08 November, 2017

Priestess Initiations in Atlantis

It is long and never ending journey to choose to carry the wisdom of the divine feminine. There is much to see,much to find, much to feel, much to learn, much to accept, much to become. It is not simply going to a school. It is about living it. It is about becoming it.

Once one in a separation illusion decides to go through this evolution path...Once you become a member of a mystical school to become a priestess in Atlantis...This means you choose to be the glue to tie all beings into oneness. Into the source...

Being in a mystery school does not mean going to school with others or sitting together and talking about things. Being in a mystery school means becoming one with your spiritual master. It is like she becomes your mother, you take your place in her womb and live her, see through her, feel through her. Her eyes become your eyes, her hands your hands, her touches your touches...

You travel together in the space. You create etheric places together where you learn all mysteries of creation. You create pink realities, blue ones. You rest under willow trees, you create wind to feel the sound of the leaves make music. You rest there. You create flowers around you. Roses... White and red roses sometimes. You watch the lilacs on the side of the mountain by the lake and smell them. You create beings from water. Temples from water crystals. You learn the knowledge of stones and crystals.

While you learn all these, you also go through the history. The experiences in the universe. You learn the dynamics of energy and love. You learn to identify patterns in the cycles. You absorb the wisdom your Master has. You live it, experience it.

At one point, when you master all these, you start adding your skills into your creation. It is like your signature. Like Isis found joy in creating white and red roses and covered all around her with them. Mother Sekhmet was drawn to using the blue stone of knowledge. Or Ishtar was connected to animals more. She liked flying over the mountains. She loved playing with her snake dragon.

Here is the big secret... The goddesses of our reality were the priestesses of Atlantis.

Once you are ready to be initiated as a priestess in Atlantis, universe gives the signs that it is time. At that point though, you can not feel happy that you made it. Because at that point your awareness about your existence in this reality is greatly reduced. You feel joy, but not in the sense of bodily emotions, because at that point you are detached from them.

On the day of your initiation, you are prepared by your Master Teacher. She braids your hair so slow...She adds a bead at every end of each braid. You dress simplest way possible. She places a headdress on your head.

Only few priestesses are with you in the temple. Because this is not taken as a celebration. You sit on a throne and watch as the priestesses circle around you, do the creation dance. As they do that, you feel a warmth descending from the top of the temple, a cloud of Golden Light wrapping around you. And you wait, silently wait. Your mind is clear, and you wait patiently.

After this, you are taken into the water to be washed with the Sacred Water of Gaia. You enter, swim all alone. When it is time to get out, you swim towards the steps. As you climb the steps up, you feel your consciousness expends at each step. It expends and you feel it grows and becomes Gaia consciousness. And at that very moment, you feel an Ankh appearing in your left hand. And then you know, you now have the wisdom. Because you need to have wisdom before anything else. It is the wisdom to accept love, the truth, the justice, the harmony for all beings. On your next step, you feel a sceptre appear in your right hand. With that you feel power - Now you are given the power of Gaia! And at that moment, you realize that it is dangerous to have that power without having the wisdom first. So you look at the Ankh and be thankful for the wisdom you are given.

When you are initiated you are not the same you...You now have Gaia Consciousness. You feel the feelings of all beings living on Gaia. You feel you are connected to Gaia, Cosmos, and Source. The sense of individuation goes away. And you feel the deepest sense of responsibility for ALL. You become responsible for truth, justice and harmony for Gaia and the whole cosmos.

It is the priestesses of Atlantis who took upon the role of goddesses on Earth, to carry the flag for all these values. Their contagiousness divided into many and placed into our being. Many now carry the fractals of these beings. And these beings are ready to come back through you. They are waiting to return the Wisdom of Divine Feminine to Gaia.

So, there are many of us that carry their seeds. Now it is time to grow it. Allow it to grow by leaving the ego mind.

Many are those who hold fractals of Isises, Ishtars, Hathors, Ma'ats, Sekhmet's on Earth now. Are you ready to let them grow in you? Silence ego now. Connect with them and create the Mandala of Love this planet needs so dearly. Let's break this veil and start the Age of Aurora now.

Statue of a being who once was an Atlantis Priestess stands strong across Syria Shores as a reminder of the divine feminine


  1. Many forms, many channels back home... Hopi prophecy states, "When the wisdom of the Grandmothers is heard, the world will heal," and at last the Grandmothers have come. In our small way we join in healing as Grandmothers speak, listen...