02 October, 2019

Gaia's Choice

Today, I would like to write about the goddess in order to refresh the collective memory of her. For all those that are drawn to the story of the goddess, this will be like remembering something they have always known. For many of us, the goddess was in our past, she was in human body sharing the same reality with us. Even though we knew who she was in our hearts then, something in our minds made us “not see her”. And now, time has come to recognize what we rejected to see and face with this. I hope that this article you will read here today will take you to the places that you need to go, in your own spiritual journey.

Gaia Sophia has come to Earth with Lucifer, the very being all of you are programmed to run away from. Gaia, being all about love and life giving and thriving, came here to prove, humanity was capable of finding love and harmony collectively with their free will, even though they didn’t remember their past. And Lucifer, being the Light Bringer and also the destroyer, was here to prove that humanity was programmed to destroy everything. Lucifer believed that “given free will”, humanity would always try to play “the god” and destroy the others. So they came here, what caused them to come here is not relevant at this time, whatever happened in Gaia and Lucifer’s past, either they fell from the Heavens or came here with their own free will, they were here as the opposite forces of this duality, as the eternal lovers, until one day, they would unite in one consciousness, as the two headed eagle, to end this cycle and end this reality.

Since their arrival on Earth, the reality has been destroyed and reestablished for seven times. Like the wheel of life in Buddhism, the Samsara, or the eight pointed star indicates, there were eight realities in this cycle, and we are now in the last reality established, in the eighth. In the earliest realities, Gaia and Lucifer were together. They were leading humanity so that they would understand the value of the balance and harmony in free will reality. Lucifer, even though he didn’t believe in the human project, he was bound with cosmic rules, and he supported Gaia, in her quest to teach humanity beauty of love and compassion. And Gaia was his eternal love, she was the one he almost killed and then brought back to life. They were sharing the same heart. She was his love and his curse at the same time.

But things were going to get very complicated. Because Gaia was going to teach her priests and priestesses how to use crystals for healing and energy generation. And some of these priests/priestesses, with their free will choices, would want to replace her, thinking they had the knowledge to be the gods/goddess and that they were strong enough. They did get outside help, too. Because there were more advanced races out there. So, they decided to build towers of crystals to communicate with “the god”, have control of more energy and be the messenger to lead humanity, as kings and queens, as the leaders of many. And each time they took steps to implement their plans, humanity destroyed the reality, and another one started. And this is how we arrived to this reality, the eighth one.

As new realities were created, eventually, Gaia and Lucifer had to leave their divine tools and their immortal bodies. This was sometimes Gaia's choice, sometimes it was father's. At some point, both Gaia and Lucifer were completely in human bodies, forgotten their past and who they were. They did have things special in their physical bodies that indicated they were not human, but this is an ancient knowledge for those who remember it. So they were in human bodies, their consciousness was divided in multiple human bodies. None of them remembered who they truly were. But they were drawn to each other when they were living in the same reality not knowing they were the parts of the same being.

At some point, Lucifer was not on the surface for a thousand years. -Keep in mind, this is not the 1000 years Revelation talks about. You have been misled about that- As a result, about 2300 years ago, the respect for the feminine, for the life giving goddess started replacing itself with the patriarchy. This started the time of suffering and deep pain for Gaia. Her pieces knew they had life missions, but didn’t remember what. And because they still carried the large aura, and the energy of the Goddess, her pieces were captured, tortured and killed by the ones that wanted to replace her. Because they had an advantage. They had the knowledge to control the energy of the grid and the crystals for their own advantage. They could control human minds with their suggestive triggers. This way, keeping the women who carried the energy of Gaia in a loop of suffering, they thought they could prevent the end of this last reality. They thought they could continue being the kings and queens, with their manipulative games and showing people who their enemy were.

Eventually, causing Gaia suffering has become the main program of all humanity, and because her pieces couldn’t remember who they were, they couldn’t understand why they were attacked, burned, tortured and killed. And therefore, slowly but surely, Gaia started losing her hope and this started the process of the planet to respond to her feelings and die.

It is not hard to see in the written history who these women were. Anyone, as a woman, who was killed by many, executed brutally are them. These women had the ability to make a change in this reality, and they were stopped. Isis, Hathor, Eos, Aphrodite, Bastet, Sekhmet, Artemis, Inanna, Ishtar and many more were all Gaia's consciousness and they knew their power. But we came to this last reality, once the one in human body couldn't remember, can you imagine how it was like to carry an aura so large, a heart so pure, and end up being hurt by people around all the time? End up being abandoned by the people you trust the most? Or you loved dearly?

These women in this reality that carry Gaia's consciousness, they couldn't see the patterns, but when they were happy, the birds would sing above their heads. The soil would give more food. Flowers would bloom more. When they were sad, the wind would pickup and blow the leaves away. Many fairy tales were inspired by these women. And a few times, they did incarnate in men's body, too.

As a result, Gaia in the bodies of these women, was killed by the humanity in many ways. She was burned with her child as a young woman(who was making ointments out of flower petals in Spain). She was poisoned. She was guillotined. She died in wars. She was killed by angry mobs in the streets. And in many of these occasions, many beings watched her executed and chose –with their free will- to not to intervene. The so-called people who called “her friends”, turned their backs to her. At every occasion, she was abandoned by humanity. But since her contract was to explore that even slightest possibility that someone could show compassion and value forgiveness, her pieces kept incarnating and finding themselves in situations where they were hurt again, and again, and again.

So what has changed now?

Now, Gaia and what she calls “father” decided that, humanity will always destruct. They will keep self-destructing. With Gaia here, humanity will continue looking for ways to kill her. And for this reason, Gaia decided to give humanity just that now. A reality without the consciousness of Gaia.

Finally, this has activated the prophecy and Gaia has united with her eternal love as I wrote in my last post. This started the process of bringing balance back, well not here but somewhere else... This involves Gaia carrying only the ones that are capable of understanding balance, harmony, and love to the new reality where “there is no free will”. In this new reality, everyone knows that they are supposed to live with harmony with nature and they will take roles that are aligned with their spiritual connection with life/Gaia. They will always feel the beauty of creation and find love in all things. They will understand and feel happiness at any moment. And this will prepare them for the next step in their evolution.

So what will happen to the rest? The answer to this is very simple…

They will learn how to exist without the life giver.

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