27 November, 2019

Cagliostro the Charlatan

A certain group in Knight Templars have always tried to protect the goddess and her lineage. Before the templars, there were other groups that were sworn to protect this lineage. After the killings of the templars in 14th century, a new group gathered in Venice to protect this lineage and its teachings. They started initiating many people into the Order of the Rose. Their goal was to ensure smooth transition for the end of the cosmic cycle.

Templars were executed by the church. To control the emerging Order of the Rose, a different strategy was going to be taken. During 18th century, the teachings of this order was going to be in the hands of Cagliostro who would use these teachings to his own advantage -to make money and take advantage of women-. Later, during early 20th century, he was incarnated as the occultist Aleister Crowley.

Cagliostro hurt many women even when he was married to another woman who willingly participated his games. He took part in the Affair of the Diamond Necklace which was a major catalyst behind the French Revolution. He forged documents written by St Germain and even Casanova. He also distorted many mystical teachings of the East that he learned during his travels. He knew about Egyptian Rites, he was aware of the teaching of India and even Sufism. Cagliostro performed many rites and used compartmentalization and mystery to allure people into his “special groups”. Cagliostro became such a famous charlatan that Alexandre Dumas was guided to write novels about him.

While Cagliostro was on another agenda, St Germain was working with people initiating them into the sacred teaching of the order. Madame Pompadour, many women living in the different parts of the world, and many philosophers and artists were given much information and perspectives to prepare the reality for the end of the cosmic cycle this way. At the same time, a group of Templars with Henry I Sinclair would be able to travel to America many years before Columbus for the same reasons.

The incarnations of all of these people are still among us. Day by day, as we approach into the new cosmic cycle, their masks are falling off and we are able to see them for who they are. Meanwhile, it is best for everyone to jump inside and stay with the unchanging observer. No matter how much hurt you may be, you are still part of the cosmic oneness and you are a perfect being as you are.

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