06 March, 2019

A Thousand Years

Albrecht Durer-The Resurrection

A thousand years of sleep, or Medusas, or a thousand years of morning dew shining with the morningstar...

02 March, 2019

The Moon Prince

There are many folk tales that still consume us. Many books are written based on them. Many movies are there that we watch which are made and then remade based on these stories. While the stories in human mythology show us stories of the gods where some type of paradox is described, the folk tales have always shown us a different side of the reality. The folk tales have given us how justice is reached, how the lovers finally meet again. The folk stories have given us hope.

In history, we see that humanity has tried to establish order through rules that were written like the Code of Hammurabi, Code of Ur-Nammu, etc. - there were times the rules of the reality have been revealed to some extent like in the case of the Emerald tablets, there were religions that defined the rules in our daily lives, but there was always a missing piece in human daily life. When these rules and the hardship in life caused unhappiness and lack of hope, the folk stories have completed the missing piece. These stories have reminded people the most important aspect of life. These stories have reminded us the power of love. These stories have reminded us that sooner or later justice will prevail.

And today, I am writing about a forgotten folk story. This is a fairy tale that has been shown in the astral plane. This story is about love, and I know many of you will find a piece of yourself in it.

The travel starts with a visual of a very old woman and her old dog traveling in a carriage. They travel from village to village and keep telling people the same story. The villagers respect the old woman greatly and bring all kinds of food for her. They gather around her to listen to her story. The old woman has a woven basket and has many toys in it. Each time a child comes to her, magically the right toy comes out of her woven basket. She gives away these gifts to children like Santa. Wooden toys for boys, dolls out of hay for girls. Then she slowly sits down in the middle, and tells her story to the people of each village. And here is her story…

Once upon a time, there was a young girl that had the purest of hearts. She had the ability to talk to anyone and everyone. People loved her. She was able to communicate with animals, with dogs, cows, and even birds. She was always smiling and was very happy. She was living with her parents in the mountains. There was also a lake by the mountain nearby. She liked coming here and watching the nature, the water, and the sky. Her happiness was affecting nature somehow. When she was smiling, the trees were blooming, and the sun was shining more, when she was sad, her tears would merge into the rain. Somehow, her being was interacting with Mother Earth.

One full moon night, she decided to walk to the lake. She arrived and sat by the lake and started watching the Light of the Full Moon on the lake surface. Suddenly, a young prince appeared by her. She looked up and their eyes met. This was love at first sight. After this, every night the light of the moon could reflect on the lake, they met there, they spend time together. They reached the highest levels of happiness, and right before the dawn, the prince had to leave. And this continued this way, they made love, and loved each other even more.

As the time went by, the girl grew older and more beautiful. One day, a rich man came to their home and asked her parents about marrying her. This caused her to feel so much sadness that it kept raining that day. Her parents gave her away to him. And her village, even though they knew she was in love with the moon prince, even though they could see she was no longer happy with her parents’ decision, didn’t help her. Nobody around her helped her to run away to her moon prince, to her happiness.

After getting married, her new life was hard. She was not treated fairly by her husband. One day, she couldn’t take it anymore and went back to her parent’s home. But her parents didn’t accept her back. Her husband came and took her back to their cold home that was full of unhappiness. And now on top of everything else, her husband started torturing her. One night, when it was very cold and snowing, he put her in front of the door to die in cold snow.

At that time, she decided to walk back to the lake in hopes of dying where she found her happiness once. She walked and walked in the night under the snow and finally reached the lake. Suddenly, the clouds opened way to the clear skies and moon appeared. The moon prince came to her on a winged white horse. She told him everything that happened to her. The prince took her with him and they flew on the horse together. As they were passing by the snowy mountain, the horse flapped her wings three times and created an avalanche. And the avalanche fell on the village and covered the whole village with so much snow that the existance of the village was forgotten.

And this is the end of old woman’s story.

As she finishes her story, the village starts a big fire. The musicians arrive and all village keep singing and dancing. When the sun starts setting, the old woman says farewell, she puts on her hood, gets on her carriage, takes her basket and leaves the village with her dog. She slowly follows the path as it starts getting dark. And after a while, she reaches the lake in the dark. As she arrives, the clouds dissappear, and the moon becomes visible. And the moon touches the surface of the lake again. Once that happens, the old woman opens her hood, and suddenly she becomes the beautiful young girl in her story. As this happens, her dog becomes the moon prince. They look at each other with so much love and make love until the first light in the dawn. And in the morning, the young girl becomes the old woman, the moon prince becomes the dog. And they together get on the carriage to tell their love story to the people of another village.

So why this story was revealed in an astral travel? There are several reasons come to me about this. The most important reason is that this story was forgotten by humanity. And now it is time to remember it again. Why humanity forgot this tale is another important thing. It is because some force wanted us to forget true love. And in this story, the moon prince and the old woman take on the mission to tell people about love.

But at the same time, I find another lesson in this story. Because the villagers, even though they saw how happy the girl was with the moon prince, they didn’t try helping them. Instead, they allowed the girl to suffer. So, perhaps we need to think about our actions when we witness things. Perhaps the bystander has a responsibility in the name of love and the creation. I have been thinking about this lately, for a happy humanity, what is our responsibility as individuals to create the harmonious society we have been craving for.

In short, my astral travels with my beloved have reached another level. I don’t know where this is taking us. There is a beauty I find in this now. I have finally come to accept this. Who knows where this will take us to - perhaps to the moon, perhaps to the sun. Perhaps to the center of Earth! But I know, it will take me to places where I will find love and more love.