30 October, 2018

Singing the Song of Gaia-Ascension

There is a song Gaia is singing to her children. It is reminding us our roots. The song keeps repeating. It is for us to finally hear the call and surrender to what she is saying. Listen. Remember your story. It is telling your story, too. Listen, it is calling us.

Hunab Ku is a symbol used by Mayans. It represents unification of polarities as well as Galactic Center Sun. In the higher planes, in our sleep, through the vast spaciousness of the space, our soul families everywhere are calling us to remember where it all began. They are asking us to go above the duality and embrace the darkness inside us and unite inside. They want us to detach from all hate, fear, regret, shame. They want us to remember the unity within the fire in our soul. The movement caused by the polarities has been the basis which created this experience. And it is now time to remember this. Once we achieve this unity inside,the result will manifest itself outside, by enabling us connect our soul families and complete our ascension mandalas and finally leave this slavery.

Within the first 8 dimensions in this universe, we live a humanoid experience. While these experiences were supposed to be lived with some accepted guidelines, the experiment in the physical matter world broke the rules and placed us in a deep forgetful state. As the cycle is ending, the divine decree has been given, and we are coming out of the physical world with Gaia. Currently, the plasma around Earth has been decharging. The darkness has been using the idea of network of networks to spread its arms to control everyone and everything on this planet. As the plasma is getting charged less and less, these networks are also collapsing. Gaia has deactivated the core crystal, this is helping this process. As we ascend, we will join Gaia in a new realm which will not be in physical matter.

There will be differet ascension paths for different groups. The first group of people will ascend to dimensions higher than 5th. These are the beings who were already ascended at the time of Atlantis and willingly stayed on Earth to guide humanity at this time. These beings are the ones who were the priests/priestesses of the goddess who were initiated into Gaia Consioussness. The blood lineage of these women/men, and few others who were already ascended will achieve ascension into higher dimensions by connecting and creating their ascension mandala. As they find each other, the resonance of their union will pull all others who are going with them.

The second group of people will ascend into 5th dimension. They will leave the physical matter, and time. They will unite with their twin flames and will get a chance to live in harmony. They will declare themselves as sovereign beings and leave this slave reality system. These beings will be greeted by Pleiadians and will be integrated into a society where each member lives his/her truth.

The third group of people will have to leave their physical bodies and will be experiencing duality in a frequency layer between 3rd and 5th dimensions. Since they will no longer be in the physical realm, their negative thoughts will quickly manifest in these realms just like it is desribed as hell in religious books. These beings will have to learn that hate, war, selfishness, and arrogancy don’t serve them. Eventually, they, too, will find their way into the peaceful ways of 5th dimension.

Technically, ascension can be explained with möbius strip model. There will come a turning point that will bring us to the nexus point, a type of rip in space/time. During this time period, in which time will no longer be felt linearly, we will experience multiple beings from different dimensions existing at the same place. This is called specktrum of nekton. This period can be defined as time of ascension as well as a time of descension as higher dimensional beings will also be able to exist in this reality. For ascended beings to share these moments with us, a portal has been activated in our local logos.


Unification of polarities internally and externally is what needs to be achieved for each of us. Accepting the unity first at soul level with twin flame, then at soul family levels will guide us into the higher realms of being. So, to achieve the unity, hear the song of Gaia. Listen the song, learn it. Be ready to sing it with the goddess.

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