09 April, 2018

Memories from Past

I was about 8-9 years old. It was a spring day. I was in the school bus watching the view as we drove to the school. The driver was going really slow on the unpaved road. We were passing by a yard with many cherry trees. All trees had bloomed, there was green grass on the ground. It was a beautiful day. And suddenly, wind blew. It separated many petals from the trees making many fly in the air. All ground was cherry petals now, it was snowing cherry petals, and there were still cherry petals on the branches.

I was looking at that view and I was feeling homesick. I remembered something there from my past. What I remembered was my true home. I remembered the innocence, being in that loving state, the trust and truth showing itself everywhere. That moment, I forgot who I was in this reality. I knew that who I was in fact was somewhere in that view, it was where home was. My whole being wanted to go back home then. That moment changed me in this lifetime forever. I knew my primary purpose in this life was to look for that home. And this is why blossomed trees make me feel homesick. Every spring around this time, I find myself thinking, why couldn’t I find home this year again?

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