25 August, 2018


At the Temple of Love in Atlantis, conciousness of Astara was divided into multiple human bodies and placed inside chosen ones from the Sisterhood. The concept was simple, in a way similar to the consciousness of the birds. Don’t birds share the same consciousness? This is how they are able to move so much in harmony. Astara consciousness was divided this way so that one day, when it is time for the age of darkness to end, the divided consciousness would merge back and the goddess would come back and end this suffering. This concept has been explained in ancient texts found in different caves around the world but mostly misunderstood:

“She shall show herself only to those, who have named her true name and understood. Those who were chosen because they carry her sign and the profession for her imprinted in the DNA of their bodies!”


Madame Pompadour, Mistress of Louis XV was one of these women who was carrying the consciousness of Astara. She remembered a lot about Atlantis and Temple of Love. So she wanted to build the temple in Petit Trianon again. The Temple of Love in Petit Trianon was built for this reason. Even though Pompadour didn’t see its completion, the temple partially carries the energy of the Atlantis Temple and this is why so many people are drawn to it. This is why the priestesses from the original Sisterhood of the Rose are longing for this place. This is why so many are inspired by Petit Trianon in their art.

The ones who were there will understand and feel the energy of these statements. They will finally feel relief that they now know why they were longing…

Throughout the dark years, the mysteries of the sisterhood was taught in temples. The women who were trained there were wearing serpent bracelets on their upper arms. In the temples, women learned the knowledge to anchor divine feminine on this planet. And today these temples are completely destroyed. During 18th century, goddess mysteries were taught to certain women to prepare the Sisterhood for the upcoming age.

Sisterhood’s main goal was to prevent humanity from self destruction by anchoring the energies of the divine feminine on this planet. Despite all obstacles, they achieved their purpose. The bloodline of the sisters who took upon the responsibility of the Astara Consciousness carried the codes for the return of the goddess. These women are also called “Golden Shrine of Ishtar”, they are also called “the Stars”. They are the Grail Lineage. The lineage of Jesus, Mary and Magdalene, and King Arthur.

They carry the eight pointed star symbol of Ishtar. And Ishtar is one of the names of the Divine Mother. This ancient writing translation (and some additional input by the translator) from a stone found in Burrows-Cave, Southern Illinois USA explains what happened:

“Because of the evil (caused by a certain group of humans), the head had hidden herself from people’s sight.
The noble mother had moved herself into an (Iceblue)-crystal (which is a chamber) surrounded by circling, transparent waves. The breath of life of the Hero’s´ spouse of the Thirties however, is still unbroken and strong! (Noble mother / Spouse of the Hero = Ash.tar-ta.ra).
It is so! The disastrous acts are in full action at the head's residence, the, from circling waves surrounded neutral place, which is beaming powerfully. This place in which, because of the evil of a certain group among the thirties (-humans), the noble Queen for her regeneration is sleeping bounded by means of a ban curse!
A loud exclamation shall be heard because of the ongoing violence, from the Designer(ess), whose fate is overshadowed by a curse banning intruders.
Send a Lightning a flash, your Noble ones from the orbiting Star-base, so that the danger to the regeneration is stopped…is swept powerfully away, from the residence of the thirty-(humans) living Queen!”


If you read the link above you will notice below information:

“a Phoenician text also available in Egyptian hieroglyphs. It tells the story of God Poseidon’s love for his spouse and her seemingly tragic end.”


“The story written in verse unmistakably states that Queen Ashtar-tara of Atlantis is the most beautiful woman man have ever seen. She is not dead because her body was made immortal. The sealed (magic) chamber is deep down inside the mountain where she rests protected by an everlasting spell! The sealed magic chamber and the surrounding area are enveloped by electromagnetic waves like an Ice crystal. There she is in a state of suspended animation… Samādhi; that is…She is sleeping!!

The neutral place is crystalized chamber, which is a time capsule”

And people reading these lines will immediately recognize the information and the videos shared by Corey Goode. The giant beings sleeping in time capsules. This has already become a reality to us.

Here is the plan you will not read anywhere. I am releasing this information as it is presented to me. It contains allegories, so some of this information is subjected to change.

The consciousness of Ashtar-tara was divided into multiple humans selected within the Sisterhood of the Rose, at the Temple of Love in Atlantis. These women swore into keeping this code within their being. Even they didn’t know how things would play out at the end of the time.

The truth is this consciousness belonged to Gaia. So Ashtar-tara and Gaia are the same being. She divided her consciousness into parts. Some part stayed in the ether, which stayed there so that Earth would continue living, the soil, the trees, and everything that keeps coming back to life in Spring.

Some of her consciousness was divided within Star Sisters so that she could still anchor the divine feminine within humanity. Enough of her consciousness left in her avatar body, which is in a “suspended animation”.

Her chamber is inside a mountain. This mountain may or may not be Untersberg Mountain. Given that this mountain played a key role in the history of “Knight Templars”, many from the Brotherhood of the Star will feel this information resonates with them.

The Bucegi Mountains in Romania had similar technologies in them. The discovery of these technologies showed similar time capsules and multiple technologies.


Even though the significance of the Untersberg Mountain is known and felt by many, before certain things happen, the mystery of this mountain will not be revealed.

We are approaching fast to the time of truth. The ones that cloak themselves, the ones that lie, the ones that hurt, the ones that cause suffering will suddenly find themselves on a stage with the brightest stage lights turned on them. They won’t be able to hide anything anymore. They won’t be able to manipulate others. When their mouths will start telling the lies, their hand and eyes will tell the truth. It will be very enjoyable to watch this for some. But after the time of the enjoyment, everyone will realize that the time of grace has come. And this is how we will return to innocence together.


  1. I miss Tara。I droped many tears in my eyes while I was reading. Thank so much for sharing and posting.