11 July, 2017

My Letter to the Resistance Movement

When I was little, after I learned how to read, I remember taking newspapers from my parents and reading the captions under pictures. Often the newspapers I read would have stories like “10 year old girl was married to a 60 year old man”. These would happen in other parts of the world usually, but I knew girls aged 12 or 13 would have the same destiny in my country. I remember feeling so sad. I remember not being able to stop thinking about these little girls. It used to break my heart that I wasn’t able to do anything for these girls and that these girls wouldn’t get a chance for a happy life.

There were other sad stories, too. War news, the cancer epidemic after the Chernobyl Disaster, news about women raped and about women who were raped and who were killed for they were raped, and news about tortured animals…I stopped reading newspapers. In that little body, I decided that reading these would continue making me sad and I wouldn’t be able to continue my life that way.

There would be news about Iraq-Iran War, Gulf War, Bosnian War, the wars that start before another ended. There would be news about terrorism on TV. They used to show us bodies of dead babies. I remember not being able to watch. I used to try so hard to understand why these were happening, but I never could. They used to say “Peace Negotiations Have Started” between countries but none of these negotiations would bring peace. There was this organization called “United Nations” but they wouldn’t do anything, we wouldn’t have peace on Earth. I used to think about these as a little child and I used to get tired of thinking.

Then the countries –under the name of “United Nations”- used to have operations which they would call “Peace Operations”. Civilians and kids would die in these operations. We used to see again and again that these operations would bring more fear, sorrow, and pain. Then we saw how terrorism started replacing the concept of “war” where “then” we didn’t have the conflicts in one specific part of the world, it was everywhere. While we were trying to be ignorant, these things found us in our own streets.

These were the things I had been questioning. Why things were not getting any better. Why these things were happening. I have been asking many other questions…For example, why while some countries are rich others have to be poor? Why one’s richness is indexed to another’s poverty? Why women have to be suppressed and harmed? While the religions promoted peace and to be a good person, why there had been wars -especially religious wars-? Why women have been seen as second class in religions? Why priests had molested little boys. Why Hutus butchered Tutsis in Rwanda in 1994 and United Nations watched? Why Bosnians suffered so much in the middle of Europe?

Then one day, I found the answer to my questions. The problem was not lack of management skills of the politicians. It was actually a group that had the control of the leaders. This group was using them - blocking all projects that were started with good intentions and it was this same group who were creating these unfortunate situations.

This made perfect sense to me - why else would there be perpetual war and strife on Earth - there HAD to be a group who was actively working to keep humanity in a state where happiness could never be achieved or maintained.

Then, how were they playing these games? For example, the Rockefeller clan was selling supplies to both sides of the World War II. USA was training the terrorists against Russia, was giving them guns. Then these trained men were attacking others. An organization called Monsanto was replacing the healthy seeds of Earth with the genetically modified ones. If the countries didn’t buy Monsanto seeds, embargo-like rules were pushed against these countries. Thousands of inventions that would make life easier for humanity were blocked for patent reasons. The labs of the scientists in the US that work on finding free and clean energy devices were being closed by the government - for they worked against the imperialism goals of those which controlled those governments.

The banking system that was a debt-based fiat system intended to make the poor even poorer. With glucose syrup, genetically modified foods, chemicals that were added in airplane fuel, humanity was getting sick. In Africa, 20,000 people are dying every day from hunger due to both drought and constant warfare. As a result, humanity, without even realizing it, was being carried into a slavery system where conditions were getting harder and harder. The ones that were saying “Wake up. You are being deceived!” were being silenced. It was as if this controlling group was feeding from humanity - gaining energy and power from our collective sadness, fear, hatred, and pain.

Later, I learned this group had a name - several of them, actually. Some were calling them Illuminati, some Cabal, and some Chimera. But once I saw that this group had a name, it was easy to see that they had an agenda. They had written their agenda on stones in Georgia. They would decrease human population to 500 million and would create the New World Order.

So, these are the things we deal with every Earth day. I tried to find a way to fight against this group. Remember, we are slaves, we have 8-5 jobs that we have to go - and some people work far more hours than that. We have families and other people who depend on us. We don’t have the time, the resources, or even the accurate knowledge necessary to fight for our freedom. Plus, they have been in our minds, keeping us from seeing the facts. We have been programmed with all the control systems around us: the TV, religions, education system, social settings...They constantly keep us from connecting to our true selves by keeping us busy.

The truth is that if we start loving each other, telling our love, showing empathy for each other, if we talk kindly to each other, if we stop watching TV and walk in nature instead, if we hug the trees and if we forgive everyone that hurt us and release all negative feelings, we will win this game. The truth is, all these things don’t even require any money or any guns to fight against this slavery. They know this and use this against us with their technologies. So, you see, we the humanity, we don’t even have control over our thoughts and emotions.

At this stage in 2017, I have decided that the best thing to do as an individual is to start having "alone time". I feel that when we are alone - if we all start imagining beautiful things for humanity and for all beings on this planet - we can win our freedom. So I ask humanity in my blog that when they are on their way to work in the morning, that they close their eyes and start replacing the concrete buildings with trees using their thoughts. I ask them to imagine tunnels out of roses instead of asphalt roads. I tell them to imagine beautiful things: food for all hungry, homes for the homeless, water for the dry lands, lush greenery for treeless places. I suggest that we cover every corner with colorful flowers. I ask them to declare that they want peace for Earth. I tell them to repeat this every time they are alone. I tell them that when enough of us do this, this suffering will end, because this is how the universe works.

So, I would like to ask your help spreading my message. I want you to connect with us humans and give them my message. I ask you to inspire humanity to love. I want you to remind them that they must imagine beautiful things. I want you to remind us that we can’t go anywhere if we don’t forgive. I ask you to use your technologies and send us these messages in dreams and as thoughts. If the dark ones manipulate our emotions and our thoughts, why can’t you? I give my permission. This is our last chance to save ourselves. This is how we can break this veil from the inside.

I know that you are disappointed that not many of us are able to wake up to these facts, but you have to understand, it is not easy to live here. I want you to start inspiring us. Once you do this, I know by heart that humanity will start waking up, we will start listening to our hearts more and connecting with a speed that will amaze you. Please let us amaze you!

This is my message to you.

From my Heart to Yours with Love!


  1. Bravo belle lumière et sache que tous les jours qui me restent sur terre ,je les garde en mon coeur et je me donne le même courage que toi pour construire ce nouveau monde, au mileu de ma nature si belle et si grande d'enseignements.. Comme toi je me suis arretée de regarder les journaux et tout ce coté sombre et mensongé de la terre et de nourrir mes pensées avec ces 3 belles universités que jesus nommait la beauté,la bonté et la vérité.. Et tous les jous je sers cette belle source d amour qui m illumine davantage et me fait rayonner de mille feux.. Alors merci de ton témoignage et ensemble, comme dis au ssi Cobra, rassemblons toustes les esprits qui voudront marcher tout à coté de nous pour enfin retrouver la liberté d'Etre et de devenir enfin des soleils lumineux..
    Avec tout mon Amour...

  2. Compte sur moi pour diffusé ton message je suis entièrement d'accord avec toi ,(sauf pour les fautes d orthographe, je deconne) je vis et je pense exactement la même chose. Nous sommes les créateurs ,harmonisons notre partie féminine (conception ou porteuse de la vie ou de la lumiere) et notre partie masculine ( réalisation, materialissation) pour changer notre réalité et expérimenté un nouveau monde . Ainsi soit il qu il en soit ainsi.
    Adam matrice
    Individu en cours de reconnection