27 November, 2018

A Moment in Time

In the old days, people used to look more inside to understand who they were and what their role in the universe was. They used to feel that they have forgotten everything, and this was why they used to concentrate inward to remember the knowledge. They used to silently observe and feel the effects of what they saw inside. For that reason, their inner eye used to be much stronger compared to those of us alive today. Over time, people started looking outside for knowledge more and more. They looked for the truth in the books that were written by others. They slowly forgot how to access the information inside, given that the control structures were also getting better hiding the true knowledge. But still, in history there were always people in the world who would figure out this inner connection and access the knowledge inside. There were people who would be able to activate their inner eye and kundalini, and start getting informaton intuitively and from reading the energy around them.

This is what happened to me. On a December night in 2014, I went to bed like any other night. That night, instead of dreaming a regular human dream, I did something else. I found myself in my bedroom standing and looking at an angel floating in the corner in my bedroom. He was big, very white. The colors around me were so vivid that I remember thinking, “Gosh, how alive everything is!” Then I saw this angel talking to me, making hand gestures. Intuitively I knew he (I felt a masculine energy) was telling me something very important and I was not able to understand him. I was getting angry with myself for not being able to hear. I was trying to get closer to him, but soon he was gone and I felt disappointed with myself and went deep into sleep to wake up in the morning as a vegetarian.

Yes, like there was a switch in my body, I had become a vegetarian overnight. Following days and weeks, I started wanting to be alone and sit there all by myself not doing anything. Eventually, I figured that I needed to meditate and started meditating every day. Shortly after starting meditations, I was going to feel the energy move in my body, my kundalini rise. After this, the meaning of life has comletely changed for me as I was getting downloads of information in the middle of the night. I was having visions, and was starting to remember things from past lives. This was so exciting that every day in my life had become an adventure. But at the same time, other circumstances would bring me sadness and would change my personal life completely since I was then a diffent person.

The past few years, I have remembered a lot of information. I have gone through many activations and have reached new understandings. I have shared some of what I have received here, too. What I have found mostly in my past was a woman who had incarnated as a priestess to Isis, Hathor, Inanna, and Mariam of Migdal. She was a member of an order called “Order of the Rose”. She lived in the land of Canaan, in Egypt, Greece, and even in Constantinopole, under Hagia Sophia in temples. Her soul mission has always been to anchor the wisdom of the divine feminine on this planet. Her goal was to stay on the surface of this planet until the end of times and when the time of awakening came, to come out and help humanity remember the humility. She was going to come out and help heal the hearts from the injustice that happenned on this planet. She was going to use art for this, was thinking about many other ways to achieve this. Because this way, the hearts that closed from pain would open again, just like Sufis describe it, like a rose blooming. And this was going to bring out the compassion. And compassion would heal the whole planet.

What I remembered about my past was not always about prietesshood. I remembered many unpleasent moments and had to go through layers and layers of pain, sorrow, guilt, and sadness. And what I am about to share now perhaps is going to shake you, may be even bring some frequency of a feeling like something similar has happenned to you, too. For me to be able to write this took a lot of thinking, but some guidance from the higher planes and being reminded about how truth is important, I have decided to share this.

Last summer, one night I started seeing a girl in my visions. She was around 8-9 years old. The first vision came with a song being played with piano, like a lullaby. Just like in the horror movies. ..I started getting moments, pictures from this girl’s life. Each time before I started seeing something about this girl, I would start feelling like my brain was about to melt, I would feel headaches, and have anxiety symptoms. As I saw these images in my third eye, I started living what she lived like it was me living these things.

This girl was living in California in the US. She was part of a musical family. Her mother used to play piano for her and she would love to dance. She loved these moments. However, she was also being taken underground to a lab where several tests were done on her. She was given chemicals, she was seeing horible things done to kids there. There were studies going on to program people there. She was also tested for trauma-based mind programming, and it was eventually concluded that she couldn’t be programmed. Soon these tests stopped and she continued with her life on the surface.

She became a ballerina. She loved dancing and she was starting a studio. She had everything planned in her life, she was waiting for some paperwork to complete to have this German Style home. She was going to use the front part of the building as her studio, and was going to live in the back part which was recently renovated. There was a willow tree behind this home closeby. She loved going to that tree and stand under it, meditate, touch the leaves and imagine the future.

One day, when she was at home, three men drove into her yard in a white car. She thought they were coming about a work related to the house. The door was open. When one of them was walking towards her and talking, another one came from behind and with the help of a chemical, made her unconscious. It was in the middle of the day and these men had no fear of being caught. They knew what they were doing. They abducted her in the middle of the day.

She was then taken to the underground lab again, she went through abuse there. She had to watch unpleasant things done to kids. Eventually, she was given something and was told to forget about that experience. And she did, she forgot. But after some time, she was going to be abducted again. And on her second abduction, she would remember everything that happened the first time.

I do not remember what happenned to her after the second abduction. What I remembered later was, she started living in an underground place with good people. I have no memory of how she got there. This place was under New York City. This place was being built at the time. There were not many people. She understood that she was saved from the lab under California. She knew that if she went back to her surface life again, she would be taken again. So, she decided to stay there.

I have to remind you here that, even though I am telling you the memories of this woman like she was a different person, everything I remembered about her came to me as if they were my own memories. What I know at this time is, I have a very deep soul connection with this woman. Somehow, perhaps as part of the test performed on consciousness in the underground lab or later under New York City, my consciousness and her consciousness went through some type of merge. What I know is that we were two distict beings almost sharing the same consciousness. As I remembered more about her memories, I realized that, I have always had dreams about her growing up since childhood. Everything about her life memories and my own were intertwined like we were accessing the same memory bank or during trauma, we were able to transmit each other what we saw or felt.

So, over the past few months, I have remembered many moments about her life. But I still can’t figure out how our individuality line can be drawn. This is where it gets confusing. This is of course because I don’t have all the story yet.

I don’t have linear time description after this point. What I remember is that it was decided that I was going to come back to surface. For this, we had to go to Far East, to an underground area where there was a “certain tunnel”. This place was protected by some ancient people who had been living there peacefully for a long time. The place was built like a maze. There were no roads. There were one story houses, gardens next to each other. All these houses were built to protect the portal which existed at perhaps innermost part of the maze. We went there using some type of underground train sytem. I remember it was very fast. People there knew we were coming, so we were greeted by some beings that looked like regular people. We had to go through some sort of training that took 2-3 days. I remember that they were concerned about us not having long enough time for the training. So, we started learning at the outmost house in that maze place. After each training, we were handed to other beings for other trainings, and they were then handing us to other beings. This continued this way 3-4 times and we finally came to the innermost area. This is where the “tunnel of forgetfullness” was.

There was a small garden and from the side of the garden I entered into a tunnel. There were other people before me walking in this tunnel. This tunnel, a portal, was decreasing the frequency, and making you forget everything you know. I remember walking this tunnel, I remember with each step my body becoming heavier and heavier, I remember this woman with whom I share this conciousness with and others crying in the garden next to the tunnel, I remember thinking “I am forgetting now, but I will remember everything again.”. There was a moment that I almost turned back when my body became too heavy, then I told to myself, “I am their last chance, I have to do this”. My memory of this tunnel ends there.

Of course until the end of 2014, I was asleep. I didn’t remember any of this. Everything, every weird coincidence I lived or strange feelings I had about things, I was programmed to believe they were random things. May be I thought they were things I remembered from a book read or from a forgotten dream. Then I remembered something I experienced at an airport.

This happened sometime after 2011 but before December of 2014. I was going to pick up someone from the airport. As soon as I entered the airport, I noticed a young woman (looking early 30s). She was wearing some old fashioned jeans, like the ones from late 80s or 90s. I noticed she saw me, too. I had to go to the bathroom and started walking that way. I noticed she stood up and started walking towards me. She said “excuse me” and started talking an ancient language to me. I am pretty sure that this was not a known surface language. I have traveled a lot so I know pretty much how most languages sound. She was using a language that was soft, with words containing letters sounding mostly like “m” , “n”, and “l”. I froze when she was speaking. I was mesmerized by her big blue eyes. Because her eyes were saying something else. They were smiling at me and telling me something important. I just stood there and waited for her to finish. When she did, I stammerred and told her that she confused me with someone else. All she said was “never mind”. I then turned towards the bathrooms and walked a few steps. Then I realized what I lived was not normal and stopped, turned back and wanted to see her again. But she was gone. It was like she had vanished into thin air.

Recently, I realized that this woman I saw that day at the airport was very similar looking to the woman who I have been remembering. That woman looked like the ballerina from California. This realization shook me and helped me realize that every moment in our lives, every detail has a meaning for us to discover at this time. It is no coincidence that we are alive now and you are reading these lines. The fact that I went through these activations and started realizing the connection between these memories is something that needed to be shared. All of us have a part in this story and your story is waiting to be discovered from realizing your “moments in time”.

So, I have decided to share my story. I have the memories of this person who has been in labs under California and tested for MILAB and MK-Ultra Projects. My moments in time showed me that this is not something I should hide but this is something I should share, so that healing comes to all who went through similar experiences. I know that this woman I am connected to has been in the same base with some of the public figures who have come forth to work on disclosure projects. And today, to help them, to speed up the process of healing and for full disclosure, I decided to share what I remember even though I do not have the whole story. I hope what I start here will inspire others, and help them, encorage them to come forward and be part of this process.

With that I am ending my article with a message I received from higher beings:

To relieve ourselves from the energetic bondage in units within tetraspace, we need to do this:

We need to choose to be simple…Truth is simple. Transparency is simple. Forgiveness is simple.


  1. Thank you so very much for sharing your story.
    Victory of the LIGHT

  2. interesting, thanks for sharing. still curious about your soul connection with this woman. soul mate or twin soul or ? Please share more when it comes to you... and what ever simple truths you use to become more aware