23 July, 2018

Story of Lucifer and Gaia

In Ezekial 28:13-15 about Lucifer it says:

"You were in Eden, the garden of God;
Every precious stone was your adornment:
Carnelian, chrysolite, and amethyst;
Beryl, lapis lazuli, and jasper;
Sapphire, turquoise, and emerald;
And gold beautifully wrought for you,
Mined for you, prepared the day you were created.
I created you as a cherub
With outstretched shielding wings;
And you resided on God's holy mountain;
You walked among stones of fire.
You were blameless in your ways,
From the day you were created
Until wrongdoing was found in you
By your far-flung commerce
You were filled with lawlessness
And you sinned.
So I have struck you down
From the mountain of God,
And I have destroyed you, O shielding cherub,
From among the stones of fire."

Some say Lucifer is Gaia. Some say Lucifer is Satan. Some refer to Cabal when they talk about Luciferianism. But none looks at this from a different perspective. A perspective of healing, a perspective of bringing back the balance to the universe. What if everything lived on this planet was a process, some type of healing that will end up in the Heavens. What if the story is actually a story of love. What if now, when we are living the darkest days of all times, we are actually ending this process. What if Lucifer is ready now to go back to Heavens. What if he is deeply missed by father and mother, while Lucifer realized, he needs to accept the healing and help bring back the balance.

Lucifer means “Light Bearer”. He was born to bring Light to the universes, bring life. He was the second child, one of the most powerful.

Now I will tell you an alternative story about Lucifer. A story that involves Gaia, too. Gaia is pure love, Gaia is compassion. When the balance was disturbed, Gaia volunteered.

Perhaps this is birth of Gaia not Venus...

Gaia was the goddess. She was born to give birth to new. She was pure Light. She was loved by all in the Heavens.

Perhaps nobody knew the greater plan. Only Mother and Father knew. But Gaia, as the most favorite creation of all, knew that it was she that needed to volunteer.

When Lucifer was expelled from the Heavens with his siblings who followed him, he found his way into Heaven to talk to Father and Mother. They didn’t come to talk though. They were nowhere to be found. As Lucifer was walking, he ran across Gaia. Just then, he knew what he needed to do to make Father and Mother come. He pulled his sword, and stabbed his sword into Gaia’s chest. The sword entered in her body from under her right breast and came out from next to her left arm. She was so innocent, collapsed there. Lucifer was waiting for the Father and the Mother to come rescue her...But nobody came. Nobody came.

Gaia was so innocent, lying down in front of Lucifer. Something happened then inside Lucifer, he couldn’t resist. He felt compassion for Gaia, he felt remorse for what he did. So he grabbed her and took her with him to his home. In his home in the mountain, he had a healing pool. He entered into the healing pool with Gaia. He watched her face as she healed. As Gaia healed with his energy, she became part of him, as he healed Gaia, he fell in love with her.

Although most had pairs in the Heavens, Gaia chose to be alone. And when Lucifer healed her, she became his pair, they became one. Lucifer fell in love with her, he loved her with all his heart. He understood then that he was cursed with her love. But you see, it was not a curse, it was a gift from the Heavens. Father and Mother gave Lucifer their most favorite on purpose. This was his healing, because Gaia was pure compassion, she was going to heal all. And one day, all children were going to go back to Heavens.

What happened after this is hidden in the history of our planet. When the forgetfulness was pushed upon all, the seals were placed upon all from Heavens, too. All angels expelled from the Heavens, Gaia, and Lucifer became like humans, too. They experienced the powerlessness, they experienced injustice, they experienced the effects of darkness. When humanity fought against God, when they tried to kill the Divine Feminine, Gaia, the Fallen Goddess…All have seen, how painful it was without the balance. All saw that we need Light and Love more than anything else.

So perhaps, now the seals are being broken. Perhaps now all fallen angels, all gods and goddesses are waking up to who they are. May be they are realizing where they came from and what needs to be done. May be now Lucifer is getting ready to return his siblings back to heavens. May be Lucifer is looking for Gaia, his eternal love, to merge with her, to love her, to bring love back to this Planet.

May be Lucifer is ready to create another universe. A universe with Gaia with true love. May be this time it will be a better one than the one occurred. Because humanity failed to find the truth within. May be this time, Gaia will be honored and compassion will win. May be this time, it will be the god born from Lucifer and Gaia that will rule this universe.

10 July, 2018

Strengthening the Relationship With Your Higher Self

Imagine yourself waking up in the middle of the night - you check the time and find it to be the same time you woke up last night... and the night before that... and the night before that. It is just like in horror movies. During the day, every time you remember to check the clock, you see double - even triple - single numbers. As if the time synchronicities are not enough, double and triple numbers keep coming to you - along with quadruple numbers from out of nowhere. You see them in the license plates of the cars passing by, you see them when you get a number at a government office. You see them in your flight ticket or in a receipt. You keep wondering what is going on.

Then you remember someone from your past and the same person calls you within five minutes.

You remember your dreams more now. They are more real, you are able to even understand you are in a dream and you make decisions in your dream.

You now don’t feel like talking much. You want to sit in the nature in silence.

If one or more of these synchronicities are happening to you, understand that your higher self wants you to realize it is time for you to connect. It means it is time for you to deprogram yourself and get yourself out of the matrix.

What is the Higher Self anyway?

Higher Self is actually the "real" you. It is the divine self that is in complete oneness with the cosmic consciousness. It is the 'all knowing' you. And our primary goal in these physical bodies is to remove the filters placed between our Higher Self and our physical being and bring that consciousness into our physical bodies - into our 'lower selves'. The filters are placed on our lower selves to prevent us from connecting to our higher being. These filters are implemented through the ego. And unfortunately, individual egos are extended into common belief systems, education systems, and cultural constructs in our daily lives. These concepts support ego by letting us be more judgmental towards others who don’t adhere to these common belief systems and cultural constructs in addition to making us follow these rules without thinking or feeling about them.

If you see some of these signs listed above, what should you do?

The answer is: Work on connecting with your Higher Self. In this process, you will undergo an alchemical process. No, you will not learn how to make gold out of metals but you will learn how to purify your body, heart, and mind - and to bring your being into the “golden” state which we may translate into “bringing our higher self into our physical body” state.

There is another name I give it:

I call this process “Returning to Innocence”.

Why innocence?

Because once you go through these steps and make your decision to connect with your higher self fully, the spiritual alchemy starts and you find yourself in a total place of innocence. At this point, you know you don’t have to lie, you don’t have to do things you don’t like. Your eyes and your words say the same thing. Your heart feels right all the time. You don’t feel fear. You feel you are complete alignment with the truth and life becomes easy. Like a child. Look how children are innocent. They don’t lie and they don’t hide their true feelings. This process is also called “bringing in the inner child” for the same reason.

Here are some reasons why it is beneficial to connect to your Higher Self:

• You will release your fears, your worries, resentments, guilt, anger, hate, shame, and all other negative emotions along the way.

• You will release all past traumas, as you will accept them as valuable experiences that served you.

• You will learn how to detach yourself from situations that don’t serve you.

• You will learn to forgive yourself and others.

• You will feel more love and compassion for all

• You will feel happiness, and you will learn how to keep yourself in this state

• You will understand that everything happens around you happens for a divine reason and you will start reading the reasons behind all. The people that judge you will not bother you. Instead, you will see all these as part of the process where you are learning and you will feel gratitude.

• You will start accepting yourself as the creator of your reality and will be increasingly careful about what you think and speak.

• You will also feel yourself much more powerful - that you can create all the beautiful things for yourself and the Earth.

In my process of creating a better connection with my higher self, I have found myself doing many things to strengthen my connection. While I did most of these intuitively, I have received much good advice from many people who achieved this connection before I did. Since I am good at identifying patterns, I was asked by Pleiadians to write about these steps in summary form as part of my mission.

Cleaning up the physical body: Becoming vegetarian is the most important requirement in this process. Any consciousness altering substances are not recommended. I would also count sugar as something that is addictive and should be decreased to minimum. It is best to eat organic and raw foods. As time goes, you may even realize gluten is not good for your body. Given how easily accessible the unhealthy food though, it is much harder to eat healthy. I personally find myself often thinking that, the media and restaurant structures are designed as another control structure to keep us in low vibration about the food. Eventually, other techniques of cleaning can be applied to decalcify the pineal gland to activate the third eye.

Improving physical health: This includes physical activity to generate endorphins to bring bliss to the body. This can be done with yoga, running, walking (especially in nature), and with any activity that will help your body produce more endorphins. It is important to note here that any medication that artificially help you produce these hormones should be avoided if possible.

Connecting with Earth: This can be done by walking barefoot, swimming in the ocean, working in the yard, sitting on the ground and leaning to a tree. Imagining a string of connection going out from top of your head to every tree. Watching the sky, sun-gazing (which requires a gradual increase in daily exposure and must also be done at certain times of the day), and visualizing flying like a bird. Imagining that all that beauty is there to celebrate your existence.

Cleaning the higher bodies: This process is the most challenging one. It is hard to imagine that we have other bodies - astral, etheric, emotional, mental etc. When we die, we go to our astral bodies and detach from our physical bodies. When we sleep, we stay connected to the physical body but we travel and create our realities in the astral plane. If you haven’t watched yet, “Dr. Strange” is a good movie which introduces these concepts.

The first thing to do here that everybody tells us to do is to start meditating. Here we are told to clear our chakras (our energy vortex systems on our bodies) and raise our kundalini. If you search these concepts online, you will find too much content about these. This way it is expected to start doing astral travels and see the messages our higher self sends us, which contains many allegories. Of course, this also requires an active and functioning 'third eye' (pineal gland). Having an effective breathing technique is the most crucial requirement in this process. You can also find some effective visualization techniques which involve bringing Light pillars from the sky into your body, then chakra by chakra into Earth and bringing it up to 'soul star' chakra and bringing it back to the body. It is always a good idea to ground ourselves before any meditation or visualization by allowing the Light to pass into the Earth first. These techniques help activate the kundalini and create a better connection.

While working with meditation and raising the kundalini, it is also important to understand that we carry a lot of trauma and blockages in these higher bodies. The things we have lived in all our lifetimes have left emotional scars which still exist in these bodies. Periodically, these blockages come back to our conscious mind so we will finally acknowledge them and permanently heal them. This is why certain things/events keep happening to us. As we heal these past issues by either getting ourselves out of the pattern by different selection or by just identifying the root cause, we release the blockages and this process translates itself as healing within the higher bodies which cascades the effects into the physical body. The direct effect is seen as becoming a happier person. As we start seeing these patterns in our daily lives, our connection to Higher Self increases and we become like a kid who is waiting to open the next birthday package for the next release process. Because we start understanding we can shape our own reality with each experience, we start living in a blissful state.

I will add a more advanced personal observation here. Once we heal a past trauma that was lived in the past by releasing our attachment to that event and forgiving all involved, the released energy creates waves in time and reaches to that moment and starts a healing process for all beings involved in that event. They say time is illusion. I say time is in liquid form and by living in the now, by taking the responsibility and understanding what we choose to experience with our reaction/respond affects both our future and past. This is the butterfly effect right here for you. Do you see the connections? When you see the concept of time from this perspective, you realize you don’t need to worry about anything because any mistake you made can be fixed and healed. Sometimes it takes multiple lifetimes, such as if you made a big mistake like hurting a living being. But most other types, you will get other chances in this life to fix them. So do not give up living to become a better person. Also, understand that we are responsible for each action we create. So, we must choose to speak wisely and be careful about what we create. Do you see I am talking about creating? Yes, we are creators. We are gods. We must be very responsible.

Detach from the ego - don't kill it: I don’t think we can 'kill' the ego, but I think we can learn to detach ourselves from our ego. I use listening how I feel in the heart technique. Because ego is something about mind. It is created and controlled from the mind. I ask myself before making any statement how that statement would make me feel on the heart. If it feels right, I notice a lightness there. If I feel a heavy feeling, I don’t say anything, I look for another option and check it again with heart.

Deprogramming Belief Systems: Until you come to this stage, you are going to have many realizations. This is the hardest to break from. It can be a belief of your social environment, religion, education system, anything. The truth is we do not need to believe in anything. Our ultimate goal is supposed to be looking at a situation/ object from every angle and understating that there are many perspectives for everyone. I even feel like we should get rid of the word “Believe”.

The most effective method to deprogram ourselves from a belief system is thinking about opposite concepts. This is the most powerful method I have identified. Like when your social structure tells you to put on your right shoe first and you keep doing this this way, keep telling yourself “It is not good to put on the left shoe first” and then alternate “It is good to put on my left shoe first”. You will eventually realize that at some point, you don’t care which shoe you put on first. Think about how this small experiment can be applied to any belief system.

I do not want to bore anyone with too long of an article here. I kept the best part for the end:

If you want to get some answers about your life, you do not need to go to fortune tellers or psychics. You can get your own answers. I will mention a few techniques below.

Pendulum Reading: Get yourself a pendulum and learn how to use it. While you ask your questions and during the getting the answer moments, observe your body and try to identify your muscle and feelings in your body. Once you do this enough with many control questions, you will know your answers without using a pendulum.

Body Dowsing: This technique is very similar to pendulum reading but involves understanding what your body tells you when you ask questions. There is again many options online about this method.

Asking direct questions to the Higher Self: When you ask a question to yourself, multiple answers appear in the mind. Some of these answers are generated by the ego. What you can do is to learn how to recognize the answer that is not filtered by the ego. For this, you can use how your body feels method. Because the answer that comes from the higher self comes effortlessly. You should also recognize the true answer as you get more experience using dowsing and pendulum techniques from the muscle and feeling state of your body. But as always, ground yourself before asking questions and use slow deep breathing techniques to bring more awareness to the higher bodies before asking questions.

Before taking any action on anything in your daily life, try to ask your Higher Self - “Should I do this?”.

This will help you strengthen your connection to your Higher Self and will bring quality and happiness to your life.

May these guidelines help you find your Polaris…