus generate life all around her as well as give the king power to rule. After the sacred union, the priestess would dress and walk down the steps from the Ziggurat, her crown radiating golden light for people to see. And this is the same golden light depicted everywhere in churches indicating the blood lineage of the Sisters of the Eternal Fires.

As these women died, and had to incarnate again, the dark lords were playing their programming games, too. They were changing the structure of the society, they were suppressing women in society, they were bringing their kings. Although temples were able to exist simultaneously for a long while, the reputation of these temples were slowly changing. The temples that were known as the symbol of life in the beginning were becoming the symbol of women who were doing healing sex. The priestesses were becoming whores in the minds of people. The new religious programming was working hard on programming women to hide their sexuality, too. But the truth is, the priestesses were determined to keep this knowledge going at the expense of becoming whores in the eyes of men. Because this was the only way to keep the fire going, this was the only way to keep humanity from self destructing before the end of the great experience.



So the irony is that, in the higher planes, sexuality is expressed freely and all parties have a common understanding of the beauty of what is transpiring.


If you find the story of the Sisters of the Eternal Fires inspiring, please review the steps of the hero’s journey and put your intent to grow out of the control matrix.


As more and more people are waking up to the truth that we can’t continue having wars and becoming more selfish each passing day, women all around the world are also starting to remember the temples, the sisterhood, and what the wisdom of the divine feminine represents. These women are being guided to join Sisterhood of the Rose groups and they are therefore showing their intent, their free will to end this control matrix as well.


With that said, I am ending this article with a story that will help you understand what we need on the surface of this planet to happen.This story is about King Arthur, who was actually part of the lineage mentioned above and a knight that lived in Britain, in a legendary place called Camelot.

“One day this king who was called Arthur, was chasing a white hart through the forest. When he finally caught and killed the deer, soldiers seized him, for in the excitement of the chase he has strayed on to the land of his neighbor and enemy, and was taken to his castle. The penalty for such an offense was death, but Arthur, being a king, was given a reprieve and told that if he correctly answered a question, his life would be spared. He had a year to find the answer. The question was, ‘What is it that a woman wants most in the world?’

Confident that he could find the answer by sheer reason, Arthur set off to question all the women in his kingdom, taking with him his finest knight, Sir Gawain. Towards the end of the allotted year,Arthur had many answers, so rode towards his neighbor’s castle. On his way through the woods, he was accosted by an extremely ugly old hag, who croaked at him that he didn’t have the right answer. She alone had the information he sought. How could such a hideous old woman know, when he had asked the most beautiful women in the land? She said she would tell him, but he must promise her a husband and she requested Sir Gawain, the bravest and truest knight. Arthur told her that Gawain was a free man not his to bind, but Gawain, riding beside the king, consented to the union. The old hag jumped from one foot to the other in glee and shrieked the answer. The two men continued the ride to the neighboring kingdom of his adversary. Arthur began to reel off a list of answers from women all over the land, but his neighbor accepted none of them, saying Arthur would fail.

In desperation, Arthur shouted the answer he had been given by the ugly old hag. ”What women want most of all is the right to their own sovereignty!”

His neighbor scoffed that Arthur had spoken to his sister, for only she knew the answer. The ugly hag soon demanded her reward, and a full wedding ceremony. Everyone in the kingdom invited to attend. The tables were set with the finest food and silver. She appeared dressed in dirty rags with tousled hair and looking the worst. When Gawain saw his bride, with warts on her face, and twigs and cobwebs in her hair, he felt her untamed wildness to be the antithesis of the beauty and refinement of the court. Bravely he stood beside her, for he was loyal to his king, showing neither distaste nor fear. After the feasting, the wedded couple then retired to the bridal chamber, where the hag demanded the marriage be consummated. Gawain recoiled, but gave her a light kiss on her cheek, then manfully, a full kiss on the mouth, before proceeding to lay her on the bed, determined to follow through. Excusing herself, the hag rose from the bed and left the room. Gawain, lying undressed in the bed with the sheet to his chin, began to wonder if she had decided to spare him the ordeal when, to his great surprise, a beautiful young woman entered the room, smiling with love in her eyes. She told him that this was her true form, but her wicked brother, Arthur’s neighboring king, had cast a spell on her because she disagreed with some of his decisions.

When she spoke her mind, he had turned her into a loathsome creature so that no man would look at her and was to remain that way until she wed the bravest and truest knight in the land. But the spell was not entirely broken; there was a catch. For Gawain, she could be ugly by day and beautiful by night, or by the court she could be beautiful by day and ugly at night. He was to make the choice. Gawain remained silent for some time, finally telling her he could not possibly choose, since it was her life, and she must choose. With joy, she told him this was the other condition, that if her husband allowed her to make the choice, she could be beautiful all the time. Smiling, she joined him in the bed.The spell was broken for he had allowed her sovereignty.” (From the Book:”Sisterhood of the Rose” by Robyn Adams Pg 153-155.)

"The true beauty of womanhood is only allowed to shine forth through creation when she is fully empowered to manifest her free will."