22 May, 2018

Healing Dance of Ma'at

Ma'at came to me. She didn't speak. She didn't need to speak...

She danced for me. She danced the dance of the goddess for me. There was no music. Her beauty was music. Her movement...She was moving her arms slowly. I could sense the energy moving with her. She was wearing a white dress revealing her belly. There were golden chain accessories on her. She was barefoot. She was dancing with her hands first. Then she added her arms and feet and started pointing with her toes. I could feel the energy dancing with her.

Ma'at came to me and she danced for me. As I danced for Saladin more than 800 years ago. My name was Nazenin then, I liked aquamarine.

But this time, it was Ma'at dancing, she was dancing for me.

She was using her arms and legs. She was dancing slowly. There was no music but I could almost hear something. I think I heard the music of the energy moving.

Two portals opened on each side of her then, came out golden light. She looked beautiful and golden. She danced and Light pillars moved up, she danced and Light moved up.

Then I saw the pillars merge together above her head. Something happened and she stopped then. Then I saw, something right above her head. I saw the golden crystal appear. The crystal appeared to celebrate her dance.

Then she came to me and she said "This will heal you. Can I place this on your heart?"

How could I say "No"? I said "Yes!". Then she asked again, and I said "Yes!". And she asked one more time, and I said "Yes!".

She put the crystal into my heart. I still feel it there. The crystal healed my feelings. I can no longer feel fear. I can no longer feel anger.

I feel grateful. I feel grateful!

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