31 May, 2018

Return to Innocence

I have recently connected to some amazing women and have been reading their works. These books/writings are triggering memories and activations for me. Before even I start reading certain information, my higher self is taking me to places and showing me things. This is an amazing experience. I honor Robyn Adams, Nilufer Aliyanah, and Cris Henderson for their role in bringing my pieces back together.

I go deep within. I am waking up to history. I find myself right at the scene of Crucifixion. I am in a body of a woman looking at Jesus in the eye. I am using all my strength to pull his pain out of his body; I am trying so hard to detach myself from the bodily emotions. I know this is the moment I have been training for. I know I have to be strong and this is my responsibility.

There is a knowing in me, I knew this was going to happen and that moment was going to be a key moment in human history. As I am getting weaker, I look at him in the eye. He is looking at me with so much love and compassion that all my worries melt away. There is a knowing in that look. We both know everything is going to be ok. We acknowledge our roles in this experience and we wait for this scenario to play out and end.

I find myself looking around. The air is yellow, hard to breathe. There are many men who chant and make noise with the metal and spears they are carrying. I feel the energy radiating from their anger. I desperately want to heal this, but I know my role right now is not this. I can’t help but feel sad that how things got out of the path of compassion. I ask myself how much more this would continue. I hear my inner voice saying 2000 more years.

I feel I am accessing a bigger consciousness. This is a state of being shared by few more people there at the scene of Crucifixion. We are connected. This gives me a sense of relief.

As I watch these the tears come down. It is the remembrance I understand. There will be more of these coming. I acknowledge and accept these memories. I do not know from whose perspective I watched this history. I feel grateful for this experience.

2000 years have passed now. I understand why I saw these. Because 2000 fearful, painful years have passed and we have reached the time of awakening. So, I am here to tell you the message. The Protectors of the Grand Sphinx, the Golden Shrine of Ishtar, Magdalene Women, Sisters of the Eternal Fires, Eternal Virgins, it is time to wake up and reclaim your memories. You are the women that have the name “Star”. It is time to bring back Divine Mother!

You will know you are one of them when you connect to Magdalane. You will know when you connect to the scene of Crucifixion. Because Crucifixion was a reunion. You have all done things in this lifetime not consciously knowing, you have visited places to get the codes. You were drawn to Sufis. You were drawn to Pegasus. You had more compassion in your heart than the others. There were always signs. Remember, remember why you had to visit Marseille. Why you had to go to Dendera. Why you had to go to a museum and be amazed with this and this art only.

When you call Pegasus, Pegasus comes. The others need the golden bridle and you don’t!

I honor the Pink One that came to me at the end of January 2018. I honor Dou Mu for this journey.


  1. I will call my Pegasus and connect. My name is Star. I was there as well, but so far I have seen that I was a priestess and friend of Mother Mary - I led her away from the scene of her son carrying the cross through the streets. I also prepared the crowds for her teachings.
    It is time to harvest the fruit from the seeds we planted, the secrets we sang into the fabric of this reality. My Sufi name means one who sees the truth behind the veils.