11 February, 2018

Opening of the Heart

This Great Love Inside Me

I am so small I can barely be seen.
How can this great love be inside me?

Look at your eyes. They are small,
but they see enormous things.

Everyone has a longing for something. There are moments in our lives that we feel this longing more. We are programmed to think this is external to us. Sometimes the longing is for money, for new belongings, or even a new lover. But in reality, this longing is for something inside us. It is about the doors in our hearts. This longing is all about opening the doors to the heart.

Sometimes we manage to see the Light coming from under these doors. This happens when we fall in love, when we look into the eyes of a person and we see we are loved. This happens when we experience with art and something in our hearts shake, we feel we remember something, some feeling, not realizing that very art is shaking the doors to our hearts. It happens when we drive by the blossomed cherry trees and the wind blows, making the petals fly into the air and make them fall like snow. It happens when we hold our baby for the first time. It happens when we do something for someone, help someone and see our efforts bloom. It happens when we see others feel inspired from something we do and we deeply want to do more…

For millennia, we lived on this planet not knowing what this longing really was. There were beings that were threatened by the possibility that we would one day figure out what this longing was. Because if we understood what it was, it was so easy, very natural to find the keys to our hearts. So, they created obstacles for us. They created money so that we lack and work for it. They created education systems, religions, social structures to prevent people from doing their hearts’ desires. They filled humanity’s consciousness with these so much that, humanity couldn’t see beyond them. And as a result, we believed that everything we long for was external to us and we needed a bigger piece from the external for individual selves.

On the other hand, there were some within this reality who were guided to place many esoteric symbols into art. They didn’t know why they were doing this. They didn’t know why they were inspired to draw these shapes, why they had to write the melody of the music a certain way. They felt a longing in their hearts that they needed to express. The words, shapes, notes, and ideas they created were clues to find that very place they were trying to reach.

These symbols in art are now helping us open our hearts. Because at this time, we need to feel love and compassion for each other. This will bring the truth to the surface and trigger the healing for all. And this healing will help humanity take over the control of their own destiny and will manifest the New Earth, the Heaven on Earth.

Opening of the heart means waking up the divine feminine in our hearts. Once awakened, the feminine will heal the masculine.

To open the heart, we need to simplify our lives. We need to undress. We need to remove our make-up and leave all our attachments to emotional pain, sorrow, hatred, rage on the floor. We can’t be shy anymore, we just need to drop all that does not represent who we aspire to be. Don’t you see how trees do this every fall? It is now our season to drop the negative feelings. Simplify, be naked, look others in the eye and be open. Show them your soul. Show them the goodness in your heart.

To open your heart, look at art, listen to Bach or Mozart, read a poem from Rumi, learn from the indigenous people of Peru, American Indians, go out into nature.

I have been seeing variations of a symbol everywhere for months now. I now understand that these symbols were subtly placed in art from every religion and every culture so that one day we would realize there is more to our being than religious dogma and cultural norms which seek to separate us. I have been asking myself, if all religions, cultures are so different, why they have been using the same symbols in their art over and over again.

The answer is simple. We are NOT different at all. And now that we are able to see these symbols everywhere, we must do something about this. What is it that makes all of us the same? What is it that can melt the differences, the prejudices, the judgments towards each other? What is it that will finally help us forgive each other and move on, flow without carrying any load?

I was seeing these symbols everywhere for months. In dreams I was in Italy looking at the ceilings of the old buildings, I was in Egypt, in old Babylon, I was with the Indians and I was looking at the same symbol, the variations of the symbol over and over again. Then I heard a woman’s voice last week, it was yelling for unity. It was saying the symbol meant love and compassion, it was harmony that this symbol meant. And I am asking this to you now, if we were meant to be separated by all these religions, cultures etc, why all artists in each of these societies used the same symbol?

Now please look at these symbols and meditate on these… Then help me, please hold my hand and carry my message. Because it is truly the time for the opening of the heart. To open the heart, we must first undress. We must feel compassion for each other, we must love unselfishly and we must unite.

Here are the variations of this symbol I have been seeing:

Maltese cross on one of the gates of Fort St. Elmo.


Tomb of Sennefer Valley-Note the prints on the ceiling

Eight pointed star of Goddess Ishtar

Middle Eastern Pottery

Islamic Art

Turkish Ceramics

Native American Motifs

Chinese Art on Ceramics

Note the symbol on the head…
Master of the Saints Cosmos and Damian Madonna 1260-1285
The Virgin and Child-From Harvard University Museum.

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