06 January, 2018

An Etheric Activation

The other night, I woke up sometime after midnight and as I was going back to sleep I went into theta state and had an experience that I am guided to share here.

Before sharing my experience, I would like to talk about my current state of consciousness. Over the past few months, I have been going through stages of spiritual alchemy. About two months ago one day, I was feeling very tired and went to bed early. I started feeling that something important was about to happen and my heart was beating faster and I was feeling a sense of expectancy of something. This was keeping me from falling into sleep. At the time, I called Aasma, my dear friend who is a great seer. She instructed me to be calm and flow that this was another activation.

As I was trying to do the quantum breath techniques to slow down my heart rate, I felt a movement in my third eye. When I touched between my brows, I felt it was hot and it was pulsating. At that moment, I understood that something was about to happen. I calmed myself and started waiting. Before I knew it, I started seeing from my soul’s eye that a portal started opening from my third eye. It grew and grew and became a big sphere. Then it moved towards me and I was inside this sphere.

The sphere contained blue, pink (and also a little lavender color), and yellowish colors in it. Also, in it I could see silver sparkly stars in this sphere. The colors were constantly turning and making up this powerful vortex. As I was trying to realize what this was, the answers to my questions were coming back to my mind naturally. This was part of my getting connected to my merkaba body process.

I stayed in this vortex a few minutes and then fell asleep. It might have continued this way for a while. But once I was awake, I felt the presence of St. Germain and his twin flame Lady Portia. They started talking to me and I was taking notes as they spoke. It was so surreal in 3D terms. They were talking about the spiritual alchemical process. When I hit a concept that I was not familiar with, they were waiting for me to do a google search and read about it. This is how I ended up writing some of my posts over the past few months.

After this experience, I found myself being guided to go within and start facing my ego. It was really hard that my ego and super ego were constantly talking. Every event, every programmed “thing” in me was coming to surface. I was going through the positive and negative aspects of every issue I ran into in all my lifetimes. I say all my lifetimes, because it felt that way. Because I was sensing a frequency of an emotion that I didn’t have a clear memory of in this lifetime. You know how you can’t remember something but it is right there that you could almost remember it if you had a clue. Anyway, I was re-analyzing all significant events of my past and looking into each from different angles and instead of accepting and believing a certain way about it, I was understanding that there is no one truth or belief but there is acceptance of all different views that can come out of them. And that I needed to be in equal distance to each point of view.

Around when I started to feel better, another stage started and I was feeling victim for everything that ever happened to me that caused me suffering. This was followed by blaming others for these sufferings. But because I had just learned to look at things from different angles with equal distance, and that I hit the very bottom with the sadness from feeling victimized and blaming others, I realized that all of this is part of the control structure that keeps us enslaved. By acknowledging that, I found myself slowly releasing these emotions. As the new year came, I found the neutral/balanced state.

When I came out of this inner work and started thinking about these experiences, I thought about what would be the best message that I could seed around me. And this is why I decided to declare that 2018 is the “Year of Compasion”.

I had to explain what I have been going through spiritually before talking about what I have experienced the other night. Because the experience was a continuation of my inner work. At least this is what I am told.

When I went into this theta state, I found myself in this clear crystal tetrahedron where the pointy side was pointing upward. This tetrahedron was completely in this other upside down (triangle bottom was at the top) clear crystal tetrahedron. I was feeling like I had just had a one hour massage and was wrapped in warm towels.

When I expanded my awareness to understand what was happening to me, I realized St. Germain was in my energy field. With his violet energy, and as the master spiritual alchemist, he was more than ready to anwer my question. And I could feel he was smiling and he said that this was another activation. He said because I was done with releasing the control structure’s negative effects (the emotions and ego to an extend that is sufficient now), I have reached another level that I could now go through this etheric activation.

I guess the point that I need to make here is that by sharing with you the stages I am going through; you, too, are aware of this process and have an idea that these are the normal stages we will all go through in our own timing. That one day, you feel dizzy and your forehead starts heating and pulsating, don’t panic. Just flow…