30 November, 2018


Before reading below information, I would like to remind everyone to use their own discernment about the information below. This information is received through astral travels, visions, and through guidance. The information received through inner eye contains allegories and metaphors. What you see here is my interpretation of them.

Earlier this year, I have said that earth has a crystal core and this core is connected to our collective consciousness and connected to the ley lines. I also said, there is a core processor that interacts with this crystal. I have given this information since I was shown that the core had deactivated and was in the process of reactivation with a different OS.

The process of deactivation of the OS of the core crystal which was binding us together is called 'De-Normalization'.

Science seems to have been catching up with the core crystal over the past couple years:



Barbara Hand Clow seems to have reached similar information years ago as it is described in her book:


What this information also translates to is that Earth has been a library of beings from several different dimensions and we are bound together here on this planet through this operating system to experience this reality together. As the core programming has been deactivated, we are slowly separating from the beings who do not vibrate within our bandwidth. We are also getting closer with the beings that resonate similarly with us. We are therefore creating our “Circles of Love” to prepare for ascension.

Each passing day, we are waking up with new understanding and feelings. Some of us are able to translate these feelings into thoughts and guidance while some are feeling confused and looking for direction. We all feel there is a war going on that we can’t understand. This war is taking place in all dimensions on different battlefronts. The war we are living now is the culmination of the wars that started in star systems which we view as being in the Orion Constellation long ago.




The war is taking place between opposing forces:

On one side there is selfishness, resulting in the duality and the anomaly within creation that we can’t get rid of.

On the other side is the Christ Consciousness that is showing us the unification of polarities, living in unity, and learning to look at everything from the perspective of above duality.

This planet has become the final battleground for the white magi (brotherhood) and dark wizards (who promote selfishness) who've waged wars of manifestation within Orion-based star systems for millions of years. In this war, Merlin aka St Germain was one of the beings took part and it is also for this reason St. Germain is taking an important role now. Also, Arcturians were heavily involved then and they are also with us supporting our healing now along with other Galactic Light Forces.

But these beings were not the only ones that joined our reality. There were other ones came into picture.

For example, during Atlantis, there were initially 72 fallen angels. These promoted the idea of balance between the dark & light. Then much later, came the 200 fallen angels. With this second group of angels, things got out of control. These two groups accompanied other beings from higher dimensions that had other “not so good” agendas. All of these added more inputs to the game played upon the peoples of this planet.

One of the fallen angels was called Azazel. Azazel was the one responsible for promoting the idea of “daughters of men marrying the fallen angels”. He/She approached women and offered “endless life” for this. And many fell into this offer. He also taught black magic to people in exchange for many favors. And “black magic” knowledge has grown and has become a major source of suffering for people on this planet.



Because behind black magic, there was always one idea: Controlling other people. The ones that started doing black magic couldn’t stop doing it. Not because they really enjoyed how they affected others’ thoughts and were able to control them, but because they knew deep inside that they were violating others’ free will. They were feeling a dark hole - an emptiness growing inside them because of this. Unfortunately they couldn’t understand that to be able to heal, they had to stop doing black magic and fully respect free will.

And after all these acts and all these avatars that came into the scene on Earth, we have reached the apex. This apex is the one that is now commonly accepted as “We need divine intervention”. Because what we created, our civilization is failing. We need a new direction. Consciously and subconsciously, humanity agrees upon this. Therefore, it will manifest.

Many people who have long had access to more information about our true history know this is coming. These people are the controlling Cabal and they are trying everything to use their knowledge to their own advantage. Pleiadians have reported that since underground bases of many of these beings have been mostly cleared now, and underground implant stations are also being cleared, the Cabal is now transmitting subliminal messages through electronics to people to control their behaviors. One type of transmission is about “looking for a hero figure in the current leadership structure”. Pleiadians state that all of us are receiving these transmissions and this is why we expect certain 'Messiahs' to change the rules of the civilization and save us.

Another common transmission reported to me lately is that as Full Disclosure has been the plan to awaken the people, subliminal message systems are used to condition people to not believe information that is released even if they see the proof with their own eyes. This is affecting everybody, even the highest frequency light workers.

Pleiadians have shared that a certain kind of 'dust technology' has been prepared to bring immunity for us so that our perceptions will not be interfered with these dark technologies. I saw this allegorically as greenish smoke or mist in my visions. They have reported that we will be experiencing physical changes, diet changes, behavioral changes as a result of this. Emery Smith has shared information about these concepts here:


Egyptians used to wait for the belt (Three wise men) of Orion (Osiris) to appear in their horizon, which was followed by Sirius’s appearance - Isis’ return - for the start of their annual inundation of the Nile.


We as humanity, too, are now on the verge of our inundations which will manifest itself as the second coming. Only the ones that are on their ascension path will see this, others will be separating from this reality. This will happen smoothly and gently as Rumi suggests:

Everything I see indicates that this will happen with the return of Jesus-Magdalene. She is also the same archetype that is known as Goddess Eos, the Goddess of the Dawn. She is also called Aurora. This is why Eos and Aurora are two words that we keep running into.

But of all these, most beautiful is the work by Lauren Mills in her painting “Greeting of Eos”. It represents Magdalene with roses, nakedness, creative waters, and innocence at the dawn.

"The Greeting of Eos" by Lauren A. Mills-www.LaurenMillsArt.com

Note how she is carrying the veil - but is ready to drop it at any moment - and is also saluting the Order of the Rose via separated fingers in her right hand. This gesture was created by Madame Pompadour in the 18th Century.


At the same time, she is greeting the 'Descending Jesus' in the form of the Dove... which is also a representation of Venus.

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