11 June, 2019

The Forgotten Temple

Somewhere in very deep, in hearts of humanity, lies the memories of a temple. It sits there as the one most precious memory of love, a memory of healing. It is from a very long time ago if you consider time was linear. It is a memory that the veil has tried so hard to delete, put darkness upon. This is why it sits in hearts, because it is about the truth of love; and truth and love sit in the hearts. It is about compassion of the most beloved one. It is about Gaia. It is about the goddess who fell from the heavens…

She was given the ever-blooming rose in the heavens…And after this, she left the heavens.

On this planet, her home was the temple. Many know this temple as the “Temple of Love”. Some call it “The Goddess Temple”. Some call it “Gaia Temple”. Before Gaia divided her consciousness into multiple beings, she lived in this temple.

The symbol of this temple was the structure that stood above “The Fountain of Love”. Later, a few people would remember this structure and have it built in similar ways. Most famous of all is called “Temple of Love” in Versailles. With its 12 columns, Temple of Love stands in Petit Trianon, symbolizing the 12 priestesses of the goddess who promised the Goddess the blood oath to protect her and the wisdom of the ages.

While everyone agrees that the name, “Temple of Love” fits very well for this folly, while subconsciously all accept “Temple of Love” as its name, the truth about this name was not spoken out, like it was forbidden to talk about this. Like there was a curse sealed the hands and mouths to retell the reason behind this name, “Temple of Love”.

This structure housed the “Fountain of Love”, standing right above “the Temple of the Goddess”. This fountain was for all humanity to drink from. The water was Gaia’s gift to all. It would heal the sick when they drank from this fountain. The water coming out of this fountain was directly coming from the temple. It was in this water the goddess used to bath. It was in this water goddess used to meet with her beloved. Because life was coming from the sacred waters. And this fountain under that dome was the sacred waters. Anyone who drank this water, even now, carries the memories of that water. Perhaps this is why everyone is longing for their eternal love, because the water carried the memory of Gaia.

Below the folly, there was the entrance to the temple. You could step down from the marble steps and get to the door. In front of the door stood the goddess grail with its three winged angels carrying the chalice.

As you entered the temple, you would be surrounded by a white mist that smelled like roses. This mist was the steam that came out of the main floor of the temple where there were two streams of water flowing. One stream had cold water, and the other one was hot. Once the divider between hot and cold water was taken out, the mix of the hot and cold would produce the steam. Priestesses used to throw the rose petals on this water which carried the rose smell above to the entrance of the temple. This was done to ground anyone, to clear the energy of anyone entering the temple. The steam and rose smell…

As you entered and used the steps to get down to the temple, you would see the temple as a half cave-half built structure. The original walls and ceiling of the cave contained crystals. On the right was the aquamarine colored water, the natural pool which Gaia used to bath in. On the left stood three large statues of Gaia, each leaning on the wall. First one holding a jug which contained the water from the pool. In the hands of the middle statue was the roses, which symbolized the ever-blooming rose given to her in the Garden of Eden. These roses then symbolized “the Pandora’s Box”, not like in the Greek mythology, but to remind the greater plan, the return of the goddess. And the third statue was holding a basket, which contained the rose petals thrown onto the water.

The temple was lighted using a mirroring technology. Bronze sheets used to carry the Light of the Sun during the day and the Light of the Moon at night into the Temple. The crystals would shine with the Light, and the bronze technology would light up the waters, making water look like it had the color of the skies.

After Gaia took her bath in this water, the water would develop healing abilities, and then water would be given to the sick.

In this temple, Gaia was with the twelve priestesses who were sworn with their blood to protect her and anchor her on this planet, while her consciousness was divided into pieces. These women were each given a leaf of the rose and they were ready to help Gaia, when the time was right, to help her complete herself and bring her pieces together. At times in human history, these twelve took similar roles for the goddess, like in the 12 Apostles, 12 Knights of Arthur, 12 Imams, and the 12 Followers of Osiris.

It is now time to tell the stories behind the true priestesses of the goddess. And I will tell them here as these stories are given to me. This is a journey; you can join me…Everything started when Gaia was given the ever-blooming rose. Who do you think gave her this rose?

Let’s meet again with love…

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