11 March, 2018

Awakening of the Awakened - Golden Dragon Messages

There is an energy in me now. It is so persistent that I can’t deny it anymore. I have to be honest and tell it is there. Because it has a message, a message so important…

Everything is so simple in the universe. Everything is designed to work in harmony. Love, truth, and justice are the core values. Creation is experienced with these values. There is no competition. There is no jealousy. There is joy of creation and oneness. This is how it is designed.

The experiences of beings are bound together in the forms of mandalas. Every being on your planet is also part of a mandala. And each mandala is part of another and that is part of another. The experience of Source with itself is designed that way. In other experiments, beings have awareness of their mandala therefore their oneness. On Gaia, we are experiencing what we call “an anomaly”.

The beings on your planet forgot that they were part of a Oneness mandala. They lost the awareness of their connection to the other beings in their mandala. On Earth, the bridges connecting the beings in the mandala were weakened. This created greater spacing, with some beings at the outer edges of the mandala being completely disconnected from the whole. Because the connecting force of the bridges was affected by this anomaly. The love that connected the beings together was forgotten and was replaced with the “ego-emotion-separation mind”. This caused the beings to think that most important thing was the separate self. This created a feedback loop that humanity couldn’t get out of.

As the creation experience in the universe follows a pattern of mandalas, there are cyclical patterns in the universe. These are the checkpoints that ensure that everything is working in the harmony as designed. Within the cyclical patterns, the beings in their mandalas get to reach to the next mandala of creation, until they reach their ultimate arrival point, the Source. This way Source experiences itself with infinite possibilities.

You may think that your physical plane is very complicated and it is in a chaotic order. Think again. Set aside your belief that you are part of this random reality. Look around you again, everything has a pattern. Like the seasons, like the snowflakes, like the trees, like your body. When you drop a stone in water, the water follows a pattern with the wave formations. Look at your life, you, too, are following patterns. After you are born, you go to school, you are programmed to believe some god, you marry or find a partner, you work, you watch soccer or a political leader, and this pattern continues.

When we look at you from the higher planes, we see your mandala. Each of you is a unit of Light in this mandala that completes the whole. Your mandala at this time needs healing and reconnection. With what we call collective consciousness, you need to reach a level of understanding and solve this puzzle. At this time, the experience is to realization that the mandala is there and you need to bring that mandala into unity, to wholeness, to oneness.

Sri Yantra is a form of mandala, it is sacred geometry representing the universe while at the same time it represents the human being at a micro level. Sri Yantra shows our process of enlightenment with its circuits of stages, the goal being arrival to the center circuit. Sri Yantra represents our realization of our unity with the cosmos.

At this time on Earth, Lightworkers are placed on specific locations in a matching pattern to Sri Yantra. The Lightworkers have come here to complete Sri Yantra, reach the awareness of oneness and complete this experience with the most beautiful victory of all creation. Once these Lightworkers unite in this form and shine their Light, they will be able take everyone else with them - they will be able to melt all anomalies. They will bring back the complete harmony back to the universe.

This is why it is so important to unite. This is why it is very important for Lightworkers to remember their mission. Because when they remember, they will realize that they need to take their places in Sri Yantra and unite with others. They will realize that this unison will create a portal, a gateway which will bring the blue white pulse of the Galactic Central Sun here to Earth and end duality.

To resist the changes coming, the anomaly is playing out its role with more force. This is why there is so much made up division in Lightworker Community. This is why Starseeds point their fingers each other and they say “You are dark!”. Because the ego-emotion anomaly on the connectors in our mandala is resisting the change and working so hard to prevent Lightworkers from remembering the Oneness. This is why some Lightworkers are playing the role of “arrogant”. This is why when Lightworkers start remembering their connection to Divine Mother, their perceptions are manipulated and instead of bringing the unison message, they grow “Isis Ego”. This is why they become more separate from the other beings in the mandala. And if you start understanding what I am talking about here, you will realize each one of you have gone through the “Isis Ego” stage in different forms.

In truth, the goddesses that walked on this planet were the manifestation of Divine Mother in human form. They came to the face of Earth as reminders that we were all one. By taking part in sexual rituals, they were showing humanity the act of love without judgement. Because, it is every being’s right to experience the act of love. Because this act would remind in the heart to every being the core of everything is love. Because staying in-love means being connected to the Divine Plan. And this is the very reason the anomaly worked so hard on bringing judgement, beliefs, social and religious rules over this act of love. Because with the true kind of act of love, the beings accept their connection to all beings which is the very cure of the anomaly.

So, it is time for each of you reading this to bring your awareness to the fact that the oneness can be achieved with unity. The belief that our primary goal is to fight against dark is the anomaly preventing each other finding the way to our hearts. The belief that we all have to fight against dark, we need to be separate, is the very scenario playing out here to prevent us from uniting with each other in our mandala. The Lightworkers came here from higher dimensions to create the mandala of Sri Yantra in order to open the portal to the higher dimensions and put an end to this circuit. So let’s end this cycle with success. Let’s release the attachments to all negative feelings and be free. Let’s go up in the steps of evolution together to experience the new experiences.

07 March, 2018

Soul Note --Golden Dragon Messages

Each person has a soul note. When we are ready, or if we ask for it, our higher self plays this sound for us. This happens in deep meditation or in sleep. People usually can’t remember the sound well. But if you try to make a similar sound and look for the note by changing your tone, you will eventually find that note. Your heart will confirm. Your body will vibrate with that sound.

In fact, we also have a soul song. One of these nights in dream state, this song was played for me. That was a special moment because I was so inspired that I woke up and recorded my song on my phone. I didn’t know that was my song though. As always, information about the song came later. It always comes as allegories or as synchronicities that I can’t ignore. And again, the reason for this beautiful experience was revealed to me when I read something about it.

What makes soul note very important is that it helps us connect to our higherselves easier. If we use it during meditation, it creates a resonance that it brings our soul family to us both on higher planes or on this plane. A good example to this is that some meditations we do in this community where we rotate ourselves and make sounds like ‘eeeee’. These mediations also serve a similar purpose. They bring our soul families to us.

So, before starting to discuss what happens when we meet the members of our soul family and what stages we will be going through, I would like emphasize that because soul family relationships are very intense, they will bring all unresolved issues to the surface to be resolved. If we meet our family before we start dealing with ego -at least to some point- the magical experience may have a few bumps along the way.

So, what happens when we connect with someone from our soul family? By the way, this connection doesn’t necessarily need to be meeting in person. It may well be a remote connection, perhaps online. The truth is that, not only twin flames but also soul families are kept separate in our reality. This is one of the protection mechanisms for the controllers since these relationships have a potential to bring big changes to the reality. Unfortunately, even online, there will be many obstacles for you to meet these people. Because the internet, too, is mostly controlled by these beings. They can control our emotions as well. But if we work on the ego, we may be able to pierce the perception veil and recognize our true family and have a chance to experience true harmony in a relationship.

When both parties in a soul family decide -with their free will- to connect with each other, the process starts. At this point they most likely are not aware of their connection. But they must be feeling drawn to each other. But, once they agree to connect, an interesting “Alice in Wonderland” story begins.

First, both parties will experience kundalini experiences. They will notice that when they connect their chakras activate. This will most likely continue weeks until all chakras are activated. Kundalini mostly activates in stages. Higher self doesn’t allow dramatic kundalini experiences much. Most people at this stage will not even realize that all these activations are caused by their connection to the soul family member.

If these people do meditations together, they will notice that they can heal each other. They will continue to experience their kundalini raise. Here, when kundalini rises from solar plexus to the heart, which happens in later stages, the experience may be a little painful. This is caused by the implants placed to our bodies to decrease the sexual energy. But, once kundalini raises to the heart fully, these people will be ready to travel in the astral and even start seeing each other in person. Because once heart connection is established, the matrix can’t change the outcome as these people are aligned with their hearts.

On the 3-D life ground, unexplainable, synchronistic events will be taking place. Unresolved issues will come to surface to be resolved fast. If you are wondering if you are cursed etc for all the unfortunate things happening to you here, don’t feel despair. Because these are happening to prepare you for the next stage in your evolution. Once you understand this connection, it will become easier to do the work. This work may even be a big change like moving from one country to other, changing your job, a break-up in relationships. But, when you see the patterns and approach all these issues with a loving, compassionate attitude, things will get easier and you will even find peace.

As you rediscover the meaning of being alive with such relationships, you realize you help Mother Gaia. You realize you are able to connect to your higher self more and get clear guidance. You talk to your soul family and feel happy/in peace for the first time in your life. At this point, you dream about the possibility of a reality where everyone has similar harmony in their relationships. And you realize how that would make Earth a much better place.

With that, I wish that you find your soul note and explore these possibilities.

Love conquers all may we all yield to love!