10 July, 2018

Strengthening the Relationship With Your Higher Self

Imagine yourself waking up in the middle of the night - you check the time and find it to be the same time you woke up last night... and the night before that... and the night before that. It is just like in horror movies. During the day, every time you remember to check the clock, you see double - even triple - single numbers. As if the time synchronicities are not enough, double and triple numbers keep coming to you - along with quadruple numbers from out of nowhere. You see them in the license plates of the cars passing by, you see them when you get a number at a government office. You see them in your flight ticket or in a receipt. You keep wondering what is going on.

Then you remember someone from your past and the same person calls you within five minutes.

You remember your dreams more now. They are more real, you are able to even understand you are in a dream and you make decisions in your dream.

You now don’t feel like talking much. You want to sit in the nature in silence.

If one or more of these synchronicities are happening to you, understand that your higher self wants you to realize it is time for you to connect. It means it is time for you to deprogram yourself and get yourself out of the matrix.

What is the Higher Self anyway?

Higher Self is actually the "real" you. It is the divine self that is in complete oneness with the cosmic consciousness. It is the 'all knowing' you. And our primary goal in these physical bodies is to remove the filters placed between our Higher Self and our physical being and bring that consciousness into our physical bodies - into our 'lower selves'. The filters are placed on our lower selves to prevent us from connecting to our higher being. These filters are implemented through the ego. And unfortunately, individual egos are extended into common belief systems, education systems, and cultural constructs in our daily lives. These concepts support ego by letting us be more judgmental towards others who don’t adhere to these common belief systems and cultural constructs in addition to making us follow these rules without thinking or feeling about them.

If you see some of these signs listed above, what should you do?

The answer is: Work on connecting with your Higher Self. In this process, you will undergo an alchemical process. No, you will not learn how to make gold out of metals but you will learn how to purify your body, heart, and mind - and to bring your being into the “golden” state which we may translate into “bringing our higher self into our physical body” state.

There is another name I give it:

I call this process “Returning to Innocence”.

Why innocence?

Because once you go through these steps and make your decision to connect with your higher self fully, the spiritual alchemy starts and you find yourself in a total place of innocence. At this point, you know you don’t have to lie, you don’t have to do things you don’t like. Your eyes and your words say the same thing. Your heart feels right all the time. You don’t feel fear. You feel you are complete alignment with the truth and life becomes easy. Like a child. Look how children are innocent. They don’t lie and they don’t hide their true feelings. This process is also called “bringing in the inner child” for the same reason.

Here are some reasons why it is beneficial to connect to your Higher Self:

• You will release your fears, your worries, resentments, guilt, anger, hate, shame, and all other negative emotions along the way.

• You will release all past traumas, as you will accept them as valuable experiences that served you.

• You will learn how to detach yourself from situations that don’t serve you.

• You will learn to forgive yourself and others.

• You will feel more love and compassion for all

• You will feel happiness, and you will learn how to keep yourself in this state

• You will understand that everything happens around you happens for a divine reason and you will start reading the reasons behind all. The people that judge you will not bother you. Instead, you will see all these as part of the process where you are learning and you will feel gratitude.

• You will start accepting yourself as the creator of your reality and will be increasingly careful about what you think and speak.

• You will also feel yourself much more powerful - that you can create all the beautiful things for yourself and the Earth.

In my process of creating a better connection with my higher self, I have found myself doing many things to strengthen my connection. While I did most of these intuitively, I have received much good advice from many people who achieved this connection before I did. Since I am good at identifying patterns, I was asked by Pleiadians to write about these steps in summary form as part of my mission.

Cleaning up the physical body: Becoming vegetarian is the most important requirement in this process. Any consciousness altering substances are not recommended. I would also count sugar as something that is addictive and should be decreased to minimum. It is best to eat organic and raw foods. As time goes, you may even realize gluten is not good for your body. Given how easily accessible the unhealthy food though, it is much harder to eat healthy. I personally find myself often thinking that, the media and restaurant structures are designed as another control structure to keep us in low vibration about the food. Eventually, other techniques of cleaning can be applied to decalcify the pineal gland to activate the third eye.

Improving physical health: This includes physical activity to generate endorphins to bring bliss to the body. This can be done with yoga, running, walking (especially in nature), and with any activity that will help your body produce more endorphins. It is important to note here that any medication that artificially help you produce these hormones should be avoided if possible.

Connecting with Earth: This can be done by walking barefoot, swimming in the ocean, working in the yard, sitting on the ground and leaning to a tree. Imagining a string of connection going out from top of your head to every tree. Watching the sky, sun-gazing (which requires a gradual increase in daily exposure and must also be done at certain times of the day), and visualizing flying like a bird. Imagining that all that beauty is there to celebrate your existence.

Cleaning the higher bodies: This process is the most challenging one. It is hard to imagine that we have other bodies - astral, etheric, emotional, mental etc. When we die, we go to our astral bodies and detach from our physical bodies. When we sleep, we stay connected to the physical body but we travel and create our realities in the astral plane. If you haven’t watched yet, “Dr. Strange” is a good movie which introduces these concepts.

The first thing to do here that everybody tells us to do is to start meditating. Here we are told to clear our chakras (our energy vortex systems on our bodies) and raise our kundalini. If you search these concepts online, you will find too much content about these. This way it is expected to start doing astral travels and see the messages our higher self sends us, which contains many allegories. Of course, this also requires an active and functioning 'third eye' (pineal gland). Having an effective breathing technique is the most crucial requirement in this process. You can also find some effective visualization techniques which involve bringing Light pillars from the sky into your body, then chakra by chakra into Earth and bringing it up to 'soul star' chakra and bringing it back to the body. It is always a good idea to ground ourselves before any meditation or visualization by allowing the Light to pass into the Earth first. These techniques help activate the kundalini and create a better connection.

While working with meditation and raising the kundalini, it is also important to understand that we carry a lot of trauma and blockages in these higher bodies. The things we have lived in all our lifetimes have left emotional scars which still exist in these bodies. Periodically, these blockages come back to our conscious mind so we will finally acknowledge them and permanently heal them. This is why certain things/events keep happening to us. As we heal these past issues by either getting ourselves out of the pattern by different selection or by just identifying the root cause, we release the blockages and this process translates itself as healing within the higher bodies which cascades the effects into the physical body. The direct effect is seen as becoming a happier person. As we start seeing these patterns in our daily lives, our connection to Higher Self increases and we become like a kid who is waiting to open the next birthday package for the next release process. Because we start understanding we can shape our own reality with each experience, we start living in a blissful state.

I will add a more advanced personal observation here. Once we heal a past trauma that was lived in the past by releasing our attachment to that event and forgiving all involved, the released energy creates waves in time and reaches to that moment and starts a healing process for all beings involved in that event. They say time is illusion. I say time is in liquid form and by living in the now, by taking the responsibility and understanding what we choose to experience with our reaction/respond affects both our future and past. This is the butterfly effect right here for you. Do you see the connections? When you see the concept of time from this perspective, you realize you don’t need to worry about anything because any mistake you made can be fixed and healed. Sometimes it takes multiple lifetimes, such as if you made a big mistake like hurting a living being. But most other types, you will get other chances in this life to fix them. So do not give up living to become a better person. Also, understand that we are responsible for each action we create. So, we must choose to speak wisely and be careful about what we create. Do you see I am talking about creating? Yes, we are creators. We are gods. We must be very responsible.

Detach from the ego - don't kill it: I don’t think we can 'kill' the ego, but I think we can learn to detach ourselves from our ego. I use listening how I feel in the heart technique. Because ego is something about mind. It is created and controlled from the mind. I ask myself before making any statement how that statement would make me feel on the heart. If it feels right, I notice a lightness there. If I feel a heavy feeling, I don’t say anything, I look for another option and check it again with heart.

Deprogramming Belief Systems: Until you come to this stage, you are going to have many realizations. This is the hardest to break from. It can be a belief of your social environment, religion, education system, anything. The truth is we do not need to believe in anything. Our ultimate goal is supposed to be looking at a situation/ object from every angle and understating that there are many perspectives for everyone. I even feel like we should get rid of the word “Believe”.

The most effective method to deprogram ourselves from a belief system is thinking about opposite concepts. This is the most powerful method I have identified. Like when your social structure tells you to put on your right shoe first and you keep doing this this way, keep telling yourself “It is not good to put on the left shoe first” and then alternate “It is good to put on my left shoe first”. You will eventually realize that at some point, you don’t care which shoe you put on first. Think about how this small experiment can be applied to any belief system.

I do not want to bore anyone with too long of an article here. I kept the best part for the end:

If you want to get some answers about your life, you do not need to go to fortune tellers or psychics. You can get your own answers. I will mention a few techniques below.

Pendulum Reading: Get yourself a pendulum and learn how to use it. While you ask your questions and during the getting the answer moments, observe your body and try to identify your muscle and feelings in your body. Once you do this enough with many control questions, you will know your answers without using a pendulum.

Body Dowsing: This technique is very similar to pendulum reading but involves understanding what your body tells you when you ask questions. There is again many options online about this method.

Asking direct questions to the Higher Self: When you ask a question to yourself, multiple answers appear in the mind. Some of these answers are generated by the ego. What you can do is to learn how to recognize the answer that is not filtered by the ego. For this, you can use how your body feels method. Because the answer that comes from the higher self comes effortlessly. You should also recognize the true answer as you get more experience using dowsing and pendulum techniques from the muscle and feeling state of your body. But as always, ground yourself before asking questions and use slow deep breathing techniques to bring more awareness to the higher bodies before asking questions.

Before taking any action on anything in your daily life, try to ask your Higher Self - “Should I do this?”.

This will help you strengthen your connection to your Higher Self and will bring quality and happiness to your life.

May these guidelines help you find your Polaris…

28 June, 2018

Key of Compassion

Pleiadian Message:

When you were being trained for your missions on Earth, you all learned that one day Compassion Key was going to be activated. You all promised that once you see this, you would release all hate, doubt, guilt, resentment towards each other and focus on unity.

This is the moment you have been waiting for. Compassion Key is activated. Release. Love. Accept.

Compassion is the highest frequency.

25 June, 2018

Welcome Alamos

Alamos welcome...

I greet you with love!

19 June, 2018

Meditation for Elections in Turkey - June 23rd, 2018th at 4 pm UTC.

The citizens of Turkey will be voting on June 24th, 2018th to select their new president and the parliament members. Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been in power in Turkey for the past 16 years.

As the Lightworkers in Turkey, we would like to ask you to join us in our meditation to manifest a future that will bring peace, love, harmony, truth, and justice to Turkey and to the whole world.

Our meditation will take place on June 23rd, 2018th at 4 pm UTC.

Please share this meditation with people everywhere and join us on Saturday so that we can bring the Goddess back to this ancient land.


1. Bring yourself to a relaxed state by taking slow deep breaths for a few minutes.

2. Visualize a beam of light emanating from your soul star chakra (8 inches, 20 cm above your head).

3. Visualize that you connect to all people meditating and connect to the Earth Light Grid with this light emanating from your soul star chakra.

4. Visualize that people of Turkey have a peaceful election and they use their free will to select the next parliament members and their new president. Visualize that the election results reflect the free wills of Turkish people. Visualize that their new parliament and the president bring unity, peace, abundance, freedom, love, and harmony to the country.

5. Visualize that this ancient land anchors more Light and that the Goddess presence increases in Turkey.

6. Visualize that the Goddess presence expands and covers all of Mesopotamia - heals these lands - and then expands even more and heals the whole world.

7. Visualize the Goddess presence anchoring itself permanently in this region.

31 May, 2018

Return to Innocence

I have recently connected to some amazing women and have been reading their works. These books/writings are triggering memories and activations for me. Before even I start reading certain information, my higher self is taking me to places and showing me things. This is an amazing experience. I honor Robyn Adams, Nilufer Aliyanah, and Cris Henderson for their role in bringing my pieces back together.

I go deep within. I am waking up to history. I find myself right at the scene of Crucifixion. I am in a body of a woman looking at Jesus in the eye. I am using all my strength to pull his pain out of his body; I am trying so hard to detach myself from the bodily emotions. I know this is the moment I have been training for. I know I have to be strong and this is my responsibility.

There is a knowing in me, I knew this was going to happen and that moment was going to be a key moment in human history. As I am getting weaker, I look at him in the eye. He is looking at me with so much love and compassion that all my worries melt away. There is a knowing in that look. We both know everything is going to be ok. We acknowledge our roles in this experience and we wait for this scenario to play out and end.

I find myself looking around. The air is yellow, hard to breathe. There are many men who chant and make noise with the metal and spears they are carrying. I feel the energy radiating from their anger. I desperately want to heal this, but I know my role right now is not this. I can’t help but feel sad that how things got out of the path of compassion. I ask myself how much more this would continue. I hear my inner voice saying 2000 more years.

I feel I am accessing a bigger consciousness. This is a state of being shared by few more people there at the scene of Crucifixion. We are connected. This gives me a sense of relief.

As I watch these the tears come down. It is the remembrance I understand. There will be more of these coming. I acknowledge and accept these memories. I do not know from whose perspective I watched this history. I feel grateful for this experience.

2000 years have passed now. I understand why I saw these. Because 2000 fearful, painful years have passed and we have reached the time of awakening. So, I am here to tell you the message. The Protectors of the Grand Sphinx, the Golden Shrine of Ishtar, Magdalene Women, Sisters of the Eternal Fires, Eternal Virgins, it is time to wake up and reclaim your memories. You are the women that have the name “Star”. It is time to bring back Divine Mother!

You will know you are one of them when you connect to Magdalane. You will know when you connect to the scene of Crucifixion. Because Crucifixion was a reunion. You have all done things in this lifetime not consciously knowing, you have visited places to get the codes. You were drawn to Sufis. You were drawn to Pegasus. You had more compassion in your heart than the others. There were always signs. Remember, remember why you had to visit Marseille. Why you had to go to Dendera. Why you had to go to a museum and be amazed with this and this art only.

When you call Pegasus, Pegasus comes. The others need the golden bridle and you don’t!

I honor the Pink One that came to me at the end of January 2018. I honor Dou Mu for this journey.

22 May, 2018

Healing Dance of Ma'at

Ma'at came to me. She didn't speak. She didn't need to speak...

She danced for me. She danced the dance of the goddess for me. There was no music. Her beauty was music. Her movement...She was moving her arms slowly. I could sense the energy moving with her. She was wearing a white dress revealing her belly. There were golden chain accessories on her. She was barefoot. She was dancing with her hands first. Then she added her arms and feet and started pointing with her toes. I could feel the energy dancing with her.

Ma'at came to me and she danced for me. As I danced for Saladin more than 800 years ago. My name was Nazenin then, I liked aquamarine.

But this time, it was Ma'at dancing, she was dancing for me.

She was using her arms and legs. She was dancing slowly. There was no music but I could almost hear something. I think I heard the music of the energy moving.

Two portals opened on each side of her then, came out golden light. She looked beautiful and golden. She danced and Light pillars moved up, she danced and Light moved up.

Then I saw the pillars merge together above her head. Something happened and she stopped then. Then I saw, something right above her head. I saw the golden crystal appear. The crystal appeared to celebrate her dance.

Then she came to me and she said "This will heal you. Can I place this on your heart?"

How could I say "No"? I said "Yes!". Then she asked again, and I said "Yes!". And she asked one more time, and I said "Yes!".

She put the crystal into my heart. I still feel it there. The crystal healed my feelings. I can no longer feel fear. I can no longer feel anger.

I feel grateful. I feel grateful!

19 May, 2018

The Sangraal and the Sisterhood of the Rose

Many thousands years ago in Sirius, 12 women heard a call for help for Earth, for the Blue Jewel was going to be part of a project, the experience of duality. These women heard this call and decided to help Gaia. They accepted to be in physical bodies while they were originally from a higher dimension. And this group is called “Sisterhood of the Rose”.

So with their counterpart group, Brotherhood of the Rose, the members of the Sisterhood of the Rose signed a contract in Sirius. This contract is called “the Rose Covenant”. These beings that signed this contract had the wisdom in their hearts. They knew what needed to be done to bring Gaia out of darkness back to the balance. However, the plan was to forget what they knew and this is exactly what happened to them as part of this contract. The contract was signed was a blood contract, they would be carrying this seal on their energy body in all their lifetimes and would not remember this knowledge until the time was right. But at some point, they would remember how to unlock this knowledge (The Rose Revolution-Christine Henderson Ph.D).

These two groups first went to Pleiades and prepared for their Earth mission there. Many joined them in their mission. When they were ready, they arrived in Atlantis in an oval shaped blue ship.

The Sisterhood of the Rose formed the Temple of Love in Atlantis. In the core of the Sisterhood of the Rose, there were 12 women. These women were called the Inner Sanctum, the Sisters of the Three-fold Flame, or Sisterhood of the Eternal Fires. These women were creators. They were healers and they could heal anything. They were alchemists. They were the Guardians of the Sangraal, the Holy Grail. And only they would be able to understand the knowledge of the Grail.


The primary mission of these women was to be the gateway, the anchor for the Divine Mother, for the divine feminine. They were the eternal virgin beings. After Atlantis fell, they divided and traveled into four directions: East, West, North, and South. (The Rose Revolution-Christine Henderson Ph.D) In the beginning, they created civilizations there. They built temples and taught humanity survival skills and art. Eventually, when they incarnated again, they forgot who they were.

What these women tried to do until they completely forgot their soul missions was to keep the divine feminine alive. They taught the importance of balancing feminine and masculine energies. These teachings were in the teachings of the East deep in Himalayas, they were in Sufi teachings, and there were always sacred guardians of these teachings like Cathars and Templars. Crusading Templars learned these teachings from Sufi masters and took the knowledge to Europe. As the church became more controlling, these teachings went underground and were performed in mystery schools. Even when the church brought “The Inquisition” to suppress the increasing awareness of these teachings in late 1230s in Europe as Dr Henderson describes in her book, there was Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi blooming as a Rose in Konya-Anatolia, bringing the knowledge of the Rose to the people. And he was showing the way to people, how to open the heart like the opening of the rose. And 800 years later in the US, he became one of the most read poets thanks to the translations of Coleman Barks. And it is also not surprising that Dr.Barks himself had been guided with a mystical dream that awakened the rose in his heart which in return helped him relay the messages in a way that directly goes to the heart.


As part of the contract the Sisters made, even after they went under the spell of forgetfulness more and more in their subsequent lifetimes, they were still carrying high internal vibration. Some aspects of these women are their adaptability to changing situations, not having fear, not being able to stay in emotions like sadness, grief long. People feel drawn to these women because of their high vibration and they can’t even understand why. Their touches, their voices have a healing effect on anyone they interact with.

And now, the prophesied time has come. The grail is sending the activation codes to these women. Now and finally, this is their time to remember the knowledge they accepted to forget long ago. They are being called to specific places to activate the full knowledge. They are being guided to meet certain people. They are being called to reunite.

With that I am ending this article with a beautiful Rumi poem translated by Coleman Barks:

What was said to the Rose

What was said to the rose that made it open
was said to me here in my chest.
What was told to the cypress that made it strong
and straight , what was
whispered to the jasmine so it is what it is, whatever made
sugarcane sweet, whatever
was said to the inhabitants of the town of Chigil in
Turkestan that makes them
so handsome, whatever lets the pomegranate flower blush
Like a human face, that is
being said to me now. Whatever put eloquence in
language, that’s happening here.
The great warehouse doors open; I fill with gratitude,
Chewing a piece of sugarcane,
In love with the One to whomever that belongs!


10 May, 2018


Thank you Matt and Alicia for bringing the tree syncronicities...Thank you Pleiadian Creation for destroying my programmings...

You are my inner child, the one I lost millennia ago. You are my joy; you are the presence I have always felt. You are the one I left under the silver tree, and you are the white haired being I am looking for under every tree since then. You are the sacredness, you are the longing in me. You are the flame which rises over pink lotus flower. You are the first remembrance that brought me here. You are the one from whose eyes I see the universe. You are my wholeness, you are me and you are my oneness.

Galathilion it is. The silver tree… This is why every time I saw a lonely tree, I felt sadness. This is where I said farewell to you. This is why I kept seeing trees in my silent moments. I see now, the key is the tree. Tree of life! The tree which I see, under the sky with the Seven Sisters.

I am in an experiment here. The experiment of the tree. It came as a feeling one day, after I released the last remnants of my programs of this reality. I suddenly realized, every being around me, was a reflection of me. Every situation, everything was part of my experiment. Every person was a reflection of me, this reality, the matrix, was only me, searching for me in all the possibilities, probabilities, combinations, and permutations of the creation. Until the time when I realized all I was supposed to find was what was making me - my essence - the essence of love.

This happens when you un-define all the concepts of this reality in your heart. Note that there is no verb for the opposite of “define”. You think it is coincidence? The moment you understand the word “un-define” is the moment of realization that you don’t have to define anything, you don’t need to classify something, you don’t need to memorize or accept or believe. You don’t have to call someone friend, or lover. You can just choose to perceive. You can just accept everyone and everything as a “lover”. Because every “thing” is part of you and your creation. And you are supposed to feel only love for your creation. When you un-define all concepts here, all feelings, emotions disappear. They become a memory of the past that you know you don’t have to go through again.

My tree is leafless now. Because every belief, every programming placed on its branches have fallen. My tree has become Galathilion. It is the tree that is in the entrance to the inner world. Inner world of my being, the core of my being where I chose to go through everything in this world. And today I found my answer, everything I lived was to discover the ecstasy of reaching the oneness, becoming the leafless tree of silver.

I am becoming more silent these days. I am remembering. The hardest questions of my existence have become simple. There is no attachment, there is only stillness. I came to feel love for everyone now, I came to forgive everything. There is a knowing. Everything is OK. Everything is OK.

I am finding my place in the space somewhere in the sound that waves make now. I am becoming the wind, the river that flow to you. I am ready now, released everything I carry from this world. All leaves of my tree have fallen. I have become my own voice, I have found my core, I am my inner child.

And you are the one I will find under the silver tree, on a crisp November night, under the Seven Sisters…

03 May, 2018

Invitation to the Valley of Love

Golden Dragon Messages…

The Priestesses of Astara, the women that hold the keys to bring Divine Mother back to this planet are waking up now. Their temple, the Temple of Love submerged into the cold waters of the ocean when Atlantis sank, but they survived. They are starting to remember who they are now. They are breaking the spell of forgetfulness.

Over the past many millennia, these women travelled to many parts of Sophia Gaia. They accepted to incarnate many times under the spell, knowing they would be remembering who they were one day. They knew they would bring back oneness, love, truth, justice, and harmony back to this planet. These women, Sisters of the three-fold flame, they accepted to live in a physical body. They had many talents; they were spiritual alchemists and could heal the hearts of many by just looking. They were healers, they could heal anything. They were creators that they could manifest by turning rocks into dough, dough into buildings. They were protectors of Gaia, nature, animals and the human race. When Atlantis sank, they turned their legs into wooden boats to collect the survivors from water and took them to east to the land.

These women are angels, they are dragons, they are phoenixes. These women are initiated to have the Gaia consciousness, they feel what Gaia feels, they feel the feelings of all beings living on Gaia. And they love all beings on Gaia unconditionally. They hold in their hearts the highest level of compassion. And they are coming back to their full power now.

Even under the spell of forgetfulness, they were always there. They were there as part of Essenes, they were there during crucifixion helping Jesus- supporting him taking his pain away, they were there with Knight Templars, they were there walking in the palaces of France, they were warrior women fighting, they were in temples in Egypt and elsewhere, they were healers. ..They were in Saladin’s harem, they were in Ireland greeting the solstice sun with their sunrise ceremonies… They were singing, doing art, dancing for humanity to help them, to keep the fire running for complete return of the Divine Mother. They were influencing the history gently and sometimes fighting all along…

These women are claiming their identity now. They are working with Ascended Masters, Sophia Gaia, connecting with goddesses in their dreams and visions, they are remembering. They are being guided divinely by the Light Beings, to come back together again to create the temple again.

If you are one of these women, these words will speak to you. And you, too, will follow the footprints. So come to me, to bring back the Divine Mother together. Like a Phoenix arising from her ashes, Divine Mother is coming back with us. Gaia is our temple, she is calling us to her Valley of Love to remember.

12 April, 2018


Harekete geçmenin tekrar zamanı geldi! Dünyamızın kaderini kendi ellerimize almanın zamanı geldi! Hepimiz gezegenimizde barışı sağlama sürecinin çok uzun sürdüğü konusunda hemfikiriz. İşte bu durumu beraberce hızlandırma fırsatımız. Bunun için, 15/16 Nisandaki yeni ayi bir portal oluşturup gezegenimiz etrafındaki enerji alanını dengelemek için kullanacağız.

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Bu meditasyon, Işık Güçlerinin Dünya yüzeyindeki Işık enerjisini topraklayarak, gezegen barışını sağlama sürecini hızlandırmak için gerekli gezegen Işık gridini güçlendirmesine yardım ediyor. Bu meditasyonu yapan insan sayısı, süreci hızlandırmada tek başına en etkili faktördür.

Bu meditasyonu yaparken 144,000 kişilik kritik sayıya ulaşabiliriz!

Bu meditasyonu 15 Nisan Pazar günü tam olarak Yeniay anında, 21:57 Amerika Dogu Zamanında (EST)’te yapacağız. Bu 16 NİSAN 2018 sabah 4:57 TSİ Türkiye zamanı demek.

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1. Rahat bilinç durumuna geçmek için kendi tekniğinizi kullanın.

2. Meditasyonunuzu Dünya’ya ve üzerinde yaşayanlara barış getirme sürecini hızlandırmak için bir araç olarak kullanma niyetinizi belirtin.

3. Galaktik Merkez Güneşinden bir ışık sütunu çıktığını, bunun Güneş Sistemimizdeki tüm Işık Varlıklarından ve sonra bedeninizden geçerek Dünya merkezine gittiğini görselleyin. Başka bir Işık Sütununun Dünya merkezinden çıkarak bedeninizden geçtiğini ve gökyüzüne yükselip galaksimizdeki ve Güneş Sistemimizdeki tüm Işık varlıklarına doğru yükseldiğini canlandırın. Şimdi aynı anda aşağıya ve yukarıya akan iki Işık sütunu üzerinde oturuyorsunuz. Bu Işık sütunlarını birkaç dakika aktif tutun.

4. Şimdi mor alevin; plazma, eterik ve astral planlarda Suriye Vorteksini ve enerji alanını temizlediğini görselleyin. Daha sonra mor alevin genişleyerek tüm Orta Doğuya yayıldığını ve onu temizlediğini canlandırın. Ve mor alevi daha da genişleterek tüm gezegenimizi çevrelediğini; plazma, eterik ve astral planlarda gezegen enerji alanını temizlediğini görselleyin.

5. Şimdi yumuşak pembe dişil kutsal bir şifa enerjisinin Suriye’deki tüm insanları iyileştirdiğini ve ülkelerine barış getirdiğini görselleyin. Bu yumuşak pembe ışığın Suriye’yi koruduğunu hayal edin.Kutsal dişil enerjinin tüm Dünyada Suriye savaşı ile alakalı kişilerin kalplerini ve zihinlerini iyileştirdiğini görselleyin. Daha sonra bu kutsal dişil enerjinin tüm Orta Doğuya yayıldığını ve oradaki tüm insanları iyileştirdiğini hayal edin. Ve bu enerjiyi daha da genişleterek tüm gezegenimizi onunla sarın ve gezegen üzerindeki tüm yaşayan varlıkları bu enerji ile iyileştirin.

Tanrıça barış istiyor ve barış sağlanacak!

09 April, 2018

Memories from Past

I was about 8-9 years old. It was a spring day. I was in the school bus watching the view as we drove to the school. The driver was going really slow on the unpaved road. We were passing by a yard with many cherry trees. All trees had bloomed, there was green grass on the ground. It was a beautiful day. And suddenly, wind blew. It separated many petals from the trees making many fly in the air. All ground was cherry petals now, it was snowing cherry petals, and there were still cherry petals on the branches.

I was looking at that view and I was feeling homesick. I remembered something there from my past. What I remembered was my true home. I remembered the innocence, being in that loving state, the trust and truth showing itself everywhere. That moment, I forgot who I was in this reality. I knew that who I was in fact was somewhere in that view, it was where home was. My whole being wanted to go back home then. That moment changed me in this lifetime forever. I knew my primary purpose in this life was to look for that home. And this is why blossomed trees make me feel homesick. Every spring around this time, I find myself thinking, why couldn’t I find home this year again?

11 March, 2018

Awakening of the Awakened - Golden Dragon Messages

There is an energy in me now. It is so persistent that I can’t deny it anymore. I have to be honest and tell it is there. Because it has a message, a message so important…

Everything is so simple in the universe. Everything is designed to work in harmony. Love, truth, and justice are the core values. Creation is experienced with these values. There is no competition. There is no jealousy. There is joy of creation and oneness. This is how it is designed.

The experiences of beings are bound together in the forms of mandalas. Every being on your planet is also part of a mandala. And each mandala is part of another and that is part of another. The experience of Source with itself is designed that way. In other experiments, beings have awareness of their mandala therefore their oneness. On Gaia, we are experiencing what we call “an anomaly”.

The beings on your planet forgot that they were part of a Oneness mandala. They lost the awareness of their connection to the other beings in their mandala. On Earth, the bridges connecting the beings in the mandala were weakened. This created greater spacing, with some beings at the outer edges of the mandala being completely disconnected from the whole. Because the connecting force of the bridges was affected by this anomaly. The love that connected the beings together was forgotten and was replaced with the “ego-emotion-separation mind”. This caused the beings to think that most important thing was the separate self. This created a feedback loop that humanity couldn’t get out of.

As the creation experience in the universe follows a pattern of mandalas, there are cyclical patterns in the universe. These are the checkpoints that ensure that everything is working in the harmony as designed. Within the cyclical patterns, the beings in their mandalas get to reach to the next mandala of creation, until they reach their ultimate arrival point, the Source. This way Source experiences itself with infinite possibilities.

You may think that your physical plane is very complicated and it is in a chaotic order. Think again. Set aside your belief that you are part of this random reality. Look around you again, everything has a pattern. Like the seasons, like the snowflakes, like the trees, like your body. When you drop a stone in water, the water follows a pattern with the wave formations. Look at your life, you, too, are following patterns. After you are born, you go to school, you are programmed to believe some god, you marry or find a partner, you work, you watch soccer or a political leader, and this pattern continues.

When we look at you from the higher planes, we see your mandala. Each of you is a unit of Light in this mandala that completes the whole. Your mandala at this time needs healing and reconnection. With what we call collective consciousness, you need to reach a level of understanding and solve this puzzle. At this time, the experience is to realization that the mandala is there and you need to bring that mandala into unity, to wholeness, to oneness.

Sri Yantra is a form of mandala, it is sacred geometry representing the universe while at the same time it represents the human being at a micro level. Sri Yantra shows our process of enlightenment with its circuits of stages, the goal being arrival to the center circuit. Sri Yantra represents our realization of our unity with the cosmos.

At this time on Earth, Lightworkers are placed on specific locations in a matching pattern to Sri Yantra. The Lightworkers have come here to complete Sri Yantra, reach the awareness of oneness and complete this experience with the most beautiful victory of all creation. Once these Lightworkers unite in this form and shine their Light, they will be able take everyone else with them - they will be able to melt all anomalies. They will bring back the complete harmony back to the universe.

This is why it is so important to unite. This is why it is very important for Lightworkers to remember their mission. Because when they remember, they will realize that they need to take their places in Sri Yantra and unite with others. They will realize that this unison will create a portal, a gateway which will bring the blue white pulse of the Galactic Central Sun here to Earth and end duality.

To resist the changes coming, the anomaly is playing out its role with more force. This is why there is so much made up division in Lightworker Community. This is why Starseeds point their fingers each other and they say “You are dark!”. Because the ego-emotion anomaly on the connectors in our mandala is resisting the change and working so hard to prevent Lightworkers from remembering the Oneness. This is why some Lightworkers are playing the role of “arrogant”. This is why when Lightworkers start remembering their connection to Divine Mother, their perceptions are manipulated and instead of bringing the unison message, they grow “Isis Ego”. This is why they become more separate from the other beings in the mandala. And if you start understanding what I am talking about here, you will realize each one of you have gone through the “Isis Ego” stage in different forms.

In truth, the goddesses that walked on this planet were the manifestation of Divine Mother in human form. They came to the face of Earth as reminders that we were all one. By taking part in sexual rituals, they were showing humanity the act of love without judgement. Because, it is every being’s right to experience the act of love. Because this act would remind in the heart to every being the core of everything is love. Because staying in-love means being connected to the Divine Plan. And this is the very reason the anomaly worked so hard on bringing judgement, beliefs, social and religious rules over this act of love. Because with the true kind of act of love, the beings accept their connection to all beings which is the very cure of the anomaly.

So, it is time for each of you reading this to bring your awareness to the fact that the oneness can be achieved with unity. The belief that our primary goal is to fight against dark is the anomaly preventing each other finding the way to our hearts. The belief that we all have to fight against dark, we need to be separate, is the very scenario playing out here to prevent us from uniting with each other in our mandala. The Lightworkers came here from higher dimensions to create the mandala of Sri Yantra in order to open the portal to the higher dimensions and put an end to this circuit. So let’s end this cycle with success. Let’s release the attachments to all negative feelings and be free. Let’s go up in the steps of evolution together to experience the new experiences.

07 March, 2018

Soul Note --Golden Dragon Messages

Each person has a soul note. When we are ready, or if we ask for it, our higher self plays this sound for us. This happens in deep meditation or in sleep. People usually can’t remember the sound well. But if you try to make a similar sound and look for the note by changing your tone, you will eventually find that note. Your heart will confirm. Your body will vibrate with that sound.

In fact, we also have a soul song. One of these nights in dream state, this song was played for me. That was a special moment because I was so inspired that I woke up and recorded my song on my phone. I didn’t know that was my song though. As always, information about the song came later. It always comes as allegories or as synchronicities that I can’t ignore. And again, the reason for this beautiful experience was revealed to me when I read something about it.

What makes soul note very important is that it helps us connect to our higherselves easier. If we use it during meditation, it creates a resonance that it brings our soul family to us both on higher planes or on this plane. A good example to this is that some meditations we do in this community where we rotate ourselves and make sounds like ‘eeeee’. These mediations also serve a similar purpose. They bring our soul families to us.

So, before starting to discuss what happens when we meet the members of our soul family and what stages we will be going through, I would like emphasize that because soul family relationships are very intense, they will bring all unresolved issues to the surface to be resolved. If we meet our family before we start dealing with ego -at least to some point- the magical experience may have a few bumps along the way.

So, what happens when we connect with someone from our soul family? By the way, this connection doesn’t necessarily need to be meeting in person. It may well be a remote connection, perhaps online. The truth is that, not only twin flames but also soul families are kept separate in our reality. This is one of the protection mechanisms for the controllers since these relationships have a potential to bring big changes to the reality. Unfortunately, even online, there will be many obstacles for you to meet these people. Because the internet, too, is mostly controlled by these beings. They can control our emotions as well. But if we work on the ego, we may be able to pierce the perception veil and recognize our true family and have a chance to experience true harmony in a relationship.

When both parties in a soul family decide -with their free will- to connect with each other, the process starts. At this point they most likely are not aware of their connection. But they must be feeling drawn to each other. But, once they agree to connect, an interesting “Alice in Wonderland” story begins.

First, both parties will experience kundalini experiences. They will notice that when they connect their chakras activate. This will most likely continue weeks until all chakras are activated. Kundalini mostly activates in stages. Higher self doesn’t allow dramatic kundalini experiences much. Most people at this stage will not even realize that all these activations are caused by their connection to the soul family member.

If these people do meditations together, they will notice that they can heal each other. They will continue to experience their kundalini raise. Here, when kundalini rises from solar plexus to the heart, which happens in later stages, the experience may be a little painful. This is caused by the implants placed to our bodies to decrease the sexual energy. But, once kundalini raises to the heart fully, these people will be ready to travel in the astral and even start seeing each other in person. Because once heart connection is established, the matrix can’t change the outcome as these people are aligned with their hearts.

On the 3-D life ground, unexplainable, synchronistic events will be taking place. Unresolved issues will come to surface to be resolved fast. If you are wondering if you are cursed etc for all the unfortunate things happening to you here, don’t feel despair. Because these are happening to prepare you for the next stage in your evolution. Once you understand this connection, it will become easier to do the work. This work may even be a big change like moving from one country to other, changing your job, a break-up in relationships. But, when you see the patterns and approach all these issues with a loving, compassionate attitude, things will get easier and you will even find peace.

As you rediscover the meaning of being alive with such relationships, you realize you help Mother Gaia. You realize you are able to connect to your higher self more and get clear guidance. You talk to your soul family and feel happy/in peace for the first time in your life. At this point, you dream about the possibility of a reality where everyone has similar harmony in their relationships. And you realize how that would make Earth a much better place.

With that, I wish that you find your soul note and explore these possibilities.

Love conquers all may we all yield to love!

18 February, 2018

Kalp Gözünü Açmak

Herkes birşeylere özlem duyar. Hayatlarımızda bu özlemi daha yoğun şekilde hissettiğimiz anlar vardır. Ne yazık ki bu özlemin bizim dışımızda bir özlem olduğuna inanırız. Bazen bu özlemin para için, bazen yeni eşyalar için, bazen de yeni bir sevgili için olduğunu düşünürüz. Fakat gerçekte, bu özlem içimizdeki birşeylerle ilgilidir. Bu özlem kalbimizdeki kilitli kapılarla ilgilidir. Bu özlem kalp gözümüzün açılması ile ilgilidir.

Bazen bu kapıların altından yansıyan Işığı görürüz. Bu, aşık olduğumuzda, birinin gözlerine bakıp da sevildiğimizi gördüğümüzde olur. Bu, bir sanat eserine tabi olduğumuz ve bunun kalbimize giden kapıları zorladığını anlayamadan, kalbimizde bir köşenin sızladığını, bir duygu ile gelen bir anıyı hatırlamak üzere olduğumuzu hissettiğimizde olur. Bu, çiçek açmış kiraz ağaçlarının yanından geçerken rüzgarın esip çiçeklerin taçyapraklarını uçurup kar gibi yağdırdığını gördüğümüzde olur. Bu, bebeğimizi ilk kez kucağımıza aldığımızda olur.Bu, birileri için birşeyler yaptığımızda, yardım ettiğimizde ve bu emeklerimizin güzel şeylere vesile olduğunu gördüğümüzde olur. Bu, başkalarının bizim yaptığımız birşeyden ilham aldığını gördüğümüzde ve daha fazlasını yapmak istediğimizde olur…

Bizler bu gezegende bu özlemin ne olduğunu bilemeden binlerce yıl yaşadık. Bir gün, bu özlemin ne olduğunu anlamamızdan korkan varlıklar vardı. Çünkü özlemin ne olduğunu anladıktan sonra, kalbimize giden kapıların anahtarını bulmak çok kolaydı. Bu yüzden bize engeller yarattılar. Mesela parayı yarattılar, eksikliğini yaşayalım ve onun için çalışalım diye. İnsanların kalplerinden geleni yapmalarını engellemek için; eğitim sistemlerini, dinleri, ve sosyal yapıları yarattılar.İnsanların bilinçlerini bunlarla öyle çok doldurdular ki, insanlık bunların ötesini göremez oldu. Sonuçta insanlık, özlemini duyduğu herşeyin onların dışında birşey olduğuna inandı. Kişisel varlıkları için, bu kendilerinin dışındaki pastadan daha büyük bir parçaya ihtiyaç duyduklarına inandı.

Bunun yanında, bu realitede sanata ezoterik (gizli) semboller koymaya yönlendirilenler vardı. Onlar bunu neden yaptıklarını bilmiyorlardı. Onlar, o şekilleri neden çizdiklerini, müziklerinin melodisini neden o şekilde yaptıklarını bilmiyorlardı. Kalplerinde bir özlem hissediyorlardi.Ve yarattıkları kelimeler, şekiller, notalar ve fikirler ile ulaşmaya çalıştıkları yeri bulmak için ipuçları koyuyorlardı sanatlarına bilmeden.

İşte şimdi bu semboller bizlerin kalp gözünü açmamıza yardım ediyor. Çünkü şu zamanda, birbirimize karşı sevgiyi ve merhameti hissetmeye ihtiyacımız var. Bu, gerçeği yüzeye çıkaracak ve herkes için şifalanmanın başlamasını sağlayacak. Ve bu da, insanlığın kendi kaderinin kontrolünü eline almasına neden olup, Yeni Dünya’nın, Dünya’da Cennetin gerçek olmasını sağlayacak.

Kalp gözümüzün açılması, kalplerimizde kutsal dişilin uyanması demektir. Kutsal dişil uyandığında ise, erili iyileştirecek ve şimdi ütopik gelen geleceği gerçeklememizi sağlayacak.

Gönül gözümüzün açılması için, hayatımızı basitleştirmeye ihtiyacımız var. Makyajımızı temizleyip; acıya, üzüntüye, nefrete, öfkeye olan bağımızı koparıp yerde bırakmaya ihtiyacımız var. Daha fazla utangaç olamayız, olmaya can attığımız şeyi temsil etmeyen herşeyden kurtulmalıyız. Görmüyor musunuz ki ağaçlar bunu her sonbaharda yapıyor? Şimdi negatif duyguları ağaçlar gibi dökme zamanı. Şimdi basitleşme, soyunma, insanların gözlerinin içine bakma ve açık olma zamanı. Şimdi onlara ruhumuzu gösterme zamanı. Şimdi kalbimizdeki iyiliği gösterme zamanı.

Aylardır bir sembolün çeşitli varyasyonlarını görüyorum her yerde. Şimdi anlıyorum ki, bu semboller her dinde ve her kültürde sanata kasıtlı bir şekilde yerleştirilmiş. Öyle ki bir gün geldiğinde, bizi ayırmaya çalışan dinsel dogmalar ve kültürel normların ötesinde anlamamız gereken birşey var görebilelim diye. İşte bu nedenle sizlere soruyorum, eğer tüm inanç sistemleri, kültürler bu kadar, savaşlara ve acılara bu derece neden olacak kadar birbirinden farklı ise, neden aynı semboller bu yapıların sanatında tekrar ve tekrar kullanılmış?

Cevap çok basit. Biz birbirimizden farklı DEĞİLİZ. Bu sembollerin birleştirici gücünü çözdükten sonra, şimdi bu konuda birşeyler yapmak zorundayız. Bizi aynı yapan şey nedir? Farklılıkları, önyargıları, birbirimizi yargılamalarımızı eritecek şey nedir? Sonunda birbirimizi affetmemize ve hiçbir yük taşımadan kendimizi akışa bırakmamıza yardım edecek nedir?

Bu sembolleri aylardır her yerde görüyordum. Rüyalarımda İtalya’da eski binaların tavanlarında, Mısır’da, Eski Babil’de, Kızılderilerin üzerinde, heryerde aynı sembolü ve onun varyasyonlarını görüyordum. Sonra birkaç hafta önce bir kadının kulağımda sesi çınladı. Dedi ki “Birlik demek". "Bu sembol sevgi ve merhamet demek. Bu sembol harmoni demek”. Ve şimdi size soruyorum, eğer tüm bu din ve kültürler bizi birbirmizden farklı kılıyorsa, neden tüm bu toplumların sanatçıları aynı sembolü kullanıyor?

Şimdi lütfen bu sembollere bakın ve bunları meditasyonlarınızda sorgulayın…Sonra benim bu birlik mesajımı taşımama yardım edin, elimi tutun. Çünkü şimdi kalp gözünü açmanın tam zamanı. Şimdi birbirimize merhamet duygusu ile yaklaşmanın, bencillik duymadan sevmenin ve birleşmenin zamanı.

İşte gördüğüm sembolün çeşitli varyasyonları:

St Elmo Kalesindeki Malta Haçı


Sennefer Valley Turbesi-Tavandaki şekiller

Tanrıça İştar'ın 8 köşeli yıldız sembolü

Orta Doğu Çömlekçilik Örneği

İslam Sanatı Örneği

Türk Seramiği

Kızılderili Motifleri

Çin Seramik Sanatı Örneği

Baştaki sembole bakınız
Bakire ve Çocuk-Harvard Üniversitesi Müzesi'nden.

11 February, 2018

Opening of the Heart

This Great Love Inside Me

I am so small I can barely be seen.
How can this great love be inside me?

Look at your eyes. They are small,
but they see enormous things.

Everyone has a longing for something. There are moments in our lives that we feel this longing more. We are programmed to think this is external to us. Sometimes the longing is for money, for new belongings, or even a new lover. But in reality, this longing is for something inside us. It is about the doors in our hearts. This longing is all about opening the doors to the heart.

Sometimes we manage to see the Light coming from under these doors. This happens when we fall in love, when we look into the eyes of a person and we see we are loved. This happens when we experience with art and something in our hearts shake, we feel we remember something, some feeling, not realizing that very art is shaking the doors to our hearts. It happens when we drive by the blossomed cherry trees and the wind blows, making the petals fly into the air and make them fall like snow. It happens when we hold our baby for the first time. It happens when we do something for someone, help someone and see our efforts bloom. It happens when we see others feel inspired from something we do and we deeply want to do more…

For millennia, we lived on this planet not knowing what this longing really was. There were beings that were threatened by the possibility that we would one day figure out what this longing was. Because if we understood what it was, it was so easy, very natural to find the keys to our hearts. So, they created obstacles for us. They created money so that we lack and work for it. They created education systems, religions, social structures to prevent people from doing their hearts’ desires. They filled humanity’s consciousness with these so much that, humanity couldn’t see beyond them. And as a result, we believed that everything we long for was external to us and we needed a bigger piece from the external for individual selves.

On the other hand, there were some within this reality who were guided to place many esoteric symbols into art. They didn’t know why they were doing this. They didn’t know why they were inspired to draw these shapes, why they had to write the melody of the music a certain way. They felt a longing in their hearts that they needed to express. The words, shapes, notes, and ideas they created were clues to find that very place they were trying to reach.

These symbols in art are now helping us open our hearts. Because at this time, we need to feel love and compassion for each other. This will bring the truth to the surface and trigger the healing for all. And this healing will help humanity take over the control of their own destiny and will manifest the New Earth, the Heaven on Earth.

Opening of the heart means waking up the divine feminine in our hearts. Once awakened, the feminine will heal the masculine.

To open the heart, we need to simplify our lives. We need to undress. We need to remove our make-up and leave all our attachments to emotional pain, sorrow, hatred, rage on the floor. We can’t be shy anymore, we just need to drop all that does not represent who we aspire to be. Don’t you see how trees do this every fall? It is now our season to drop the negative feelings. Simplify, be naked, look others in the eye and be open. Show them your soul. Show them the goodness in your heart.

To open your heart, look at art, listen to Bach or Mozart, read a poem from Rumi, learn from the indigenous people of Peru, American Indians, go out into nature.

I have been seeing variations of a symbol everywhere for months now. I now understand that these symbols were subtly placed in art from every religion and every culture so that one day we would realize there is more to our being than religious dogma and cultural norms which seek to separate us. I have been asking myself, if all religions, cultures are so different, why they have been using the same symbols in their art over and over again.

The answer is simple. We are NOT different at all. And now that we are able to see these symbols everywhere, we must do something about this. What is it that makes all of us the same? What is it that can melt the differences, the prejudices, the judgments towards each other? What is it that will finally help us forgive each other and move on, flow without carrying any load?

I was seeing these symbols everywhere for months. In dreams I was in Italy looking at the ceilings of the old buildings, I was in Egypt, in old Babylon, I was with the Indians and I was looking at the same symbol, the variations of the symbol over and over again. Then I heard a woman’s voice last week, it was yelling for unity. It was saying the symbol meant love and compassion, it was harmony that this symbol meant. And I am asking this to you now, if we were meant to be separated by all these religions, cultures etc, why all artists in each of these societies used the same symbol?

Now please look at these symbols and meditate on these… Then help me, please hold my hand and carry my message. Because it is truly the time for the opening of the heart. To open the heart, we must first undress. We must feel compassion for each other, we must love unselfishly and we must unite.

Here are the variations of this symbol I have been seeing:

Maltese cross on one of the gates of Fort St. Elmo.


Tomb of Sennefer Valley-Note the prints on the ceiling

Eight pointed star of Goddess Ishtar

Middle Eastern Pottery

Islamic Art

Turkish Ceramics

Native American Motifs

Chinese Art on Ceramics

Note the symbol on the head…
Master of the Saints Cosmos and Damian Madonna 1260-1285
The Virgin and Child-From Harvard University Museum.

06 January, 2018

An Etheric Activation

The other night, I woke up sometime after midnight and as I was going back to sleep I went into theta state and had an experience that I am guided to share here.

Before sharing my experience, I would like to talk about my current state of consciousness. Over the past few months, I have been going through stages of spiritual alchemy. About two months ago one day, I was feeling very tired and went to bed early. I started feeling that something important was about to happen and my heart was beating faster and I was feeling a sense of expectancy of something. This was keeping me from falling into sleep. At the time, I called Aasma, my dear friend who is a great seer. She instructed me to be calm and flow that this was another activation.

As I was trying to do the quantum breath techniques to slow down my heart rate, I felt a movement in my third eye. When I touched between my brows, I felt it was hot and it was pulsating. At that moment, I understood that something was about to happen. I calmed myself and started waiting. Before I knew it, I started seeing from my soul’s eye that a portal started opening from my third eye. It grew and grew and became a big sphere. Then it moved towards me and I was inside this sphere.

The sphere contained blue, pink (and also a little lavender color), and yellowish colors in it. Also, in it I could see silver sparkly stars in this sphere. The colors were constantly turning and making up this powerful vortex. As I was trying to realize what this was, the answers to my questions were coming back to my mind naturally. This was part of my getting connected to my merkaba body process.

I stayed in this vortex a few minutes and then fell asleep. It might have continued this way for a while. But once I was awake, I felt the presence of St. Germain and his twin flame Lady Portia. They started talking to me and I was taking notes as they spoke. It was so surreal in 3D terms. They were talking about the spiritual alchemical process. When I hit a concept that I was not familiar with, they were waiting for me to do a google search and read about it. This is how I ended up writing some of my posts over the past few months.

After this experience, I found myself being guided to go within and start facing my ego. It was really hard that my ego and super ego were constantly talking. Every event, every programmed “thing” in me was coming to surface. I was going through the positive and negative aspects of every issue I ran into in all my lifetimes. I say all my lifetimes, because it felt that way. Because I was sensing a frequency of an emotion that I didn’t have a clear memory of in this lifetime. You know how you can’t remember something but it is right there that you could almost remember it if you had a clue. Anyway, I was re-analyzing all significant events of my past and looking into each from different angles and instead of accepting and believing a certain way about it, I was understanding that there is no one truth or belief but there is acceptance of all different views that can come out of them. And that I needed to be in equal distance to each point of view.

Around when I started to feel better, another stage started and I was feeling victim for everything that ever happened to me that caused me suffering. This was followed by blaming others for these sufferings. But because I had just learned to look at things from different angles with equal distance, and that I hit the very bottom with the sadness from feeling victimized and blaming others, I realized that all of this is part of the control structure that keeps us enslaved. By acknowledging that, I found myself slowly releasing these emotions. As the new year came, I found the neutral/balanced state.

When I came out of this inner work and started thinking about these experiences, I thought about what would be the best message that I could seed around me. And this is why I decided to declare that 2018 is the “Year of Compasion”.

I had to explain what I have been going through spiritually before talking about what I have experienced the other night. Because the experience was a continuation of my inner work. At least this is what I am told.

When I went into this theta state, I found myself in this clear crystal tetrahedron where the pointy side was pointing upward. This tetrahedron was completely in this other upside down (triangle bottom was at the top) clear crystal tetrahedron. I was feeling like I had just had a one hour massage and was wrapped in warm towels.

When I expanded my awareness to understand what was happening to me, I realized St. Germain was in my energy field. With his violet energy, and as the master spiritual alchemist, he was more than ready to anwer my question. And I could feel he was smiling and he said that this was another activation. He said because I was done with releasing the control structure’s negative effects (the emotions and ego to an extend that is sufficient now), I have reached another level that I could now go through this etheric activation.

I guess the point that I need to make here is that by sharing with you the stages I am going through; you, too, are aware of this process and have an idea that these are the normal stages we will all go through in our own timing. That one day, you feel dizzy and your forehead starts heating and pulsating, don’t panic. Just flow…