02 December, 2017

Finding the Goddess Within

It is the divine feminine energy that glues the universes together. It is the source for creation. And it is what will heal all wounds and create the new harmonious reality out of Love.

The feminine energies have always been on this planet. They have been hidden in many different places. When the balance between divine feminine and masculine was broken, these energies found places to anchor the Divine Love. It was just harder to find them. It took effort and willingness to walk this road. It required determination to find and hold on to it. The dark put many obstacles on your way. But now, the obstacles are clearing. Divine feminine is waking up to heal the Divine Masculine so that they can be One again!

Do you know where the Divine Feminine is on this planet now?

It is in the deepest places of the ocean. It is at the tops of the highest mountains that you can’t reach. It is hidden in the sound that wind makes with the leaves of a tree. It is in the melody of the song the bird sings. It is in the flowing water that screams “Love”.

And it is not only in the nature but also is in the works of man. It is in the perfection of the sculpture or the painting. And it is hidden in the notes in the music. But most importantly, it is still in you. Your being is the temple of the divine feminine. And now, it is OK to bring it back.

For millennia, only the ears that could hear and the eyes that could see were able to realize this. All it takes is for you to realize that you are a creator. You are capable of giving life to your children. You can plant trees and flowers and watch them thrive. Doesn’t this make you creators?

It is time to reclaim the goddess within. Time to empower yourselves by allowing the feminine to return. All it takes is to remove fear. All it takes is to be calm, be loving, and showing compassion. The truth is you don’t want to physically do anything. All you need to do is to imagine. Imagine silently that the pink loving feminine energy is overflowing out of your being. Imagine that the room you are in is filled with this energy.

When you talk to others, look at them in the eye. Look for their soul, their essence in their eyes. Search the feminine in there and call for it. This is how it works, like the water finds it’s way from the top of the mountain, feminine will start flowing again.

Believe that you are able to make a difference. Start by doing something very small in your circle of life. Like praise someone, hug your kids, cook for people and put effort towards it.

Goddess is truly returning! Awaken the goddess in your being!

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