19 June, 2019

About Astral Traveling

In the spiritual context, astral traveling is considered very important. You will see almost all spiritual gurus telling you about ways to activate the chakras and opening the third eye. But unfortunately, not much information is given about what happens once someone starts doing astral travels.

So what happens once your third eye activates and you start doing astral travels?

-You start seeing visions, having lucid dreams, having flashback like moments…

-This makes you emotionally sensitive for a long time. You try to find someone who can help you understand what is wrong with you. You try to make sense of things you are seeing.

-Other people who don’t have any awareness about these things will become distant each day. You will most likely end your marriage (if you are married to such person). Your work situation will change. If you are lucky, you will have new friends who have some knowledge about these.

-You will be alone; you will feel like you are about to lose your mind. At times, you will push down the things you see, try to act like the others. This will continue for a while. When you realize this is your reality now and you can’t ignore this, the acceptance will start. You will start sharing some information about these things.

-If you can achieve the acceptance, you will detach yourself from the emotions and will start figuring out what the true meaning of the travels etc. These things happen as metaphors, the stories that play out there all have a lot of allegories. You will start researching about the things you see and start connecting the dots.

-In the next stage, as you start becoming more vocal about your travels, the spiritual gurus and your soul family friends will start judging you. You will be told that “Astral plane is the plane of illusions”. As you talk about the temples you see in your travels, the gods and goddesses, you will hear your friends discussing with others that “you thought you were a god(dess).”, even though you never say or claim such thing. Some will claim that you are lying, you are making things up. Some will tell you what you were living was not that but what they said it was.

-With all these, you go through much pain. At some point you give up on your people and start seeing the real reason behind everyone’s behavior. Because now, your perceptions have improved such that you can read the true motivation in everyone’s behavior. You see that just like belief systems, people have programmed behavior patterns and all they do is to continue acting from there. They can’t understand that the person astral traveling is actually living so many things in so little time, reliving them and gaining ability to bring their perceptions to the higher degrees than others. This is like living a 1000 lives in one lifetime and gaining the wisdom of it. This is why you can also read other people.

-As astral traveling becomes a normal part of your day, you gain the ability to not to believe everything happens in front of your eyes. You also learn not to judge people. The need to share these with people goes away. You start flowing what comes into your way.

-Eventually, you recognize how you start interacting with your own reality. You now understand that you are responsible for everything you create. You realize what you think becomes what you create.So you take responsibility.

-You start traveling into the metaphor of sacred marriage. Suddenly, all these things talk to you. You read between the lines and your awareness increases. You feel connected to anything and everything.

There is no end to this adventure. The boring life becomes an adventure where you play the reality game watching your astral travels interact with your reality. This makes all pain along the way worth it. And you feel humbled for what you have.

Happy Travels!

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