20 October, 2018

An Eight Dimensional Reality Model for This Universe to Break the Code

What you will read here is based on my communications with Pleiadians and information coming to me through my higher self. Please use your own discernment.

Our reality is constructed based on an 8 dimensional universe model. Below article explains this concept for all universes, but considering this universe only, 8 dimensional model suffices.


Our reality is one potential possibility in this model that scientists even are starting to realize. The invention of TV, computer games, holograms, concepts of avatars are taking us closer and closer to understanding this.


This is why Goddess Ishtar used 8 pointed star as her symbol. Back in the old days, ancient people left us clues in forms of symbols. Because they knew that the primary anomaly being experienced in this reality would eventually distort these direct teachings.

Interestingly, God Anu also used the eight pointed star symbol.

God Shamash also used an eight pointed star. As you can notice, four of the points were drawn wavy. The reason for this was the fact that we only understand four dimensions with human perception. 5th and above are not easy to understand. So, they were drawn that way.

In this 8 dimensional model, the reality “in normal conditions” controlled with a three CPU model. This concept is disclosed to us in history with the symbol of the Fleur-de-lis. Fleur-de-lis was widely used by Sumerians, Egyptians, Indians, and Romans. This is why most coats of arms had Fleur-de-lis.

In this three CPU model, the first processor is the core processor of Earth. It is a type of crystal technology in the etheric plane that is also connected to the leylines. This processor is controlling the collective conciousness of Earth and we are capable of communicating with it through our third eye. In the old days, the goddess was able to communicate with people through this like a queen bee. This was the most powerful tool to keep people connected after duality started. This CPU connection was our connection to Earth. However, even after we lost our direct third eye connection to the core, we still were somewhat connected. Randy Cramer’s experience about sleep in Mars is a direct effect of this:


The second processor is the heart processor. This processor is our intiutive knowing, feeling love and compassion. This processor is supposed to work in parallel with the third processor, the processor in the mind. These two processors were intended to work in alignment so that human relations would function effectively & harmoniously. However, with the veil placed upon us, there were implants added to the human body to insert other inputs into these processors - making it nearly impossible for us to live in love and harmony.

The implant placed in the solar plexus intensifies most negative emotions, disrupting the two other processors to create negative thought patterns, behaviors, and relationships. These implants are powered with an ancient obelisk technology. This technology consists of 5 obelisks placed in a pattern and it is used to harvest the energy of Earth at a certain goddess vortex location. This energy is then transmitted all around world with a technology similar to Tesla wireless energy transmission towers.


The second set of implants are placed in the head. They intend to control the human thinking processes. There is a real-time closed-loop system developed that uses plasma to control human thoughts. Each individual’s thoughts interact with plasma, and this plasma interacts almost instantaneously with other humans. The result is to create dysfunctional human relationships and social structures designed to fuel a nearly endless supply of negative feelings to continuously replenish this negative plasma. This plasma is then recycled into human processors via implants to generate more thought processes with a super A.I., perpetuating this closed-loop system. Sometimes we feel this intuitively when suddenly everything around us starts breaking (Murphy’s Law) while we simultaneously experience intense pressure on the head and chest. Also, unexplainable sharp nerve pains can be explained with the fact that you are targeted with a massive amount of negative plasma at a given moment.

Even though it is not pleasant to read such information, I have been guided to explain these concepts to initiate a cleansing process. Once we understand how this sentient control structure is interacting with us, we can jump-start the purification process and deprogram ourselves. The goal is to more closely align our heart and mind to bring greater harmony within our energy bodies and ultimately to all human relationships. It was the separation of heart and mind that created duality on this planet.

Meanwhile the beings that controlled these structures over millenia are looking for ways to get out of this reality and jump into another planet. But Pleiadians know about this and they say “They are amused by this.” (Note that Pleiadians don’t normally have a good sense of humor… at least not as good as Sirians. ;-D )


However, this amusement has inspired a very important idea which I have been asked by the Pleiadians to share here. After the veil is gone, people may wish to leave this reality as quickly as possible and jump into other and bettter realities. After this occurs, their connections to the current reality may be forgotten by all who remain. This could manifest somewhat similarily to what is currently known as the “Mandela Effect”, because the memories of large numbers of people would have to be systematically altered for this process to be effective. The reason this idea is being introduced is because this would be a harmonious way for people to choose to exit the existing closed-loop reality without causing mass panic to those who remain. Over the next few years, we may be noticing more and more people talking about experiences like this should the Light Forces take this route to bring long-suffering lightworkers into realms of healing without severely disrupting the surface civilization of humanity. Interestingly, this process of “Ctrl+F, then Ctrl+D” is quite similar to what is described as “The Rapture” as well as other religious or New Age concepts without any associated fear or hysteria arising.


So what remains individually for us is to make our decision to finally face with our truth. We need to start living in our truth. This means we identify what drives our blocks that cause us to lie, make us feel victim, feel lust, makes us want to turn and run away, feel greedy, feel angry, or want to be the queen so badly. Why must we continue to live with this endless knot in our solar plexus that gives us pain? Instead of trying to push our body and mind to suppress the true reasons behind these, we are expected to face, acknowledge & ultimately heal them. Now it is the time to look carefully into that knot and ask: Why it is there? What is it hiding? We can’t continue to wait passively for Pleiadians to come and remove these implants for us. We have to grow out of these patterns of codes in our programmings. We must become a funnel that takes in the old reality and spits out the new reality seamlessly so that we finally reach harmony and find our connection to our hearts.

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