16 November, 2017

Priestess Activation Meditation

It is now time for the priestesses of Atlantis to remember and reclaim their identities. Time to become what we were long ago… Time to heal and time to be one. I am guided to publish this meditation to help you with this activation.I would like to recommend that you use rose essential oil (Bulgarian pink rose oil- rose otto- is best) during this meditation.

It is time. There was only Love once and it will be Love again!

1.Imagine you are in Atlantis. You are now entering from the doors of the Temple of Love into a long hallway. The ceiling and the walls of this hallway is out of red cloud. It smells like red roses. With each step, you feel more relaxed and grounded. You leave all your emotions behind. You feel safe here and you know you are loved. You feel your connection to Gaia increases.

2. You are now climbing down the steps into the temple. You are in a cave now. As you go down the steps, you start hearing the sound of the water. This sound makes you feel calm.

3.You are now standing in a large area. On your right, there is a fall that fills an aquamarine color pool.

The water from the pool overflows into the cave river. You realize the water has Light in it and it shines.

4.You remember this water. You now know that you have to get into this water. You undress and swim to the fall and you shower there. As you are in the water, you feel you are healing from all your wounds from all your past lives. The water heals your physical body. You feel your life force strengthens.

5.You get out of the water and you see a large area with a high ceiling. You see many crystals on the ceiling with many colors.
You see winged women statues by the walls.

6. You remember this place. Deep memories start to emerge. You know now that you are activated. You feel grateful for this experience and you leave this place to come back again.


  1. ��������

  2. Call to mind your days of love. I bring you love from beyond yourself. I bring you beauty from only the realms known as the realms of love

  3. feel energized, goddess power

  4. I remember this place! Especially the waterfall....Thank You so very much!♥️♥️♥️🥀🦋

  5. I remember this place! Especially the waterfall....Thank You so very much!♥️♥️♥️🥀🦋

  6. Thanks for the meditation and the visuals. LOve peace and happiness.

  7. Thank you. It was beautiful.

  8. SISTERHOOD OF THE ROSEJuly 19, 2018 at 4:47 PM

    Beautiful ~ thank you

  9. Wing Women Angel~ Hug Me Tight! I Want!