12 September, 2018

Falling into Divine Order


Didn't I tell you
Do not leave me for I am your only Friend,
I am the spring of life.
Even if you leave in anger for thousands of years
You will come back to me for I am your goal and your end.
Didn't I tell you
not to be seduced by this colorful world
for I am the Ultimate Painter.
Didn't I tell you
you are a fish do not go to dry land
for I am the deep Sea.
Didn't I tell you
not to fall in the net like birds
for I am your wings and the power of light.
Didn't I tell you
not to let them change your mind and turn you to ice
for I am your fire and warmth.
Didn't I tell you
they will corrupt you and make you forget
that I am the Spring of all virtues.
Didn't I tell you
not to question my actions
for everything falls into order, I am the Creator.
Didn't I tell you
your heart can guide you home
because it knows that I am your Master.

Rumi-- Translation by Azima Melita Kolin

I was getting ready to start reading my book. I started feeling presence of Sananda. I had to close my eyes and flow with what was about to come.

I saw Sananda. He was wearing the blue cloak that the lineage of the Sisters of the Eternal Fires always wear. He came to me in silence. He was standing behind me and extended his arms around me. I was trying to understand what he was doing. I was feeling his warmth on my back. Suddenly an old wooden pole appeared in front of us. The wood was too old. He and I were holding it together. I knew that pole was the one symbolized his crucifixion. If it was his burden, I was helping him carry it.

Then he started spinning the pole by holding it from one side. He spinned it faster and faster, me waiting to see what would happen next. After a while, he let it stop. As it stopped, I noticed a very old yellowish paper wrapped on the other end of the pole. He took the paper and the pole disappeared. Now we were both holding the paper.

When he opened the paper, I noticed the writings on the paper was written with blood. And I knew it was my blood. It was my blood oath to stay here until the end of times. I noticed that this was opening of a seal, a big release for me. I was feeling that I was no longer constrained with that oath anymore. I had completed my part. I had kept my word.

Suddenly a transparent sphere appeared on the paper. It started growing, getting bigger and bigger and now it was pulling me and Sananda into it. I knew then, we were in a portal. We were now being pulled somewhere. He was holding my hand. I noticed for a moment, we pierced through the veil, which was black clouds surrounding Earth. As soon as we did, I felt a lot of lightness consume my body. I noticed both Sananda and I now had white angel wings. We were still being pulled somewhere fast. We were ascending in a column of light. I knew that this column was there because there was an alignment in the skies. And we finally stopped. We were now on a planet, by a tree resting on green. I was looking at him in the eye now. And the only thing he told me then was “Now you just need to be yourself”.

I was awakened from this vision repeating…I just need to be myself. What that meant? I was myself. But I would only realize what that really meant the next day. Because it changed everything.

One thing I learned after this vision was interesting and confirming though. I learned that Jesus was not crucified on a cross, it was a pole. Just like in my vision.

2018 has been an interesting year for me, a roller coaster ride. This past month has changed too much in my understanding of the reality. I have started having many flashbacks about past lives and important things in human history. I have been contacted by Light Beings, have been initiated into several mysteries, and have been getting guidance to share certain things here on my blog. When these flashbacks happen, my brain starts heating up, anxiety kicks in, I feel I can’t breathe. A few times I have had panic attacks and felt really lonely. A few people around me suffered worrying about what was going on with me. But it is all over now. I have stabilized and have got used to these flashbacks. I know now they bring remembrances and it will be ok.

Coming back to my advice from Sananda, what I realized about what was happening with me and about this last activation were all related. This meant that I was ready to be just myself. This meant that, I didn’t need to be in constant juggling in my mind with “what if”s. This meant that I didn’t need to check every single thing that came into my way within my own “check duality” algorithm. This meant that divine will is here and I didn’t need to put any energy into understanding the dark agendas. Sananda was telling me to relax and just accept what was coming without resistance and let the divine will take it’s route.

After this realization, I started remembering all these things that appeared in my mind in the past that I silenced. I silenced them in the past because I was afraid to accept them. I thought it was my ego talking. I thought accepting these ideas would be a mistake and would be bad for me. I was afraid that people would call me liar. I was afraid that I would ruin everything I had built around me. I was afraid that I would lose the people I cared about. I was afraid before, and now I knew that I didn’t have to be afraid anymore.

This meant that I could live my truth openly now. I could now be completely honest with myself. As I was seeing this, I was feeling so much pain, darkness I had been carrying was lifting. I was feeling naked, relieved, and ready for the next stage to take on my soul mission.

I hope you understand what this means for everyone. Because what I am going through at a micro level, is going to manifest itself for the macro over the next 3-4 months. So this is time of great realization. This is the great second coming. This is the time of divine grace playing out itself. This is the time of embracing the darkness in us. This is the time. This is that time.

09 September, 2018

The High Priestess

The information you will read here is based on my own rememberences. As I find historical proof of these memories, I add them. Please use your own discernment.

Oracle Reveals:

When Venus sign appears in the sky
The white dove will carry
The Light of Venus into the Holy Grail
Of the Queen of Heavens

Queen of Heavens will then be ready
As seal will be opened
For the glory of the Second Coming

Eons ago, before the great experiment started on Earth, a group of women gathered together and they signed a blood oath to keep anchoring the wisdom of the divine feminine on this planet. They were then initiated into the consciousness of the goddess, Gaia. This initiation connected these women to each other with the bond of the goddess. These women were called “Sisters of the Eternal Fires”. With the initiation, their bodies became the vessel of the feminine fire which would bring the energy of the oneness onto this planet. This way, humanity would be able to see the Light in them and find their way back into oneness. When the veil in front of their eyes was thinned…If they managed to look…


Each of these sisters walked to different directions after Atlantis sank. In the beginning, they were able to communicate with each other telepathically. Each of them chose a location and created civilizations around them. They provided healing to sick and wounded. Their greatest ability was to be able to rise their kundalini and make the golden light of the source come out of their crown chakra. They were able to use this light to generate the energy to quickly grow food for their civilizations.

The animals would be drawn to these women, too. The birds would fly over their heads, snakes would naturally come to them. The lions would be their protectors. They would communicate with them. This is why the statues of Inanna found in different parts of the world are holding snakes in her hands. This is why Ishtar stands on lions. This is why Ishtar’s Gate has the animals on it. This is why…Because these women were the ultimate lighthouse in the dark. This is why…

People of these civilizations took these women as their goddesses. They made their statues, pictures on their pottery. They celebrated their existence. They recorded their stories on art. But eventually, as these women had to die and incarnate into new bodies, the spell of forgetfulness slowly consumed them and they forgot who they were, what they could do. Before they died though, they used their knowledge to extend their life span to be able to ground this energy as long as possible. For this, they made and drank elixirs. They used monatomic gold on their bodies. They painted their faces with this gold. They taught some of the knowledge about priesthood in their temples and initiated others. This way, when they died and came back alive in a different body, as soon as their abilities started showing itself, they could again learn this knowledge in the temples. Because their ability to anchor oneness could not be lost.

This video below presents Inanna's story based on some assumptions reached from ancient findings. The love displayed here can be thought as the love of the priestess for creation. Because the love rituals performed by these priestesses were done with the longing for oneness. These “sacred marriage” rituals were helping the priestess rise her kundalini and transmute the Light of the Source, the Oneness thus generate life all around her as well as give the king power to rule. After the sacred union, the priestess would dress and walk down the steps from the Ziggurat, her crown radiating golden light for people to see. And this is the same golden light depicted everywhere in churches indicating the blood lineage of the Sisters of the Eternal Fires.

As these women died, and had to incarnate again, the dark lords were playing their programming games, too. They were changing the structure of the society, they were suppressing women in society, they were bringing their kings. Although temples were able to exist simultaneously for a long while, the reputation of these temples were slowly changing. The temples that were known as the symbol of life in the beginning were becoming the symbol of women who were doing healing sex. The priestesses were becoming whores in the minds of people. The new religious programming was working hard on programming women to hide their sexuality, too. But the truth is, the priestesses were determined to keep this knowledge going at the expense of becoming whores in the eyes of men. Because this was the only way to keep the fire going, this was the only way to keep humanity from self destructing before the end of the great experience.



So the irony is that, in the higher planes, sexuality is expressed freely and all parties have a common understanding of the beauty of what is transpiring.


If you find the story of the Sisters of the Eternal Fires inspiring, please review the steps of the hero’s journey and put your intent to grow out of the control matrix.


As more and more people are waking up to the truth that we can’t continue having wars and becoming more selfish each passing day, women all around the world are also starting to remember the temples, the sisterhood, and what the wisdom of the divine feminine represents. These women are being guided to join Sisterhood of the Rose groups and they are therefore showing their intent, their free will to end this control matrix as well.


With that said, I am ending this article with a story that will help you understand what we need on the surface of this planet to happen.This story is about King Arthur, who was actually part of the lineage mentioned above and a knight that lived in Britain, in a legendary place called Camelot.

“One day this king who was called Arthur, was chasing a white hart through the forest. When he finally caught and killed the deer, soldiers seized him, for in the excitement of the chase he has strayed on to the land of his neighbor and enemy, and was taken to his castle. The penalty for such an offense was death, but Arthur, being a king, was given a reprieve and told that if he correctly answered a question, his life would be spared. He had a year to find the answer. The question was, ‘What is it that a woman wants most in the world?’

Confident that he could find the answer by sheer reason, Arthur set off to question all the women in his kingdom, taking with him his finest knight, Sir Gawain. Towards the end of the allotted year,Arthur had many answers, so rode towards his neighbor’s castle. On his way through the woods, he was accosted by an extremely ugly old hag, who croaked at him that he didn’t have the right answer. She alone had the information he sought. How could such a hideous old woman know, when he had asked the most beautiful women in the land? She said she would tell him, but he must promise her a husband and she requested Sir Gawain, the bravest and truest knight. Arthur told her that Gawain was a free man not his to bind, but Gawain, riding beside the king, consented to the union. The old hag jumped from one foot to the other in glee and shrieked the answer. The two men continued the ride to the neighboring kingdom of his adversary. Arthur began to reel off a list of answers from women all over the land, but his neighbor accepted none of them, saying Arthur would fail.

In desperation, Arthur shouted the answer he had been given by the ugly old hag. ”What women want most of all is the right to their own sovereignty!”

His neighbor scoffed that Arthur had spoken to his sister, for only she knew the answer. The ugly hag soon demanded her reward, and a full wedding ceremony. Everyone in the kingdom invited to attend. The tables were set with the finest food and silver. She appeared dressed in dirty rags with tousled hair and looking the worst. When Gawain saw his bride, with warts on her face, and twigs and cobwebs in her hair, he felt her untamed wildness to be the antithesis of the beauty and refinement of the court. Bravely he stood beside her, for he was loyal to his king, showing neither distaste nor fear. After the feasting, the wedded couple then retired to the bridal chamber, where the hag demanded the marriage be consummated. Gawain recoiled, but gave her a light kiss on her cheek, then manfully, a full kiss on the mouth, before proceeding to lay her on the bed, determined to follow through. Excusing herself, the hag rose from the bed and left the room. Gawain, lying undressed in the bed with the sheet to his chin, began to wonder if she had decided to spare him the ordeal when, to his great surprise, a beautiful young woman entered the room, smiling with love in her eyes. She told him that this was her true form, but her wicked brother, Arthur’s neighboring king, had cast a spell on her because she disagreed with some of his decisions.

When she spoke her mind, he had turned her into a loathsome creature so that no man would look at her and was to remain that way until she wed the bravest and truest knight in the land. But the spell was not entirely broken; there was a catch. For Gawain, she could be ugly by day and beautiful by night, or by the court she could be beautiful by day and ugly at night. He was to make the choice. Gawain remained silent for some time, finally telling her he could not possibly choose, since it was her life, and she must choose. With joy, she told him this was the other condition, that if her husband allowed her to make the choice, she could be beautiful all the time. Smiling, she joined him in the bed.The spell was broken for he had allowed her sovereignty.” (From the Book:”Sisterhood of the Rose” by Robyn Adams Pg 153-155.)

"The true beauty of womanhood is only allowed to shine forth through creation when she is fully empowered to manifest her free will."


26 August, 2018

Ashtar-tara-Tanrıçanın Geri Dönüşü

Burada okuyacağınız bilgilerin çoğu bulunmuş yazıtlardan alıntıdır. Linklerle sunulmamış bilgiler vizyonlarla yazara gösterilmiş bilgilerdir ve alegoriler içerir. Kendi değerlendirmenizi yapınız.

Atlantis’te Sevgi Tapınağında, Astara bilinci bölünerek birden fazla bedene , Kızkardeşlik içinde seçilen kişilere yerleştirilmişti. Bu kavram, oldukça basit bir kavramdı, kuşların arasında bilincin paylaşılması gibi. Hani kuşlar nasıl hep birlikte ahenk içinde uçarlar…Bunu yaparlar çünkü hepsi aynı bilinci paylaşır.Astara bilinci de bu şekilde bazı tapınak rahibeleri arasında paylaştırılmıştı. Karanlığın sona erme zamanı geldiğinde, bölünmüş bilinç tekrar bir bedende birleşecek ve tanrıça bu şekilde geri gelip Dünyadaki acılara son verecekti. Bu kavram tüm Dünyada çeşitli mağaralarda bulanan bazı antik yazıtlarda açıklanmış ama genelde yanlış anlaşılmıştır:

“O kendisini sadece onun gerçek adını bilen ve anlayanlara gösterir. Sadece onlara çünkü onlar onun işaretini taşıyanlar ve yemin edenlerdir, çünkü o onların DNAsına konmuştur.”


15. Louis’in yasal metresi Madam Pompadour, Astara’nın bilincini taşıyanlardan biri idi. Atlantis ve Sevgi Tapınağı hakkında pekçok şey hatırlıyordu. O yüzden, Petit Trianon’a bu tapınağı tekrar inşa etmek istedi.Petit Trianon’daki Sevgi Tapınağı bu yüzden inşa edildi. Pompadour tapınak bitmeden erken yaşında öldü, ancak, bu tapınak Atlantis’teki tapınağın enerjisini kısmen taşımakta ve bu yüzden pekçok insanı kendisine çekmektedir. Bu yüzden Gül Kızkardeşliğinin orijinal üyesi rahibeler buraya özlem duyuyorlar. Bu yüzden pekçoğu yaptıkları sanatta bu tapınaktan ilham alıyorlar.

Bu tapınağa gidenler benim ne demek istediğimi oradaki enerjiyi yaşayınca anlayacaklar. Pekçoğunuz neden buraya çekildiğinizi sonunda anlamış olacaksınız.

Karanlık yıllar boyunca, kardeşliğin gizemleri tapınaklarda öğretildi. Bu tapınaklarda eğitilen kadınlar kollarının üst kısmında yılan sarması bilezikler takarlardı. Tapınaklarda kadınlar kutsal dişil enerjiyi bu gezegene demirleme bilgeliğini öğrenirlerdi. Ne yazık ki günümüzde bu tapınaklar tamamen yok edilmiş durumda. 18. yüzyılda, tanrıça gizemleri bazı kadınlara Gül Kızkardeşliğini gelmekte olan çağa hazırlamak için tekrar öğretildi.

Kızkardeşliğin ana amacı insanlığın kendi kendini yok etmesini kutsal dişil enerjileri gezegende tutarak sağlayabilmekti. Tüm engellere rağmen, kardeşlik bunu başardı. Astara bilincini taşımayı kabul eden kardeşlerin DNAsını taşıyanlar tanrıçanın geri dönüş kodlarını da taşıdılar. Bu kadınlara aynı zamanda “İştar’ın Altın Tahtı”, ya da “Yıldızlar” deniyor. Onlar aynı zamanda Kutsal Kase Soyudur. İsa’nın, Meryem Ana ve Magdalalı Meryem’in, ve hatta Kral Arthur’un soyudur. Türkiye’de de bu soydan olan kişiler mevcuttur.

Bu kişiler İştar’ın sekiz köşeli yıldız ısaretini taşırlar. Ve İştar Kutsal Ananın isimlerinden biridir. Aşağıda Güney İllinois’teki Burrows Mağarasında bulunan antik yazının tercümesi (ve tercümanın eklediği yorumlar) ne olduğunu açıklamaktadır:

“(Bir grup insanın neden olduğu) kötülük yüzünden, başımızdaki kendisini insanlardan sakladı.
Ulu anne kendisini şeffaf dairelerin sardığı (buz mavisi bir) kristale (bu bir oda) sakladı.
İnsanların Ashtar-tara’sı ölmedi ve güçlü!
Bu böyledir! Başımızın evinde yıkıcı faaliyetler var.
Daire şeklinde dalgaların sardığı nötr yer güçlü ışık saçıyor.
İnsanlar arasındaki belli bir grup yüzünden, Ulu Kraliçe yenilenmek için bir büyü ile sınırlanmış bir yerde uyuyor!
Devam eden şiddet yüzünden, davetsizleri yasaklayan akıbeti gölgede kalmış yaratıcıdan yüksek sesli bir ses duyulacak
Orbitteki Yıldız üssünden şimşek parlaması gönderin ki yenilenmeye engel tehlike ortadan kalksın. İnsanların evinden yaşayan Kraliçeden güçlü şekilde uzaklaştırılsın.”


“Bir Fenike metni de Mısır hiyerogliflerinde mevcuttur. Tanrı Poseidon’un eşine olan aşkını ve eşinin görünüşte trajik sonunun hikayesini anlatır.”


“Şiirde yazılmış hikaye Atlantisli Ashtar-tara’nın insanoğlunun gördüğü en güzel kadın olduğunu söyler. Bedeni ölümsüz olduğu için ölü değil. Mühürlenmiş (sihirli) oda dağın içinde derinde. Burada sonsuz büyü ile korunduğu yerde dinleniyor! Mühürlenmiş sihirli oda ve çevreleyen bölge buz kristallerine benzeyen elektromanyetik dalgalarla çevrili. Burada bir geçici ölüm durumunda…Samādhi; yani…O uyuyor!!

Bu nötr yer kristalize edilmiş bir oda, yani bir zaman kapsülü.”

Bu satırları okuyanlar Corey Goode’nin bir iki yıl önce paylaştığı bilgiyi anımsamışlardır. Zaman kapsülleri içinde uyuyan devlerin videolarını. Bu çoktan bizim realitemiz oldu.

İşte hiçbir yerde okuyamayacağınız bildiler. Bu bilgiyi bana sunulduğu şekilde yazıyorum. Alegoriler içerdiğinden bazı bilgiler değişebilir.

Ashtar-tara’nın bilinci Atlantis’te Sevgi Tapınağında Gül Kızkardeşliği içinden bazı kişilere bölünmüştü. Bu kadınlar bu bilinci ve kodu üzerlerinde taşımaya yemin etmişlerdi. Ancak kendileri bile zamanın sonunda olayların nasıl gelişeceğini bilmiyorlardı.

Gerçek şu ki bu bilinç Gaia’ya aitti. Yani Ashtar-tara ve Gaia aynı varlıktı. Gaia bilincini parçalara ayırdı. Bilincin bir kısmı etherde kaldı ki Dünya yaşamaya devam etsin, yani toprak, ağaçlar, ve baharda yeşeren herşey yaşasın.

Bir kısım bilinç Yıldız Kardeşleri arasında paylaştırıldı ki kutsal dişi insanlık içinde var olmaya devam etsin. Yeterince bilinç ise “zaman kapsülü içinde uyuyan” avatar bedeninde kaldı.

Odası bir dağın içinde. Bu dağ Untersberg Dağı olabilir ya da olmayabilir. Untersberg Dağının “Tapınak Şövalyeleri” için önemli bir rol oynadığı göz önüne alınacak olursa, Yıldız Kardeşliğinden bir çoğu bu bilgiye rezone olacaktır.

Romanya’daki Bucegi Dağlarının içinde de benzer teknolojiler vardı. Bu teknolojiler bulunduğunda benzer zaman kapsüllerine ve başka teknolojilere de ulaşıldı.


Untersberg Dağının önemi birçok kişi tarafından bilinse ya da hissedilse de, belli şeyler olmadan bu dağın gizemleri ifşa edilmeyecektir.

Doğruluk zamanına hızla yaklaşıyoruz. Kendilerini gizleyenler, yalan söyleyenler, diğerlerini incitenler, acı çektirenler bir anda kendilerini en güçlü spot ışıklarıyla aydınlatılmış bir sahnede bulacaklar. Artık hiçbir şeyi saklayamayacaklar. Başkalarını manipüle edemeyecekler. Ağızları yalan söylemeye başladığında, gözleri ve elleri doğruları anlatacak. Bu bir kısmımız için zevkle izleyeceğimiz bir zaman olacak. Ama bu zaman sona erecek ve hepimiz merhamet ve affetme zamanının geldiğini anlayacağız. Ve tam da bu şekilde hep beraber masumiyete geri döneceğiz.

25 August, 2018


At the Temple of Love in Atlantis, conciousness of Astara was divided into multiple human bodies and placed inside chosen ones from the Sisterhood. The concept was simple, in a way similar to the consciousness of the birds. Don’t birds share the same consciousness? This is how they are able to move so much in harmony. Astara consciousness was divided this way so that one day, when it is time for the age of darkness to end, the divided consciousness would merge back and the goddess would come back and end this suffering. This concept has been explained in ancient texts found in different caves around the world but mostly misunderstood:

“She shall show herself only to those, who have named her true name and understood. Those who were chosen because they carry her sign and the profession for her imprinted in the DNA of their bodies!”


Madame Pompadour, Mistress of Louis XV was one of these women who was carrying the consciousness of Astara. She remembered a lot about Atlantis and Temple of Love. So she wanted to build the temple in Petit Trianon again. The Temple of Love in Petit Trianon was built for this reason. Even though Pompadour didn’t see its completion, the temple partially carries the energy of the Atlantis Temple and this is why so many people are drawn to it. This is why the priestesses from the original Sisterhood of the Rose are longing for this place. This is why so many are inspired by Petit Trianon in their art.

The ones who were there will understand and feel the energy of these statements. They will finally feel relief that they now know why they were longing…

Throughout the dark years, the mysteries of the sisterhood was taught in temples. The women who were trained there were wearing serpent bracelets on their upper arms. In the temples, women learned the knowledge to anchor divine feminine on this planet. And today these temples are completely destroyed. During 18th century, goddess mysteries were taught to certain women to prepare the Sisterhood for the upcoming age.

Sisterhood’s main goal was to prevent humanity from self destruction by anchoring the energies of the divine feminine on this planet. Despite all obstacles, they achieved their purpose. The bloodline of the sisters who took upon the responsibility of the Astara Consciousness carried the codes for the return of the goddess. These women are also called “Golden Shrine of Ishtar”, they are also called “the Stars”. They are the Grail Lineage. The lineage of Jesus, Mary and Magdalene, and King Arthur.

They carry the eight pointed star symbol of Ishtar. And Ishtar is one of the names of the Divine Mother. This ancient writing translation (and some additional input by the translator) from a stone found in Burrows-Cave, Southern Illinois USA explains what happened:

“Because of the evil (caused by a certain group of humans), the head had hidden herself from people’s sight.
The noble mother had moved herself into an (Iceblue)-crystal (which is a chamber) surrounded by circling, transparent waves. The breath of life of the Hero’s´ spouse of the Thirties however, is still unbroken and strong! (Noble mother / Spouse of the Hero = Ash.tar-ta.ra).
It is so! The disastrous acts are in full action at the head's residence, the, from circling waves surrounded neutral place, which is beaming powerfully. This place in which, because of the evil of a certain group among the thirties (-humans), the noble Queen for her regeneration is sleeping bounded by means of a ban curse!
A loud exclamation shall be heard because of the ongoing violence, from the Designer(ess), whose fate is overshadowed by a curse banning intruders.
Send a Lightning a flash, your Noble ones from the orbiting Star-base, so that the danger to the regeneration is stopped…is swept powerfully away, from the residence of the thirty-(humans) living Queen!”


If you read the link above you will notice below information:

“a Phoenician text also available in Egyptian hieroglyphs. It tells the story of God Poseidon’s love for his spouse and her seemingly tragic end.”


“The story written in verse unmistakably states that Queen Ashtar-tara of Atlantis is the most beautiful woman man have ever seen. She is not dead because her body was made immortal. The sealed (magic) chamber is deep down inside the mountain where she rests protected by an everlasting spell! The sealed magic chamber and the surrounding area are enveloped by electromagnetic waves like an Ice crystal. There she is in a state of suspended animation… Samādhi; that is…She is sleeping!!

The neutral place is crystalized chamber, which is a time capsule”

And people reading these lines will immediately recognize the information and the videos shared by Corey Goode. The giant beings sleeping in time capsules. This has already become a reality to us.

Here is the plan you will not read anywhere. I am releasing this information as it is presented to me. It contains allegories, so some of this information is subjected to change.

The consciousness of Ashtar-tara was divided into multiple humans selected within the Sisterhood of the Rose, at the Temple of Love in Atlantis. These women swore into keeping this code within their being. Even they didn’t know how things would play out at the end of the time.

The truth is this consciousness belonged to Gaia. So Ashtar-tara and Gaia are the same being. She divided her consciousness into parts. Some part stayed in the ether, which stayed there so that Earth would continue living, the soil, the trees, and everything that keeps coming back to life in Spring.

Some of her consciousness was divided within Star Sisters so that she could still anchor the divine feminine within humanity. Enough of her consciousness left in her avatar body, which is in a “suspended animation”.

Her chamber is inside a mountain. This mountain may or may not be Untersberg Mountain. Given that this mountain played a key role in the history of “Knight Templars”, many from the Brotherhood of the Star will feel this information resonates with them.

The Bucegi Mountains in Romania had similar technologies in them. The discovery of these technologies showed similar time capsules and multiple technologies.


Even though the significance of the Untersberg Mountain is known and felt by many, before certain things happen, the mystery of this mountain will not be revealed.

We are approaching fast to the time of truth. The ones that cloak themselves, the ones that lie, the ones that hurt, the ones that cause suffering will suddenly find themselves on a stage with the brightest stage lights turned on them. They won’t be able to hide anything anymore. They won’t be able to manipulate others. When their mouths will start telling the lies, their hand and eyes will tell the truth. It will be very enjoyable to watch this for some. But after the time of the enjoyment, everyone will realize that the time of grace has come. And this is how we will return to innocence together.

20 August, 2018

Yüksek Benliğimize Bağlanma Teknikleri

Gecenin bir vakti uykunuzdan uyanıyorsunuz-saate bakıyorsunuz ve saatin dün gece ve ondan önceki gece uyandığınızda gördüğünüz zamanı gösterdiğini görüyorsunuz. Aynı korku filmlerindeki gibi. Gün boyunca ne zaman saate bakmak aklınıza gelse, aynı sayının ikili ya da üçlü set numaraları ile karşılaşıyorsunuz. Bu yetmezmiş gibi bu tür numaraları her yerde görüyosunuz, önünüzdeki arabanın plakasında, bankada girdiğiniz sıra numarasında. Hatta uçuş bilet numaranızda ya da bir faturada. Anlamaya çalışıyorsunuz ne oluyor diye.

Sonra geçmişinizden biri geliyor aklınıza ve 5 dakika sonra o kişi arıyor.

Rüyalarınızı daha iyi hatırlıyorsunuz artık. Çünkü onlar daha gerçek gibiler, hatta rüya içinde bilinçli kararlar bile alabiliyorsunuz.

Artık eskisi kadar konuşmak istemiyorsunuz. Doğada sessizce oturmak geliyor sadece içinizden.

Bu saydığım şeyler başınıza neden geliyor olabilir biliyor musunuz? Bunlar son aylarda çoğumuzun yaşadığı şeyler. Çünkü yüksek benliklerimiz bizleri çağırıyor. Tüm bunlar artık kendimizi matriksin dışına çıkarmak için programlarımızı bozma zamanı geldi demek.

Yüksek Benlik Ne Demek?

Yüksek benlik aslında “gerçek” sizsiniz. Yüksek benliğiniz kozmik bilinç ile tam birlik içinde olan kutsal varlığınızdır. “Herşeyi bilen” varlığınızdır. Ve fiziksel bedenlerimizde birincil amacımız yüksek benliğimiz ve fiziksel varlığımız arasına yerleştirilmiş filtreleri ortadan kaldırmak, ve yüksek benlik bilincini fiziksel bedenimize, yani alt benliğimize indirmektir.Bu filtreler alt benliklerimize yüksek benliğimizle bağlantı kurmamızı engellemek için konulmuştur. Bunlar ego yoluyla yüksek benlik bağlantımızı kesmektedir. Ve ne yazık ki, bireysel ego günlük yaşamlarımızda kendini genişleterek bizlere ortak inanç sistemleri, eğitim sistemleri, ve kültürel yapılar olarak daha da büyük filtreler oluşturmaktadır.Bu kavramlar, egoyu destekleyerek bizlerin ortak inanç sistemlerine ve kültürel yapılara uymauyanlara karşı yargılı olmamıza neden olmakla birlikte, insanların bu sistem ve yapılara düşünmeden ve kendi değerlendirmelerini yapmadan uymalarına neden olur.

Peki, yukarıda saydığım tecrübeleri siz de yaşıyorsanız, ne yapmalısınız?

Cevap şu: Yüksek benliğiniz ile bağlantınızı kuvvetlendirmeye çalışmalısınız. Bunu ruhsal simya denilen bir süreci yaşayarak yapacaksınız. Bu simya, metallerden altın yapmak ile alakalı değil. Bu simya, bedeninizi, kalbinizi ve zihninizi arındırıp, varlığınızı “altın” durumuna getirmekle ilgili. Bu da “yüksek benliğinizi alt benliğinize indirme” ile aynı şey.

Buna ben başka bir isim daha verdim:

Ben buna “Masumiyete geri dönüş” diyorum.

Niye masumiyet?

Çünkü bir kere yüksek benliğiniz ile tam bağlantınızı kurma kararını verdiğinizde ruhsal simya süreci başlar ve kendinizi tam bir masumiyet durumuna getirirsiniz. Bu noktada bilirsiniz ki, yalan söylemekte zorunda değilsiniz, yapmak istemediğiniz şeyleri yapmak zorunda değilsiniz. Gözleriniz ve sözleriniz aynı şeyi söyler. Kalbiniz her zaman huzur hisseder. Korku hissetmezsiniz. Doğrular ile tam uyum içindesinizdir ve bu yaşantınızı kolaylaştırır. Bir çocuk gibi. Bakın çocuklar ne kadar masum. Yalan söylemezler ve gerçek duygularını saklamazlar. İşte bu yüzden bu sürece aynı zamanda “içindeki çocuğu çıkarma süreci” de denir.

Yüksek benliğinizle bağlantınızın size neden faydalı olacağı ile ilgili bazı noktalar şunlar:

• Tüm korkularınızı, endişelerinizi, pişmanlıklarınızı, suçluluk duygusunu, kızgınlığı, nefreti, utancı, ve negatif duyguları serbest bırakır ve bunlardan kurtulursunuz.

• Tüm geçmiş travmalarınızın sizde yarattığı etkilerden kurtulursunuz. Bunları size önemli faydaları olan tecrübeler olarak görürsünüz.

• Size faydası olmayan durumlardan kendinizi kurtarmayı öğrenirsiniz.

• Kendinizi ve diğerlerini affetmeyi öğrenirsiniz.

• Herkese karşı daha çok sevgi ve merhamet duygusu hissedersiniz.

• Kendinizi devamlı mutlu hissedersiniz.

• Etrafınızdaki herşeyin kutsal bir nedenden dolayı olduğunu anlar ve her olayın arkasındaki gerçek nedeni okumaya başlarsınız. Sizi yargılayan insanlar artık sizi rahatsız etmez. Hatta, bunları bir öğrenme tecrübesi olarak görür ve şükran duyarsınız.

• Kendi realitenizi yarattığınızı görür ve ne konuştuğunuz ve ne düşündüğünüz konusunda dikkatli olursunuz.

• Kendinizi daha güçlü hissedersiniz-kendiniz ve Dünya için güzel şeyler yaratabileceğinizi anlarsınız.

Kendi adıma, yüksek benliğimle bağlantımı güçlendirme sürecimde birçok teknikler denedim. Bunların çoğunu sezgisel olarak yaptım. Bununla beraber bu bağlantıyı güçlendirmiş kişilerden de birçok fikirler alıp uyguladım. Uyguladığım tekniklerden önemlileri şunlar:

Fiziksel Bedeni Temizleme: Vejeteryan olmak bu süreçte en önemli nokta. Bilinci değiştiren hiçbir yiyecek, içki, sigara, ilaç alınmamalıdır. Şeker de bağımlılık yaratır ve minimum düzeyde tüketilmelidir. Organik ve mümkünse pişirilmeden gıda tüketimi tercih edilmelidir. Zamanla glutenin de bedeninize iyi gelmediğini göreceksiniz. Sağlıksız yiyecek her tarafta bolca bulunmakta ve sağlıklı beslenmek günümüzde çok zor hale gelmiştir. Ben şahsen, medya ve dışarıda satılan yiyeceklerin bizi düşük titreşimde tutmak için dizayn edilmiş bir kontrol mekanizması olduğunu düşünüyorum. Zamanla epifiz bezini kalsiyumdan arındırıp üçüncü gözü de aktive edici beslenme teknikleri kullanılabilir.

Fiziksel Sağlığı İyileştirme: Bu, fiziksel aktiviteyi arttırıp, endorfin salınımını yükseltmek ve bu şekilde bedeni mutluluk durumunda tutma ile olur. Yoga, koşu, -özellikle doğada - yürüyüş, ve endorfin arttırıcı her türlü aktivite ile olabilir. Burada önemli nokta, mutlu hissetmek için mümkünse ilaç kullanmaktan kaçınılması gerektiğidir.

Dünyaya Bağlanma: Bu yalın ayak yürüyerek, denizde yüzerek, bahçede toprakla uğraşarak, yerde oturup ağaca dayanarak olabilir. Başınızdan etraftaki tüm ağaçlara bir ip ile bağlandığınızı görselleyebilirsiniz. Gökyüzünü seyretmek, güneşe bakmak(bu güneş doğarken ya da batarken olmalı ve internette bahsedilen çok kısa zaman süreleri ile başlayıp zaman yavaş yavaş arttırılarak yapılmalıdır), ve kuş gibi uçtuğunuzu hayal etmek gibi teknikler kullanabilirsiniz. Doğadaki tüm güzelliklerin sizin varlığınızı kutlamak için orada olduğunu hayal edebilirsiniz.

Üst Bedenleri Temizlemek: Bu en zor süreçtir. Astral, eterik, duygusal, mental bedenlerimizin olduğunu kabullenmek zordur. Öldüğümüzde fiziksel bedenimizden ayrılıp astral bedenimize döneriz. Uyuduğumuzda fiziksel bedenimize bağlı kalmakla beraber, astral bedenimizle seyahat eder ve orada kendi realitelerimizi yaratırız. Dr. Strange filminde bu kavramlar farkındalığımıza sunulmaktadır.

Burada yapılması gereken ilk şey meditasyon yapmaya başlamaktır. Meditasyonla çakralarımızı (bedenimizdeki enerji vortekslerini) temizleyebilir ve kundalinimizi aktive edebiliriz. Çakra, kundalini gibi kavramları internette araştırırsanız bu konularda birçok kaynak bulacaksınız. Meditasyona devam ettikçe, vizyonlar görecek ve hatta astral seyahate başlayacaksınız. Bu tecrübelerde size gösterilen bilgiler alegoriler şeklinde olacaktır. Tabi bunları görebilmeniz için üçüncü gözünüzün (epifiz bezinizin) aktifleşmeye başlaması lazım. Tüm bu süreçte, meditasyon esnasında efektif bir nefes alıp verme tekniği en önemli aşamadır. Özellikle kuantum durması tekniğinin benim için en etkili yöntem olduğunu söyleyebilirim. Ruh yıldızı çakranızdan (başınızın 20 cm üstünde) inen bir ışık sütunu görselleyip bu sütunu çakradan çakraya geçirerek yere indirmek, sonra da tekrar aynı şekilde bu çakraya çıkarmak etkili bir kundalini yükseltme tekniğidir. Bu yöntem hem sizi topraklar, hem de ruh yıldızı çakranızın üst kısmında oturan yüksek benliğiniz ile bağlantınızı güçlendirir.

Kundalininizi yükseltirken anlamamız gereken bir başka husus da yüksek bedenlerimizde birçok travma ve blok taşıdığımızdır. Tüm yaşamlarımızda aldığımız duygusal yaralar bu bedenlerimizde iyileştirilmediği müddetçe bloklar halinde kalmaya devam eder. Zaman zaman bu blok ve travmalar bunları görüp iyileştirmemiz için bilincimize gelir. İşte bu yüzden belli şeyler/olaylar bizim başımıza gelir durur. Biz kendimizi farklı reaksiyonla bu paternden çıkarabiliriz ya da gelen durumun arkasındaki ana sebebi görebilirsek, bu bloklar ortadan kalkar. Bu da yüksek bedenlerimizde şifalanma olarak kendini gösterir. Bu şifalanmanın etkisini zamanla fiziksel bedenlerimizde de görürüz. Ancak direk faydasını kendimizi daha mutlu hissederek görürüz. Yaşantımızda bu paternleri görmeye başladıkça, yüksek benliğimiz ile olan bağımız güçlenir ve bir sonraki şifalanma süreci için doğum günü hediyesini açmak için bekleyen sabırsız bir çocuk gibi oluruz. Çünkü her tecrübe ile kendi realitemizi şekillendirdiğimizi anlamaya başlarız ve mutluluk içinde yaşamın mümkün olduğunu görürüz.

Bir kere olaylara olan saplantılarımızı serbest bırakıp, bu olayların içindeki tüm kişileri affederek geçmişte yaşanmış travmayı iyileştirdikçe , ortaya çıkan enerji zamanda dalgalanmaya neden olur ve bu enerji olayların olduğu ana ulaşıp bu olayın içindeki diğer kişileri de iyileştirmeye başlar. Zamanın bir yanılsama olduğunu söylüyorlar. Bense zaman sıvı formda diyorum. Tecrübe edeceğimiz şeyleri seçerken reaksiyonlarımızın/cevaplarımızın geleceğimizi ve geçmişimizi etkilediğini anlayıp sorumluluğumuzu kabul etmeli ve anda yaşamalıyız. Yani her anımızı bu sorumlulukla yaşamalıyız. Bağlantıyı görüyor musunuz? Zamana bu perspektif ile baktığınızda, hiçbir konuda endişelenmeye gerek olmadığını anlarsınız. Çünkü yaptığınız her hata tamir olunabilir ve iyileştirilebilir. Bazen bu birden fazla yaşam alır, mesela başka bir yaşayana zarar verdiğinizde. Ancak çoğunlukla, hatalarınızın yarattığı blokları aynı yaşantı içinde tamir edebilirsiniz. O yüzden daha iyi bir insan olarak yaşama umudunuzu kaybetmeyin. Aynı zamanda, her hareketimizden sorumlu olduğumuzu anlayın. Bu yüzden sözlerinizi bilgece seçerek yarattığınız şeyler konusunda dikkatli olun. Bakın ben yaratma konusunda konuşuyorum. Evet, bizler yaratıcılarız. O yüzden sorumluluk duymalıyız.

Egodan Kurtulmak: Egoyu öldürebileceğimize ben pek inanmıyorum. Ancak kendimizi egodan ayırabilmeyi öğrenebiliriz. Ben kalbi dinleme tekniğini kullanıyorum. Çünkü ego zihinle alakalı. Ego zihinde yaratılmıştır ve zihinden kontrol edilir. Ben herhangi bir şey söylemeden önce söyleyeceğim şeyin beni kalbimde nasıl hissettirdiğine bakıyorum. Kalpte hissettiğim hafifliği sorguladığım konunun doğruluğunun onayı olarak görüyorum. Eğer bir ağırlık hissedersem, sessiz kalıyorum, başka bir yol düşünüp bunu tekrar kalbimle kontrol ediyorum.

İnanç Sistemlerinin Programını Bozma: Bu noktaya gelene kadar realitenizde birçok satır arasında kalmış detayın farkına varmaya başladığınızı görmüş olacaksınız. İnanç sistemlerinden arınma en zor aşamalardan biridir. Sosyal çevremiz, din, eğitim sistemleri, herşey bunları içerir. Gerçek şu ki bizim hiçbir şeye inanmaya ihtiyacımız yok. Asıl amacımız her zaman bir duruma/objeye her açıdan bakabilmek ve herkes için pekçok perspektif olduğunu anlamak ve bir perspektife takılı kalmamaktır. Bana soracak olursanız dilimizden “inanmak” kelimesini çıkarsak muhteşem iyi olur.

Kendimizi bir inançtan arındırmanın en efektif yöntemi o inancın karşı kavramı hakkında düşünmektir. Bu en güçlü yöntemdir. Mesela toplumunuz sizi her zaman sağ ayakkabıyı önce giyme inanışına programladı ise, kendinize bir “Önce sol ayakkabı giymek iyi değildir” sonra da “Önce sol ayakkabı giymek iyidir” diyererek bu inanıştan arınabilirsiniz. Çünkü belli bir noktada hangi ayakkabıyı önce giydiğinizi umursamadığınızı farkedeceksiniz. Bu tecrübeyi daha büyük inanç sistemlerine uyguladığınızı düşünün…

Kendi yaşantınız ile alakalı olarak cevaplara ihtiyaç duyduğunuzda, falcılara ve medyumlara ihtiyacımız yok. Kendi cevaplarımızı bulabiliriz. İşte bu cevapları bulabilmek için birkaç teknik:

Sarkaç Kullanımı: Kendinize bir sarkaç alıp kullanmayı öğrenin. Sorularınızı sorduktan sonra, cevaplarınızı aldığınız esnada vücudunuzu dinleyin. Bedeninizdeki kasların ve hislerinizin nasıl olduğuna dikkat edin. Kontrol soruları ile sarkacı yeterince kullandığınızda, kendi cevaplarınızı sarkaçsız bildiğinizi farkedeceksiniz.

Bedenle Tarama (Dowsing): Bu teknik sarkaçla okumaya benzer. Farkı soru sorduğunuzda vücudunuzun size ne söylediğini anlamanızla yapılmasıdır. Bu teknik ile ilgili internette bilgiler mevcut.

Yüksek Benliğinize Direk Soru Sormak: Kendinize bir soru sorduğunuzda zihninizde birçok cevap belirir. Bu cevapların bir kısmı egodan gelir. Yapmamız gereken, ego filtresinden gelmeyen cevabı tanımaktır. Bunun için bedeninizin nasıl hissettiğini izleme yöntemini kullanabilirsiniz. Çünkü yüksek benlikten gelen cevaplar zahmetsizce akar. Bedenle dowsing ve sarkaç sorgulama yöntemlerinde uzmanlaştıkça da bedeninizin his ve kas tepkilerinden yüksek benlik cevabını anlamaya başlayacaksınızdır. Ancak bir soru sormadan önce her zaman kendinizi topraklayın. Sorularınızı sormadan önce derin nefes alma tekniklerini kullanarak farkındalığınızı üst bedenlerinize getirin.

Yaşantınızda belli bir harekete geçmeden önce yüksek benliğinize “Bunu yapmalı mıyım” diye sorun. Bu yöntemler sizin yüksek benliğinizle olan bağınızı güçlendirecek ve yaşantınıza mutluluk ve kalite getirecektir.

Bu yöntemlerin Polarisinizi bulmanıza yardım etmesi dileğiyle.

15 August, 2018

Everblooming Rose of the Sisterhood

Like every group, Sisterhood of the Rose was also infiltrated by the dark beings during the last days of Atlantis. Duality was consuming more and more sisters each day. Inner circle of the sisterhood was aware of this situation. This was giving them a lot of sadness, because they were aware that this situation would cause a lot of suffering to the planet. What they were concerned about was the knowledge given to the sisters about the use of the crystals for healing could be used for dark purposes. And misusing the crystal knowledge was exactly what brought the suffering to this planet.

But dark ones didn’t know other things. They didn’t know how it was like to have the consciousness of the planets, and the stars. They only knew about self. They knew about drawing boundaries for their selfishness. They couldn’t know the greater truth. Because knowing this was against the very core of their limited existence.

After Atlantis sank, the dark sisters embarked upon the mission of searching for the true sisters and causing them suffering. They were able to retain the knowledge of the crystals. They used this knowledge to their own advantage. Over time, dark sisters would incarnate within certain black nobility families and would work for the dark agenda.

Over millennia, the true sisterhood tried to keep their knowledge in the temples they created. But they were always attacked, they were killed brutally. They often died at young ages, because the darkness was always able to follow their light and negate it. Each time they died, they kept incarnating into new bodies, and each time they were in a new body, they forgot more about who they were, they couldn’t remember. However, even though they couldn’t remember in their physical bodies anymore, the code that would trigger their memory one day was hidden in their DNA. All they needed was for someone to trigger it.

Chris Henderson mentions the dark sisters with the name “velvet sisters”. Henderson goes on explaining how these velvet sisters traveled and helped creating the movement that hunted the true sisterhood and burned them alive as witches or killed them in other ways. Thousands of the sisters, healers, Priestesses of Ashtar-tara included, were executed in human history this way.

Despite the killings and the trauma, the sisters kept incarnating and kept reintroducing the knowledge of the light on the surface of the planet. Many teachings about spiritual alchemy were transferred this way for generations. There were times in human history that sisterhood reunited by incarnating around the same time and the location. One reunion was at the time of the crucifixion. Many sisters were there as part of the Essene Community. At that time, Mysteries of Isis was still active and the knowledge was being thought in the temples. Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary were two chosen sisters in the Essene Community that played the important role of reminding humanity the Divine Feminine.

Sisterhood and the feminine energy on this planet went through a lot of suffering with the religious programming of humanity. At times, certain teachings would emerge to remind us the truth. If you look closely, you will see a lot of resemblance to Sisterhood Alchemy in these teachings. One very good example is that Sufis talk about the opening of the heart and they resemble this to “opening of a rose”. This is of course no coincidence.

Another time for the sisterhood reunion started towards the end of 17th century and continued into end of the 18th century. But these years, sisters were tired and they needed help to remember their purpose. This is why St.Germain came into picture.

He didn’t lie to people about his age (or agelessness). He created the secret societies where women of French court were introduced into the goddess mysteries and were initiated. He enchanted people with his violin and he was an excellent conversationalist. While he was initiating women, he also influenced and initiated several musicians. It is no coincidence that much of the best music was made during these years. It is also no coincidence that several philosophers were also there contributing to this time.


There are scholarly papers about St.Germain being Giovannini who had connections to Sebastian Bach which can be seen below:




St.Germain also influenced philosophers like Voltaire and Rousseau. He spent much time with Louis XV and his mistress Madame Pompadour.

Madame Pompadour

Pompadour and St Germain had long conversations and they had a “special” relationship. Madame Pompadour became very influential in France at that time. She was initiated into goddess mysteries. She understood art, was very talented in art. She was close to well-known philosophers. She liked nature and connected to Earth. It was her conversations with St Germain that later created the framework for the secret goddess mystery group that was going to be started under the leadership of Princesse de Lamballe.


Next to her contributions to art, Madame Pompadour’s most important achievement for helping the divine feminine to come back to life was making the Serves Porcelain famous around the world. These works of art contained pictures of women carrying roses and making special “hand gestures” -particularly one that pinky finger looks separate in the air-. These were all placed on the porcelain as a reminder for the sisters all around the world then and now.



Also many paintings of this era - especially by François Boucher - contained these hand gestures and as well as the roses held in hand.

These inspiring years of the sisterhood ended with the French Revolution. The leader of the goddess mystery group in France, Princesse de Lamballe, was brutally murdered in the street for she maintained loyalty to her queen. She was a high priestess of Isis and again, it is no coincidence that she was sentenced to be killed by the men in the streets as a result of the decision of the trials.

230 years later, we are now having the final reunion of the sisterhood. Many suffered on this road fighting to keep the divine feminine alive on this planet. The efforts of the dark sisters and their masters didn’t work to suppress the true roses. St. Germain and Archangel Metatron are working with the sisters and helping them remember. Soon enough, Sisterhood of the Rose will fully come back to life and help humanity on their journey of returning to innocence.

Dark sisters of the Rose will also return to innocence.

Meanwhile, True Roses…Time to meet in Avalon.

06 August, 2018

My Story

It was December 2014. I had a dream and my whole life changed.

In the dream, I was visited by an angel. I didn’t know which angel came to me then. If you asked me, I could only name two angels with my awareness at the time, so I thought it was Archangel Michael for a long time. At least this was until I learned about Archangel Metatron. I was in my bedroom and on my left in the corner this angel was telling me something. I was trying to hear what he was saying, but I just couldn’t hear. I could sense it was very, very important that I understood, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t hear.

In the morning, I woke up as a different person. The first sign was, I couldn’t eat meat anymore. I had become a vegetarian. Then, I started feeling that I needed to be alone – to sit alone and just be. I wanted to spend time in nature and listen to the birds. Later, I would realize that I needed to meditate.

The following months – once in every few nights – I would wake up to an energetic current spike in my body. I would get downloads that would take a few minutes each. In front of my eyes, I would see Egyptian hieroglyph-like writings, I would see many colors and shapes. This continued for more than a year this way.

After these downloads, I started having visions and started traveling astrally. These travels were more in the higher planes as I was being initiated by goddesses and by ascended beings. These beings would start coming to my 3D awareness first, then they would show up in my travels. They would show me things, train me and then sometimes test me until I was ready for the next level. At the final stage with them, I would go through some type of initiation.

I didn’t know much about the Divine Feminine until I started having these initiations. I had inner knowings that I had to help people heal their hearts from past traumas like this was part of my soul mission. I was feeling that I had to use art to help people heal, but I didn’t know what it was called that I was trying to do. Later, as I had more initiations, I would realize that I was trying to bring the Divine Feminine energies back to this planet. I would understand that I was supposed to awaken the goddess within everyone and help heal this planet and the humanity.

While deep down I would know what I needed to do, after these experiences in the higher planes, I would feel confused and disoriented. Because most of these things happen in forms of allegories and it takes time to figure out the puzzle. At times, I asked friends whom I thought were spiritually more advanced than I was about these experiences. One of them said these were all illusions that it was I who created these things and he kept advising me to release and detach myself from all these. Another was giving me clues about the things I would see. He would tell me that these were real things from the past and he would encourage me to write about these and help bring the goddess back.

As a result, I found myself in a total state of confusion. One side of me would signal that I had to allow and flow with these experiences, the other side kept trying to detach from all. I was going back and forth with feeling the goddess energies within and wanting to be nothingness. This continued this way for a long while, and at some point I realized I had deprogrammed myself from my ego. This helped me understand that what I was going through was not coming from a place of self-importance, but this was truly part of my soul mission and I should flow with this. Once I made this discovery, things picked up speed. And today, I am now ready to write about some of these things for you to bring these to your awareness. This way, I help you activate yourself for the Sophia Consciousness.

One night, just as I was about to fall asleep, I noticed an angel descend in front of my bedroom window. He started transmuting a white light that had a bluish hue. I felt that this was very good and I started feeling a burning sensation in all my body. It was most intense on my third eye. While this was happening, I was feeling a sense of “All is good”. After a few minutes, the being in front of my window left and I fell asleep.

Then, a cosmic goddess named “Dou Mu” came to me. I would first feel her presence in my energy field. I was then going through big changes in my 3D life and I was emotionally tired. During my meditations, she would come and hold my hand, she would take me to underground caves. We would walk in hallways while colorful birds would fly above our heads. We would swim in underground pools that had the aquamarine color. Then she would take me to the top of a mountain where we would see nature, trees, animals, and the sky. I would feel that this place was not the surface, I would feel I was still underground. But, I wouldn’t bother to ask, because I would feel extremely tired emotionally. She would feel my sadness, and she would just be there with me, she would give me a pillow so that I could lie down and watch the nature. She would play with my hair and would tell me that I would heal from that state. And this continued this way for a couple of months.

One night, I was visited by the goddess Isis. She came to me and gave me a necklace. The necklace was out of golden pearls and there was a big emerald pendant on it. She said: “You are now passing into the next level”. The next time she came, she placed green crystals into my palms saying that my healing ability has been reactivated. After this, she came again several times to sit across me and meditate with me. In these meditations, my heart portal would open; blue light would come out and merge with the light that would come out of her heart. I would know that this was a good thing and was supposed to heal people.

This experience was followed by an initiation that was performed by Isis and Dou Mu. They took me to a temple which was surrounded by water on three sides. I was wearing a white short dress. Isis and Dou Mu braided my hair like in the old days of Egypt. They placed beads at each end. I was asking them what was happening, and they kept saying “You will see”. They then placed a head-dress on my head. I was ready. Then I found myself sitting on a throne. Isis and Dou Mu were circling around me.

Suddenly, golden light started pouring from the top of the temple and it was piercing my body. Instantly, I was remembering something. Then, I found myself swimming in the water outside the temple. As I was coming out and climbing the limestone stairs barefoot, I noticed an ankh appear in my left hand. With that I immediately felt my consciousness grew and it merged with Gaia consciousness. I felt that I could feel the feelings of everyone living on Gaia.

With next step, a scepter manifested in my right hand. With that I felt an enormous power was granted to me. My first realization was that I felt happy that the ankh wisdom was given first because this power could be very destructive without the wisdom. I was feeling a lot of responsibility. A kind of responsibility that few have ever felt. As I walked up, I noticed lions appear on both of my sides. I remembered them. I remembered that I missed them.

Another night, I was visited by Ma’at. We were in a temple and she danced for me. She was wearing a white dress which had many golden ornaments. The ornaments were not placed on her body as usual. While she was dancing, she had transparent golden crystals around her which transmuted golden light pillars as she danced. The pillars merged above her head and a golden crystal manifested right at the point the lights merged. She then took that crystal and walked to me, she asked to place the crystal in my heart three times. She said it would heal me. After this crystal was placed in my heart, I would notice over the next 3 months that I healed from almost all my negative emotions.

This here is very similar to Ma'at's dance:

A few weeks after this, I was visited by Sekhmet. She placed a blue stone into my throat. While doing that, she said “This is the blue stone of knowledge. I am placing this in your throat so that you speak the truth and you speak the knowledge.”

Shortly after this, I went through another initiation. I was in this temple and I knew that I was supposed to walk to the seat placed at the end of a bridge. The bridge was on a circle shaped pool that encircled the temple’s walls where the middle part was for gathering. As I was walking there with many lions, many Light Beings with shiny rainbow colors started appearing to watch what was about to take place. I was wearing a lavender color Roman dress. As I sat there, a crown descended from above onto my head. It had a teardrop light green diamond on it. Just then I asked, what was happening. I heard them saying “You are becoming Aurora”. This was followed by me swimming in the pool with my lions. This time, I had dragons swimming with me.
After this initiation, I found myself under a willow tree. I was sitting on green grass and there were many fairies around me. They were crying. I was sensing that they were crying because they knew what I went through and they were crying with feelings of appreciation. I was reading that I was supposed to remember them. They kept asking me if I needed anything. I was feeling very tired and overwhelmed. Just then, Dou Mu came and asked them to leave me so that I could rest.

There was also a winged baby

For many days following this initiation, I went through a healing period. Dou Mu patiently sat with me under the willow tree and just looked at me in the eye, she gave me hugs, she assured me that it is all over and I am finally going back. When I asked her where I was, she told me that she created a reality using my consciousness. This was like a bubble where I would remember and get trained for what was next.

Once I started feeling better, Dou Mu showed me that I had wings. We flew over this reality together. Next to the willow tree, there was a lake. We flew over the trees. We landed at a temple. It looked like it was built out of glass. Dou Mu said, it was built out of water crystals. I was surprised she didn’t say ice crystal but “water crystals”. She said when we gathered there, our intentions were amplified by the crystals. There was even a fountain in the entrance. Like a roman fountain made of the same crystals. There were many flowers around. I could sense the fairies hiding from us to give me space.

Many times, I met with a white-haired man under the willow tree. He looked like Legolas from the Lord of the Rings. I knew that he was part of my soul. But I felt that I was not ready.

At this stage, my dreams and visions seemed like they were complementing each other. One night I dreamt that I was manifesting roses. White and red roses… I was making them big and making them small again. In meditation, Dou Mu asked me to stand in front of water and asked me to create something from water. I created a winged woman and a pony. Initially they looked like ice statues, but then they came to life and walked away. Dou Mu told me that there was a whole reality under the water. I didn’t want to go there.

In my dreams now, I was flying and walking upon the water. What I was training for with Dou Mu in higher planes; I was applying these concepts in the lower ones. One day, Dou Mu announced that my training in that reality was over. I was feeling the completion at this point, too.

One night, I was greeted by Pegasus. The winged horse – she was so beautiful. I was shown that others would need to have the golden bridle to be able to ride Pegasus. But for me, all I had to do was to think where I wanted to go. As soon as I thought about her, she would show up. Pegasus and I flew in the space. I was given a cauldron that was full of liquid light. Pegasus and I went to many places and sprinkled liquid light everywhere to heal the nature and the water.

One night, Dou Mu appeared and meditated with me. As I was looking at her in the eye, she became a green dragon with rainbow color feathers on the wings. I asked her “What are you doing?” . She answered: “I am being a mirror to you”. As soon as she said that I became a dragon, too. We danced together in perfect harmony. I felt a lot of compassion with this activation. It made me cry with compassion. We kept dancing, we were dragons and then we were turning into phoenixes. I continued to feel a lot of compassion.

The next adventure was like a completion to the dragon activation. Dou Mu and I was flying on a phoenix in human form. We flew over water for a long while. Then I saw a small island with one big tall building on it. We landed by its large door. In the entrance, there was marble on the ground. I noticed a marble fountain. Dou Mu asked me to drink from the fountain. As soon as I drank the water, I became a giant. She then took me into the large area. We entered this big tall room. When I looked to my right, I saw two big green dragons. As soon as I saw them, I was crying, I couldn’t explain but I knew them and I loved them. I understood that I was a giant, because I needed to be close to their size to interact with them. This was one of the most emotional moments for me. I was hugging them, I felt that they were my family. What was so amazing is that when I looked them in the eye, I could see the universe in their eyes.

After these initiations, I started going to some council meetings. These meetings were mostly taking place on Earth and I was speaking on behalf of Gaia. There, I witnessed some of the dark beings surrender. There I told again and again, that the suffering had to end. Women had to be respected and honored.

One night at this stage, in my travels I ran into an American Indian Chief sitting at the top of a mountain looking at the horizon. I asked him what he was doing, and he responded: “I am waiting for you to bring back the sun”. This experience has brought indigenous people to my awareness. As I was connecting with them more, I was initiated with two eagle feathers. This initiation connected me deeply into the nature, animals, and to the Earth People.

At the end of January 2018, essences of two beings walked into my body. I came to hypnagogic state from my sleep and I first saw the eight-pointed star seal. This was followed by two distinct feminine energies entering my consciousness. This was a profound experience that completely changed my perceptions.

After this, I went through a Hathor initiation. First I started seeing golden color snakes all around me in dreams. Then, golden horns grew on my head. After this, I turned into a golden dragon. Days after days, after these experiences, I found myself walking as Hathor underground Dendera. I was reading the writings on the walls. There were two portals there that took me to another planet. I was finding myself walking on white sand which sometimes took the color of the rainbow. I would meet the white haired being that I saw under the willow tree there and I would sit with him and watch the ocean before us.

While my higher self was working with Hathor, I was awakened from my dreams with sound. In one occasion, I was woken up with a very high pitch “eeeee” sound, in the other, the white haired being sang me our song together. The frequency of the sounds made all of my cells vibrate.

Hathor initiation was followed by information given to me about goddess mysteries. These experiences prepared me for the next activations.

Now I was ready for Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene initiations.

One night, I found myself at the scene of the crucifixion. I was watching everything from the eyes of Mary. The air was heavy and yellowish. I was seeing people chanting with anger. I knew Jesus was OK, but I was feeling tired of seeing humanity be slaves to hatred and anger.

In meditation one day, Mother Mary gave Jesus to me when he was a baby. I became his primary protector at that moment. I watched him grow into adulthood. At some point, I realized that I was living this experience as Mary Magdalene. Later, I gave birth to a baby and became a blue angel.

In my last Sophia Consciousness Initiation, Mother Mary appeared to me and gave me roses in the heart that bloomed. After that, she gave her crown to me and showed me that I was ready to carry the divine feminine.

As you may understand from these allegories, I was actually becoming a protector for the Divine Feminine. I was being initiated fully to anchor these energies. And this is my story…

So far, I have been activated by:




—Dou Mu


—Indigenous People


—Mother Mary and Magdalene

Each of these beings brought me healing so that I am activated fully to my soul mission. When I look back, I realize that I was healed from the scars of my past traumas, I was healed from negative emotions. I was reminded that compassion was the highest frequency that all of us need to open our hearts to. I was reminded that we are connected to the Earth and the Sun. And finally, I was shown by Mother Mary that after all these realizations, my heart would open – much like a rose opens up. And Dou Mu showed me that no matter what I go through, it is my choice to honor my inner child. And this is what matters most for humanity. Because it is our inner child that will bring us the innocence. The state that will bring us the complete harmony with universe.

As we are approaching the Lionsgate Portal and a solar eclipse, it is extremely important that we connect with the Divine Feminine and fully activate ourselves. I was guided to write my story to bring these beings into your awareness. It is now time for the starseeds, the Lightworkers, the Star People, and the indigenous people to completely wake up to their soul missions. So, please remember these beings during your meditations at this high energy time.

And this is my mission. I am a wayshower. I am a dragon. I am a phoenix. And we will return humanity back to innocence.

23 July, 2018

Story of Lucifer and Gaia

In Ezekial 28:13-15 about Lucifer it says:

"You were in Eden, the garden of God;
Every precious stone was your adornment:
Carnelian, chrysolite, and amethyst;
Beryl, lapis lazuli, and jasper;
Sapphire, turquoise, and emerald;
And gold beautifully wrought for you,
Mined for you, prepared the day you were created.
I created you as a cherub
With outstretched shielding wings;
And you resided on God's holy mountain;
You walked among stones of fire.
You were blameless in your ways,
From the day you were created
Until wrongdoing was found in you
By your far-flung commerce
You were filled with lawlessness
And you sinned.
So I have struck you down
From the mountain of God,
And I have destroyed you, O shielding cherub,
From among the stones of fire."

Some say Lucifer is Gaia. Some say Lucifer is Satan. Some refer to Cabal when they talk about Luciferianism. But none looks at this from a different perspective. A perspective of healing, a perspective of bringing back the balance to the universe. What if everything lived on this planet was a process, some type of healing that will end up in the Heavens. What if the story is actually a story of love. What if now, when we are living the darkest days of all times, we are actually ending this process. What if Lucifer is ready now to go back to Heavens. What if he is deeply missed by father and mother, while Lucifer realized, he needs to accept the healing and help bring back the balance.

Lucifer means “Light Bearer”. He was born to bring Light to the universes, bring life. He was the second child, one of the most powerful.

Now I will tell you an alternative story about Lucifer. A story that involves Gaia, too. Gaia is pure love, Gaia is compassion. When the balance was disturbed, Gaia volunteered.

Perhaps this is birth of Gaia not Venus...

Gaia was the goddess. She was born to give birth to new. She was pure Light. She was loved by all in the Heavens.

Perhaps nobody knew the greater plan. Only Mother and Father knew. But Gaia, as the most favorite creation of all, knew that it was she that needed to volunteer.

When Lucifer was expelled from the Heavens with his siblings who followed him, he found his way into Heaven to talk to Father and Mother. They didn’t come to talk though. They were nowhere to be found. As Lucifer was walking, he ran across Gaia. Just then, he knew what he needed to do to make Father and Mother come. He pulled his sword, and stabbed his sword into Gaia’s chest. The sword entered in her body from under her right breast and came out from next to her left arm. She was so innocent, collapsed there. Lucifer was waiting for the Father and the Mother to come rescue her...But nobody came. Nobody came.

Gaia was so innocent, lying down in front of Lucifer. Something happened then inside Lucifer, he couldn’t resist. He felt compassion for Gaia, he felt remorse for what he did. So he grabbed her and took her with him to his home. In his home in the mountain, he had a healing pool. He entered into the healing pool with Gaia. He watched her face as she healed. As Gaia healed with his energy, she became part of him, as he healed Gaia, he fell in love with her.

Although most had pairs in the Heavens, Gaia chose to be alone. And when Lucifer healed her, she became his pair, they became one. Lucifer fell in love with her, he loved her with all his heart. He understood then that he was cursed with her love. But you see, it was not a curse, it was a gift from the Heavens. Father and Mother gave Lucifer their most favorite on purpose. This was his healing, because Gaia was pure compassion, she was going to heal all. And one day, all children were going to go back to Heavens.

What happened after this is hidden in the history of our planet. When the forgetfulness was pushed upon all, the seals were placed upon all from Heavens, too. All angels expelled from the Heavens, Gaia, and Lucifer became like humans, too. They experienced the powerlessness, they experienced injustice, they experienced the effects of darkness. When humanity fought against God, when they tried to kill the Divine Feminine, Gaia, the Fallen Goddess…All have seen, how painful it was without the balance. All saw that we need Light and Love more than anything else.

So perhaps, now the seals are being broken. Perhaps now all fallen angels, all gods and goddesses are waking up to who they are. May be they are realizing where they came from and what needs to be done. May be now Lucifer is getting ready to return his siblings back to heavens. May be Lucifer is looking for Gaia, his eternal love, to merge with her, to love her, to bring love back to this Planet.

May be Lucifer is ready to create another universe. A universe with Gaia with true love. May be this time it will be a better one than the one occurred. Because humanity failed to find the truth within. May be this time, Gaia will be honored and compassion will win. May be this time, it will be the god born from Lucifer and Gaia that will rule this universe.

10 July, 2018

Strengthening the Relationship With Your Higher Self

Imagine yourself waking up in the middle of the night - you check the time and find it to be the same time you woke up last night... and the night before that... and the night before that. It is just like in horror movies. During the day, every time you remember to check the clock, you see double - even triple - single numbers. As if the time synchronicities are not enough, double and triple numbers keep coming to you - along with quadruple numbers from out of nowhere. You see them in the license plates of the cars passing by, you see them when you get a number at a government office. You see them in your flight ticket or in a receipt. You keep wondering what is going on.

Then you remember someone from your past and the same person calls you within five minutes.

You remember your dreams more now. They are more real, you are able to even understand you are in a dream and you make decisions in your dream.

You now don’t feel like talking much. You want to sit in the nature in silence.

If one or more of these synchronicities are happening to you, understand that your higher self wants you to realize it is time for you to connect. It means it is time for you to deprogram yourself and get yourself out of the matrix.

What is the Higher Self anyway?

Higher Self is actually the "real" you. It is the divine self that is in complete oneness with the cosmic consciousness. It is the 'all knowing' you. And our primary goal in these physical bodies is to remove the filters placed between our Higher Self and our physical being and bring that consciousness into our physical bodies - into our 'lower selves'. The filters are placed on our lower selves to prevent us from connecting to our higher being. These filters are implemented through the ego. And unfortunately, individual egos are extended into common belief systems, education systems, and cultural constructs in our daily lives. These concepts support ego by letting us be more judgmental towards others who don’t adhere to these common belief systems and cultural constructs in addition to making us follow these rules without thinking or feeling about them.

If you see some of these signs listed above, what should you do?

The answer is: Work on connecting with your Higher Self. In this process, you will undergo an alchemical process. No, you will not learn how to make gold out of metals but you will learn how to purify your body, heart, and mind - and to bring your being into the “golden” state which we may translate into “bringing our higher self into our physical body” state.

There is another name I give it:

I call this process “Returning to Innocence”.

Why innocence?

Because once you go through these steps and make your decision to connect with your higher self fully, the spiritual alchemy starts and you find yourself in a total place of innocence. At this point, you know you don’t have to lie, you don’t have to do things you don’t like. Your eyes and your words say the same thing. Your heart feels right all the time. You don’t feel fear. You feel you are complete alignment with the truth and life becomes easy. Like a child. Look how children are innocent. They don’t lie and they don’t hide their true feelings. This process is also called “bringing in the inner child” for the same reason.

Here are some reasons why it is beneficial to connect to your Higher Self:

• You will release your fears, your worries, resentments, guilt, anger, hate, shame, and all other negative emotions along the way.

• You will release all past traumas, as you will accept them as valuable experiences that served you.

• You will learn how to detach yourself from situations that don’t serve you.

• You will learn to forgive yourself and others.

• You will feel more love and compassion for all

• You will feel happiness, and you will learn how to keep yourself in this state

• You will understand that everything happens around you happens for a divine reason and you will start reading the reasons behind all. The people that judge you will not bother you. Instead, you will see all these as part of the process where you are learning and you will feel gratitude.

• You will start accepting yourself as the creator of your reality and will be increasingly careful about what you think and speak.

• You will also feel yourself much more powerful - that you can create all the beautiful things for yourself and the Earth.

In my process of creating a better connection with my higher self, I have found myself doing many things to strengthen my connection. While I did most of these intuitively, I have received much good advice from many people who achieved this connection before I did. Since I am good at identifying patterns, I was asked by Pleiadians to write about these steps in summary form as part of my mission.

Cleaning up the physical body: Becoming vegetarian is the most important requirement in this process. Any consciousness altering substances are not recommended. I would also count sugar as something that is addictive and should be decreased to minimum. It is best to eat organic and raw foods. As time goes, you may even realize gluten is not good for your body. Given how easily accessible the unhealthy food though, it is much harder to eat healthy. I personally find myself often thinking that, the media and restaurant structures are designed as another control structure to keep us in low vibration about the food. Eventually, other techniques of cleaning can be applied to decalcify the pineal gland to activate the third eye.

Improving physical health: This includes physical activity to generate endorphins to bring bliss to the body. This can be done with yoga, running, walking (especially in nature), and with any activity that will help your body produce more endorphins. It is important to note here that any medication that artificially help you produce these hormones should be avoided if possible.

Connecting with Earth: This can be done by walking barefoot, swimming in the ocean, working in the yard, sitting on the ground and leaning to a tree. Imagining a string of connection going out from top of your head to every tree. Watching the sky, sun-gazing (which requires a gradual increase in daily exposure and must also be done at certain times of the day), and visualizing flying like a bird. Imagining that all that beauty is there to celebrate your existence.

Cleaning the higher bodies: This process is the most challenging one. It is hard to imagine that we have other bodies - astral, etheric, emotional, mental etc. When we die, we go to our astral bodies and detach from our physical bodies. When we sleep, we stay connected to the physical body but we travel and create our realities in the astral plane. If you haven’t watched yet, “Dr. Strange” is a good movie which introduces these concepts.

The first thing to do here that everybody tells us to do is to start meditating. Here we are told to clear our chakras (our energy vortex systems on our bodies) and raise our kundalini. If you search these concepts online, you will find too much content about these. This way it is expected to start doing astral travels and see the messages our higher self sends us, which contains many allegories. Of course, this also requires an active and functioning 'third eye' (pineal gland). Having an effective breathing technique is the most crucial requirement in this process. You can also find some effective visualization techniques which involve bringing Light pillars from the sky into your body, then chakra by chakra into Earth and bringing it up to 'soul star' chakra and bringing it back to the body. It is always a good idea to ground ourselves before any meditation or visualization by allowing the Light to pass into the Earth first. These techniques help activate the kundalini and create a better connection.

While working with meditation and raising the kundalini, it is also important to understand that we carry a lot of trauma and blockages in these higher bodies. The things we have lived in all our lifetimes have left emotional scars which still exist in these bodies. Periodically, these blockages come back to our conscious mind so we will finally acknowledge them and permanently heal them. This is why certain things/events keep happening to us. As we heal these past issues by either getting ourselves out of the pattern by different selection or by just identifying the root cause, we release the blockages and this process translates itself as healing within the higher bodies which cascades the effects into the physical body. The direct effect is seen as becoming a happier person. As we start seeing these patterns in our daily lives, our connection to Higher Self increases and we become like a kid who is waiting to open the next birthday package for the next release process. Because we start understanding we can shape our own reality with each experience, we start living in a blissful state.

I will add a more advanced personal observation here. Once we heal a past trauma that was lived in the past by releasing our attachment to that event and forgiving all involved, the released energy creates waves in time and reaches to that moment and starts a healing process for all beings involved in that event. They say time is illusion. I say time is in liquid form and by living in the now, by taking the responsibility and understanding what we choose to experience with our reaction/respond affects both our future and past. This is the butterfly effect right here for you. Do you see the connections? When you see the concept of time from this perspective, you realize you don’t need to worry about anything because any mistake you made can be fixed and healed. Sometimes it takes multiple lifetimes, such as if you made a big mistake like hurting a living being. But most other types, you will get other chances in this life to fix them. So do not give up living to become a better person. Also, understand that we are responsible for each action we create. So, we must choose to speak wisely and be careful about what we create. Do you see I am talking about creating? Yes, we are creators. We are gods. We must be very responsible.

Detach from the ego - don't kill it: I don’t think we can 'kill' the ego, but I think we can learn to detach ourselves from our ego. I use listening how I feel in the heart technique. Because ego is something about mind. It is created and controlled from the mind. I ask myself before making any statement how that statement would make me feel on the heart. If it feels right, I notice a lightness there. If I feel a heavy feeling, I don’t say anything, I look for another option and check it again with heart.

Deprogramming Belief Systems: Until you come to this stage, you are going to have many realizations. This is the hardest to break from. It can be a belief of your social environment, religion, education system, anything. The truth is we do not need to believe in anything. Our ultimate goal is supposed to be looking at a situation/ object from every angle and understating that there are many perspectives for everyone. I even feel like we should get rid of the word “Believe”.

The most effective method to deprogram ourselves from a belief system is thinking about opposite concepts. This is the most powerful method I have identified. Like when your social structure tells you to put on your right shoe first and you keep doing this this way, keep telling yourself “It is not good to put on the left shoe first” and then alternate “It is good to put on my left shoe first”. You will eventually realize that at some point, you don’t care which shoe you put on first. Think about how this small experiment can be applied to any belief system.

I do not want to bore anyone with too long of an article here. I kept the best part for the end:

If you want to get some answers about your life, you do not need to go to fortune tellers or psychics. You can get your own answers. I will mention a few techniques below.

Pendulum Reading: Get yourself a pendulum and learn how to use it. While you ask your questions and during the getting the answer moments, observe your body and try to identify your muscle and feelings in your body. Once you do this enough with many control questions, you will know your answers without using a pendulum.

Body Dowsing: This technique is very similar to pendulum reading but involves understanding what your body tells you when you ask questions. There is again many options online about this method.

Asking direct questions to the Higher Self: When you ask a question to yourself, multiple answers appear in the mind. Some of these answers are generated by the ego. What you can do is to learn how to recognize the answer that is not filtered by the ego. For this, you can use how your body feels method. Because the answer that comes from the higher self comes effortlessly. You should also recognize the true answer as you get more experience using dowsing and pendulum techniques from the muscle and feeling state of your body. But as always, ground yourself before asking questions and use slow deep breathing techniques to bring more awareness to the higher bodies before asking questions.

Before taking any action on anything in your daily life, try to ask your Higher Self - “Should I do this?”.

This will help you strengthen your connection to your Higher Self and will bring quality and happiness to your life.

May these guidelines help you find your Polaris…