19 May, 2018

The Sangraal and the Sisterhood of the Rose

Many thousands years ago in Sirius, 12 women heard a call for help for Earth, for the Blue Jewel was going to be part of a project, the experience of duality. These women heard this call and decided to help Gaia. They accepted to be in physical bodies while they were originally from a higher dimension. And this group is called “Sisterhood of the Rose”.

So with their counterpart group, Brotherhood of the Rose, the members of the Sisterhood of the Rose signed a contract in Sirius. This contract is called “the Rose Covenant”. These beings that signed this contract had the wisdom in their hearts. They knew what needed to be done to bring Gaia out of darkness back to the balance. However, the plan was to forget what they knew and this is exactly what happened to them as part of this contract. The contract was signed was a blood contract, they would be carrying this seal on their energy body in all their lifetimes and would not remember this knowledge until the time was right. But at some point, they would remember how to unlock this knowledge (The Rose Revolution-Christine Henderson Ph.D).

These two groups first went to Pleiades and prepared for their Earth mission there. Many joined them in their mission. When they were ready, they arrived in Atlantis in an oval shaped blue ship.

The Sisterhood of the Rose formed the Temple of Love in Atlantis. In the core of the Sisterhood of the Rose, there were 12 women. These women were called the Inner Sanctum, the Sisters of the Three-fold Flame, or Sisterhood of the Eternal Fires. These women were creators. They were healers and they could heal anything. They were alchemists. They were the Guardians of the Sangraal, the Holy Grail. And only they would be able to understand the knowledge of the Grail.


The primary mission of these women was to be the gateway, the anchor for the Divine Mother, for the divine feminine. They were the eternal virgin beings. After Atlantis fell, they divided and traveled into four directions: East, West, North, and South. (The Rose Revolution-Christine Henderson Ph.D) In the beginning, they created civilizations there. They built temples and taught humanity survival skills and art. Eventually, when they incarnated again, they forgot who they were.

What these women tried to do until they completely forgot their soul missions was to keep the divine feminine alive. They taught the importance of balancing feminine and masculine energies. These teachings were in the teachings of the East deep in Himalayas, they were in Sufi teachings, and there were always sacred guardians of these teachings like Cathars and Templars. Crusading Templars learned these teachings from Sufi masters and took the knowledge to Europe. As the church became more controlling, these teachings went underground and were performed in mystery schools. Even when the church brought “The Inquisition” to suppress the increasing awareness of these teachings in late 1230s in Europe as Dr Henderson describes in her book, there was Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi blooming as a Rose in Konya-Anatolia, bringing the knowledge of the Rose to the people. And he was showing the way to people, how to open the heart like the opening of the rose. And 800 years later in the US, he became one of the most read poets thanks to the translations of Coleman Barks. And it is also not surprising that Dr.Barks himself had been guided with a mystical dream that awakened the rose in his heart which in return helped him relay the messages in a way that directly goes to the heart.


As part of the contract the Sisters made, even after they went under the spell of forgetfulness more and more in their subsequent lifetimes, they were still carrying high internal vibration. Some aspects of these women are their adaptability to changing situations, not having fear, not being able to stay in emotions like sadness, grief long. People feel drawn to these women because of their high vibration and they can’t even understand why. Their touches, their voices have a healing effect on anyone they interact with.

And now, the prophesied time has come. The grail is sending the activation codes to these women. Now and finally, this is their time to remember the knowledge they accepted to forget long ago. They are being called to specific places to activate the full knowledge. They are being guided to meet certain people. They are being called to reunite.

With that I am ending this article with a beautiful Rumi poem translated by Coleman Barks:

What was said to the Rose

What was said to the rose that made it open
was said to me here in my chest.
What was told to the cypress that made it strong
and straight , what was
whispered to the jasmine so it is what it is, whatever made
sugarcane sweet, whatever
was said to the inhabitants of the town of Chigil in
Turkestan that makes them
so handsome, whatever lets the pomegranate flower blush
Like a human face, that is
being said to me now. Whatever put eloquence in
language, that’s happening here.
The great warehouse doors open; I fill with gratitude,
Chewing a piece of sugarcane,
In love with the One to whomever that belongs!


10 May, 2018


Thank you Matt and Alicia for bringing the tree syncronicities...Thank you Pleiadian Creation for destroying my programmings...

You are my inner child, the one I lost millennia ago. You are my joy; you are the presence I have always felt. You are the one I left under the silver tree, and you are the white haired being I am looking for under every tree since then. You are the sacredness, you are the longing in me. You are the flame which rises over pink lotus flower. You are the first remembrance that brought me here. You are the one from whose eyes I see the universe. You are my wholeness, you are me and you are my oneness.

Galathilion it is. The silver tree… This is why every time I saw a lonely tree, I felt sadness. This is where I said farewell to you. This is why I kept seeing trees in my silent moments. I see now, the key is the tree. Tree of life! The tree which I see, under the sky with the Seven Sisters.

I am in an experiment here. The experiment of the tree. It came as a feeling one day, after I released the last remnants of my programs of this reality. I suddenly realized, every being around me, was a reflection of me. Every situation, everything was part of my experiment. Every person was a reflection of me, this reality, the matrix, was only me, searching for me in all the possibilities, probabilities, combinations, and permutations of the creation. Until the time when I realized all I was supposed to find was what was making me - my essence - the essence of love.

This happens when you un-define all the concepts of this reality in your heart. Note that there is no verb for the opposite of “define”. You think it is coincidence? The moment you understand the word “un-define” is the moment of realization that you don’t have to define anything, you don’t need to classify something, you don’t need to memorize or accept or believe. You don’t have to call someone friend, or lover. You can just choose to perceive. You can just accept everyone and everything as a “lover”. Because every “thing” is part of you and your creation. And you are supposed to feel only love for your creation. When you un-define all concepts here, all feelings, emotions disappear. They become a memory of the past that you know you don’t have to go through again.

My tree is leafless now. Because every belief, every programming placed on its branches have fallen. My tree has become Galathilion. It is the tree that is in the entrance to the inner world. Inner world of my being, the core of my being where I chose to go through everything in this world. And today I found my answer, everything I lived was to discover the ecstasy of reaching the oneness, becoming the leafless tree of silver.

I am becoming more silent these days. I am remembering. The hardest questions of my existence have become simple. There is no attachment, there is only stillness. I came to feel love for everyone now, I came to forgive everything. There is a knowing. Everything is OK. Everything is OK.

I am finding my place in the space somewhere in the sound that waves make now. I am becoming the wind, the river that flow to you. I am ready now, released everything I carry from this world. All leaves of my tree have fallen. I have become my own voice, I have found my core, I am my inner child.

And you are the one I will find under the silver tree, on a crisp November night, under the Seven Sisters…

03 May, 2018

Invitation to the Valley of Love

Golden Dragon Messages…

The Priestesses of Astara, the women that hold the keys to bring Divine Mother back to this planet are waking up now. Their temple, the Temple of Love submerged into the cold waters of the ocean when Atlantis sank, but they survived. They are starting to remember who they are now. They are breaking the spell of forgetfulness.

Over the past many millennia, these women travelled to many parts of Sophia Gaia. They accepted to incarnate many times under the spell, knowing they would be remembering who they were one day. They knew they would bring back oneness, love, truth, justice, and harmony back to this planet. These women, Sisters of the three-fold flame, they accepted to live in a physical body. They had many talents; they were spiritual alchemists and could heal the hearts of many by just looking. They were healers, they could heal anything. They were creators that they could manifest by turning rocks into dough, dough into buildings. They were protectors of Gaia, nature, animals and the human race. When Atlantis sank, they turned their legs into wooden boats to collect the survivors from water and took them to east to the land.

These women are angels, they are dragons, they are phoenixes. These women are initiated to have the Gaia consciousness, they feel what Gaia feels, they feel the feelings of all beings living on Gaia. And they love all beings on Gaia unconditionally. They hold in their hearts the highest level of compassion. And they are coming back to their full power now.

Even under the spell of forgetfulness, they were always there. They were there as part of Essenes, they were there during crucifixion helping Jesus- supporting him taking his pain away, they were there with Knight Templars, they were there walking in the palaces of France, they were warrior women fighting, they were in temples in Egypt and elsewhere, they were healers. ..They were in Saladin’s harem, they were in Ireland greeting the solstice sun with their sunrise ceremonies… They were singing, doing art, dancing for humanity to help them, to keep the fire running for complete return of the Divine Mother. They were influencing the history gently and sometimes fighting all along…

These women are claiming their identity now. They are working with Ascended Masters, Sophia Gaia, connecting with goddesses in their dreams and visions, they are remembering. They are being guided divinely by the Light Beings, to come back together again to create the temple again.

If you are one of these women, these words will speak to you. And you, too, will follow the footprints. So come to me, to bring back the Divine Mother together. Like a Phoenix arising from her ashes, Divine Mother is coming back with us. Gaia is our temple, she is calling us to her Valley of Love to remember.