06 May, 2019

The Three and The Archons

There are three things that manifest this reality. First one is Light. Second one is Life. And the third is Love. Light is brought here by the Light-bringer; by the one that most of you are not able to accept, by Lucifer. Life is brought by Gaia.

Why do you think some refer to Magdalene as the “Holy Grail”? Grail is the container; it keeps the life in it. From that all that was given life was created. Magdalene, Mary, and many more high priestesses/goddesses performed this mission. Because Gaia placed her pieces into many of these beings.

And the Archons that you keep running away from, pointing your fingers to, were also given birth by Gaia herself. It seems they didn’t come out right, but it is what it is. If you don’t believe me, check Gnostic Teachings.

The snake eats its tail. All returns to its origin. And for that, we are waiting for everyone to face with their mistakes. We are waiting for all to accept what they did instead of looking for others to blame. Only then, the concept “Archon” will disappear.

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